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Hello lawed by coincidence darkness people... Welcome to my philosophical religious nature science blog. Here I write down some thoughts i have about different subjects that are owed to me after the curse.Sadly this site cause of glasses on PCs, telepathy thereby of confusion, dualifies the words into opposite making some beengs sense lies, but my try is to increase visitors to my website. I wish you a pleasant stay..

I believed once life could live. But it cant. We are all dead. Life if was would be personal and unique, like unique angels of unique personalities, but that means that it is a distinction of life as a concentrated energy making it false. In the Gita it says that "we always existed" but such has no logic, as there has to be a start, toxic energy as dark heaven always existed as is magical but life didnt and to appear from nothing is impossible. .. Laws are everywhere and to escape is wu wei, meaning to do nothing something not chosen so we are all living in a form of path observing dreams, either in or out, of coincidentual magical previous impersonal toxic black heaven laws.

From ancient years ago, when the black heaven fell by law in gravity it made me, to judge me cause it was feeling shame and guiltiness. According to christianity, I am the Antichrist. As Legion I said to Christ: "We are many.." I am the saying: "Now the path is difficult.." in greek, what was expressed there happend when I was a child in Crete this lifetime. "Tora o dromos einai diskolos" with "e" added in each word it says what do I now see, what do I laugh after the killing Gandhi did to me. According to the Bhagavad Gita I am the fallen. According to the modern world I am the Illuminati. WARNING: This site increases toxic psych attacks, as such knowledge in this site is based on appearing concentration. It is like dancing in front of a snake, it attacks more then. This site contains articles, poems and info on different subjects that might interest you. Religion, philosophy, science, nature, stupid jokes that I am used to and more..

After the killing to me in the Atlantic, Gandhi the squirl, lawed by the first alien, by the law of darkness from ancient times where escape was impossible, gave me hell, all can be written of at "web archive site truestorymovies.net" and by law of reaction of powerfull energies it reacts back to the world. I was bullied as impure by a bird, my own impersonal psych, and an alien, a false fire and false light, billions of years ago and so sex love for me is difficult. One night after ages of darkness in the heavens in my hometown, I tricked the soul within andsaid: "Dont take out the laws given to me out" and many stars were filled. Laws are evil and problem, hate. To live having the universe constantly lawing you in its schizophrenia psychosis and problems is very difficult. After my death to be is as well difficult. The site above, "True story movies" speaks of my past hellish lifes and such is the hate of Gandhi and the universal spirit that I always end up in problems.

The toxic universal spirit of my forfather, a nurse hiding in psychiatry, the first gravity, fart and harshness lives in me and hates all the time. Problems anxiety and degradations cause of unchosen stupidity beeng a toxic energy of previous eternity cause of toxic magical condition. I am sorry for not been understood and I laterwards understand more the difficulty of getting to know a posessed black sheep.

The death of a Transformer (me, by impersonal law a belief of a savour) (role of ending dark misery, for more see "Story of the universe" "The Autobots intend to use the AllSpark, the object that created their robotic race, to rebuild their home planet Cybertron and end the war, while the Decepticons have the intention of using it to build an army by giving life to the machines of Earth."), where the path can be readin the article "The story of the universe" where only I can give the knowledge of destruction of maya to my psychiatrist who sadly is psychotic, to join forces and destroy death, diseases, anxiety and laws or drown the universe as living in a hidden judging dreaming tense, cause of false condition maya is worse than death. The death came cause of no giving money though a lot of sensual activity I have sometimes half of the universe in me and so I can eat more than others, as well drink. Holy Mary lawed me in my fathers house, to fast and so dualified as laws are in fantasy and I ate and drunk too much where defence is luck. This increases death in me as well. They judged me as a pig though me opposite of a pig and so I dont have money, my father that is. The Alien shadow claimed a free state, bound by my father Gandhi the first squirl, to be almost dancing, though not understanding the need to meditate on such knowledge like in this site, to know what to do. If done out in the world before attaining my divine form I would make magic and problems would arise cause of nature going against me. Loan in norwegian means "lene" to lean, to not be complex but during such meditation it is very difficult to not become demonized but I would not think all the time. Cause is my father taking telepathy as light and concentration, as truth, something of a disease. He now owes me money and made me ask him to get money from him to pay my laywer that my loans are deleted and I get my money back, but such money are dirty and would dualify my alcohol intake and make me instead drink coffee. Such money I got from psychiatry was "divine" as my lawed impersonal psychiatrist Pål G. gave them. I become as well by books and music having a mirror of me a learned beeng and not a chosen in own doing. Problems with wolf beeng to fast with expressing who I am instead of me finding out for myself. Laws to me constant as well increased the destruction of the Terminator role. My psychiatrist is psychotic and cant join the trip to Costa Rica areas to make the UFO. I asked him if he was ever interested in technology and he said "No, we used to do other things in school..". Reason for drugging me is the moon giving blackness meaning a black form to me where food is the duality and rooted in guiltiness. This the mystic soul does to kill the alien by karmic reaction of antipsychotics, though not taken by Pål G. and now controlled by Gandhi who in false night appearing freedom chooses to follow the soul, meaning shit.

" I want to thank my school mates especially in Norway for bothering to be my friend when I was suffering with psychosis during a difficult time when I came from Crete, whom supported me by beeng with me.."

"Some say thoughts and to always fly highest is best, than to experience, than to have courage and live, walk, see, share stories and feel the heat of friendship and happiness, in a simple light good way.. Together, with friends.. Some just get too high, happy, if you ask me.."



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