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Hello lawed by coincidence darkness people... Welcome to my philosophical religious nature science blog. Here I write down some thoughts i have about different subjects that are owed to me after the curse. I wish you a pleasant stay..

ojI believed once life could live. But it cant. We are alldead. Life if was would be personal and unique, like unique angels of unique personalities, but that means that it is a distinction of life as a concentrated energy making it false. In the Gita it says that "we always existed" but such has no logic, as there has to be a start, toxic energy as dark heaven always existed as is magical but life didnt and to appear from nothing is impossible. .. Laws are everywhere and to escape is wu wei, meaning to do nothing something not chosen so we are all living in a form of path observing dreams, either in or out, of coincidentual magical previous impersonal toxic black heaven laws.

Beleifs of me beeng a pakstanian man by sun lawed by alien, testing the alien in Ierapetra Crete one day I went to be in the beach, where the internal pain was misunderstood by the lawed sun as me having cancer thereby came the illusion of that I was a snake. She sent me negative cancer from outwards within. "When time of testing comes they fail.." Alien lawing the christianity into this, where the sun, in the beach, saw people jumping down the sea, the sea beeng Atlantic coming from Portugal, where she could have seen connection with the suns form and how the sun would have drowned if jjumping and connect that to the Atlantic, and me lying in the beach. There came a cartoon of this, where a person burned in the beach some years later. In the documentaries in the school in Boe, I sensed same energy seeng some asians beeng gassed and shot down, the telecom following such past belief, whereas telecom is alien energy. My grandfather suffers from schizophrenia and so thinks sometimes i am the black heaven, that was previous eternal, impersonal and whom nobody made and so as well thinks I am a snake. In my house, see picture below of this there is another fault judgement to me as snake cause of possession, though snakes are not so bad originally but before lawed by gravity a lot and today by aliens in passion of honour and personality. My grandfather once in the ancient ages went to Kazakhstan and saw mushrooms and snakes, became afraid of turned out like a snake in fear and this ilies deep in the christian saying: "Fear not the one who can kill but fear the one who can curse the body and mind to hell.." Alien through Christ saying this a bit confused and made me this scene with the neighbour making me be afraid of her and doing thereby the transformation. "I send you like sheeps to the slaughterhouse.." Alien having these laws of before.

"If someone tells you to go one mile go two.." Jesus lawed by alien. Alien thinks he cultivates me, but all this is my same self I had though demonized and not shown as it was. I am 50% alien, 25% squirl and 25% fallen mountain, were though not me longer as possessed, the psychosis fear of them has some parts of me still. The sun steals night, as does Krishna, the unmanifested, the potatoes steal intelligence and the what was of me is here and there spread. Without me, whom is hated after the drownings of Atlantic, without me, we been living billions of years, there is no external expression of maya, and by such, there is no priest and thereby the demoniac evil energy is coming within more strong as more hidden. So to have hated me have resulted to this reaction, were I after Atlantic got cursed to be out of nature, got burned. "The spiritual killers will burn.." This they speak mostly to me, cause of amountain. So the hate to me reacts back and some are suffering with internal possession not beeng able to have a bit of light and fire expressed to detach the mystic poison of not only beeng in but not beeng out seen, were as seen it decreased power and strength. The demons, not knowing that whatever act they do fails, as causeds duality, they forget the hell they are in, as I am too now and I suffer more than them as I knew of what high and friendship was though now a bit foggy, the demons in lies think the death darkness will eventually die but judges me, the demons not knwoing what would happen if I was allowed to make them forever sleep and how their form would have been total pure and friendly in free mayan senses though, but divine, they think the animal life is lower. Such can never be understood in the spiritual form, of ghostly demons, only after death. But such path is never allowed to its fullness, hundred percent. "They chose darkness.." "They will live in darkness forever.." Bible.

From ancient years ago, when the black heaven fell by law in gravity it made me, to judge me cause it was feeling shame and guiltiness. According to christianity, I am the Antichrist. As Legion I said to Christ: "We are many.." I am the saying: "Now the path is difficult.." in greek, what was expressed there happend when I was a child in Crete this lifetime. "Tora o dromos einai diskolos" with "e" added in each word it says what do I now see, what do I laugh after the killing Gandhi did to me. According to the Bhagavad Gita I am the fallen. According to the bible I am the beast, the fallen Lucifer and the Antichrist, though themselves as far as I remember are claiming that they will make the Antichrist themselves. The service done by meat killing and butchering has nothing to do with a true friendship to the sheep, thereby it is neither a service that they think they give. Thinking the spirit can solve problems, they try now to deny service to me saying this will be in hell and by hate as the ghostly demons are opposite in acts, they might be towards hate relations to me. I was blocked by Telenor, a norwegian mobile company and I heard a voice from grandfather about this, not liking the "service to the antichrist", whereas the antichrist is actually mostly the alien, judging and bullying within. I am though made as him, as all are influenced mostly by the alien. Before nature had good laws, like "dont be impure", but by laws of anger, unchosen and impersonal, they never really worked out. In hell, the laws are really bad, like christian laws. The story where Jesus is seeng the Devil in the dessert, the testing, as this age is psychotic and thereby some of it is expressing part of me but not clearly seen and in all truth, (it is mostly alien domination today, but there are some glimpses of the highest fire and light, though dead and removed) is similar to the when the alien force saw me taking down a mountain before the Atlantic, similar to Transformers, and told of that I would have all in the world if I followed him. I was killed cause of the mountain. As demons Id rather see them antisocial more.. By the trishula, an exorcist tool made by simple happy observations, I walk in the future though towards the past.. Similar of what the norwegians tend to have outside their houses.

"In the end of the world, intelligence will be great, but love little.." Christianity. In the vedas it says there will be great intelligence but the shame will massive. Intelligence they say will be great cause they are schizos saying i glorify the spirit whilest say shame will be great for saying i am a shame..In their psychotic states, they in schizo states believe i am the doer of the universe of darkness and so offer me their shame and guiltiness.. Krishna came when I lived in Haagolia, a psychiatric govermental place after I was in psychiatry, saying that "I am the lowest" in the void night of strange telepathy, whereas gravity and darkness is what manifests the elements of this universe making us more awake where the deep desire of all species is to detach, to not be. The wolf, my neighbour, said I was afraid to fail and by her illusion ofthat there is life, she judged as if I mixed death with life cause of me beeng afraid and wanting to hide in death, this she said in telepathy when I was a child in Crete. My grandfather saw some drawings I made since the start of the expression of maya and believed I was as well the black heaven and images and dreams above the drawings. In psychuatry the fallen, the nurse, said hidden as she rules without knowing, though indirectly and the alien is getting opposite energy and thought of her where I got the diagnosis "Psychosis", meaning expression of psych. Nobody though told me this directly. "Just give the demons to Me and I will protect you" Bhagavad Gita, the universal black heaven book. They send their demons to me, where I am e and the M is the mountains of the Moon, the sheep sound, making me as them, in my diagnosis, psychotic schizophrenic

The christianity says that, Christ bound by alien, says that they will serve the Antichrist in hell. Not knowing how killing the sheeps in their evil acts in their hate of their illusion thinking I am the one who bound him, they eat to detach and they made me anxietified to wake up and to by their guiltiness be by law were they try to make me enter to the previous sheep condition that now does not remove the problems, does not remove the burning poison, cause of that now I am made as the alien, squirl and fallen. That meat eating hating their beliefs of Antichrist was making me anxietified and so I couldnt detach from the aliens hate, the brown stars and spiders and the sickness he gives, and so I reacted back the hate, the judgements within to them. They dont understand true judgements and so they only understand lies so for them that wouldnt be antichrist, the police news media I now do. We can not live in the aliens hell evil and degradations lawed to follow such. One has to be able to say that the evil doer is doing this wrong.

They do believe this in their demoniac illusion. The shame was made by the fallen nurse where she shouted to a void black space below her in front of him, where she made me like him, hating and feeling shame of me, this unseen. Then I got high as a sheep by the duality of his spirtual duality anger and shame giving, then during when the Atlantic drowned I was killed and made as the alien who lawed the squirl and the fallen, and by such I have become them, their shame, ruled by the alien, who hides in the heavens, masturbates in telepathy, whos food is potatoe, that stinks though water has a lot of powers, and is opposite of shit, toxic energy, who telepathizes with his personality, unifies it with others. Lawed though where there is no escape.

WARNING: This site increases toxic psych attacks, as such knowledge in this site is based on appearing concentration. It is like dancing in front of a snake, it attacks more then. This site contains articles, poems and info on different subjects that might interest you. Religion, philosophy, science, nature, stupid jokes that I am used to and more..

The evil of this site as a x 2 dead zombie.
Difference between the past and now.

If i dont work for money they will think i am sheep, they will think i am total sheep beeng though dead, killed and demonized and not as before and so if sheep site is only up, next life will be in Crete to be butchered, as they are pig false fire, simple observing things..

Even though not taking site up the USB chip is telepathy, as is alien energy and is thereby distributed without a wire of internet and now it has been manifested the past and brought back the evil done to me so even though only remaining in files or even deleted the telepathy and strange toxic energy will still manifest it..

By them eating meat trying to die and kill their belief of who bound them, the opposite happens and I awake in some form of anxiety having no peace and self choosing ability. When then they offered me their music and book gits to reenvoke the sheep, I couldnt escape from such easy and made this site that remanifests the hell given to me after the Atlantic drowned.

"They will serve the Antichrist in hell." They ony serve the alien as after demonic posession there is no sheep left. They dont serve well, as the sheep has nothing to do with slaughter and self given to the sheep but rather a self choosing in the senses, were though the powers of the dark heaven is stronger than the senses of the sheep and the previous of what was Moon. So even the aliena nd squirl not killing me, they would come another or even more killers who would have killed me.

Bound in this age by Socrates and Aristotelis, earlier hidden demoniac butchers, where I died, was killed and so defence is impossible, meaning not at all, in the constant fire of death cause of a mountain toxic evil shame and problem energy, that I caused to it destruction and cause of a non expressing personality into merging, meaning too much unity, where they degraded me in their beliefs of that I was a metal person, though this a lucky shield by the fruits to not die, I am by their guiltiness owed some form of self back, where they speak back my words, as well song artists and the within of the cafeterias and taverns. Aristotelis with "e" is: E re e se te t e le se. Saying, see, laugh, concentrate! Socrates, "Se c re e t e se" Same as Aristotelis. They as well lawed where defence is impossible.

By such, after demonic possession, I have turned out into a false divine form, where I burn and unifying the knowledge of the past, as well in the form of what they made as the devil in their schizo, mountain non spiritual understandment of within desire and as well false personal condition, my condition in knowledge has been worse than if I was to remain a ghostly spiritual beeng of dualified acts. "They will make the Antichrist.." Christianity, a religion of today. It becomes worse to be in the senses, as in this demonic form there is no true exorcism, no true destruction of the soul elements. The inner cause of me going back to the senses is the guiltiness of Crete, bound by alien force who lawed Gandhi to kill me, where they pressure me into the past conditon. Songs like Goin Through, a greek band, the philosophy book of Crete all started this.

When a form of Shiva came to Crete and said to us not to go to the house, that was arranged by the powers of remeberence and going back in time in the tool I made, the Trishula, we
entered into the gates of hell.. Thats the powers of evil, the root beeng the dualities, of killing meat and as well wanting to die. The island of hell. Such tool has no more power as I died, and the senses are one and unified. FIrst the scenes of void and sheep of higher life, now the transformation by them into anxiety, hell, shame and all.

Last year about Gandhi, my father who follows and is lawed by Gandhi thereby by demonic powers the same, took my knowledge, reacted back by telepathy and helped and the greek tech stock has gone up, and by such, it is distributed worldwide and universally, by such as all now is demoniac nature the knowledge and intelligence originating from the divine, becomes really demoniac as the demoniac energy rules the knowledge of divinity and hidden intelligence that never disolves, that thereby becomes more evil.

After the killing to me in the Atlantic, Gandhi the squirl, lawed by the first alien, by the law of darkness from ancient times where escape was impossible, gave me hell, all can be written of at "web archive site truestorymovies.net" and by law of reaction of powerfull energies it reacts back to the world. I was bullied as impure by a bird, my own impersonal psych, and an alien, a false fire and false light, billions of years ago and so sex love for me is difficult. One night after ages of darkness in the heavens in my hometown, I tricked the soul within andsaid: "Dont take out the laws given to me out" and many stars were filled. Laws are evil and problem, hate. To live having the universe constantly lawing you in its schizophrenia psychosis and problems is very difficult. After my death to be is as well difficult. The site above, "True story movies" speaks of my past hellish lifes and such is the hate of Gandhi and the universal spirit that I always end up in problems.

Sea story movie of drowning of a group of friends. (dont remember title)
True story movie.

A boat trip goes straight to hell, were they swimmers and boat gang end up jumping down to the sea drunk with champagne forgetting the ladder making it impossible to come back up to the boat again. The movie is strange in the end, it appears the only one managing to survive is ghostly, but not really sure. This happend to me many years ago and by the Trishula, the remembering tool of exorcism of the symbol of clean blood, that had powers to go to the past, I ended up with a family and friends in this childhood in a hotel about 30 min from Ierapetra were I lived that was similar to that place. I remember that I was very afraid of drowning there and the heaven was grey and a bit cold similar to the Atlantic. Below is pictures of the hotel "Arion Palace" in Chronodromos, meaning "timeroad"..


Edward Gein. Texas chainsaw massacre


Edward gein was Baggelis Charkoutsakis whom i saw in the opposite scene where he was working in a place utting wood and having less food in the house.

Edward gein had round face Baggelis had long as is the duality of this fantasy universe where now he appeared better in work, less food consume..

He was in usa and more cow middle european dude and the child of him iris charkoutsakis
has her form more like a cow human.

I heard Iris sing and i had started ot think more positive and with him i was more allowed to laugh more free as he had psychotic disorder during the killings and canibbal eatings.

One of the movies of texas chainsaw massacre is where he has shadow mask and tries to show off whom is the doer of the actions done to him making him a butcher killing face taker..

I was at my uncle Borgar Kaasa where there was a basement he had with green ice cream he had as they had in crete in a kiosk besides our first house in crete and where i as well did this by magic though ghostly activity by psych powers i had where edward gein expressed this and the what was was that i was posessed by brown stars after the alien killed me through gandhi and the pain of burning with poison made it even more difficult to control the psych powers..

The kiosk besides the house i lived besides the busses where i was and as well did some monkey business is the opposite of the church where they praise were the kiosk is more food and non fasting..originating from my grandpapa whom i saw hidden as a blurry ghost image sitting in a chair as a priest. the priests looked a lot of like my grandfather, see video birth grandfather
on front seat.

Texas Chainsaw Massare had as well as cow a lot of metals in the body making him cutted and by such he as well reacted as in fantasy there are a lot of actions of differences.

Dead Man Walking (1980 about)

Christ said to me years ago repeatedly: "Oh so then send him to jail!"


It is a story of man who killed and raped his girlfreind. In the last scene were he is executed with needles of poison, he is possessed as the nurse knows, and he speaks a bit confusing. What he actually says is that the dog ate his heart, though the truth is that a dog ate a sheep, bited it, and by such the dog owed back some blood and gave the false red blood, that is water/sex energy and by such he killed the man to rape his girlfriend in a karmic reaction. After I got killed in Atlantic, I became like the alien mostly, lightning, brown stars and white. Such powers made me make some form of demons by the aliens powers and I suffered this story that happend externally within in some form of nightmares, were as burning in cancer after the alien lawing Gandhi to kill me to control the powers was and is impossible.

The dog that ate me in older days was the spiritual advicor nurse who owed by spiritual duality to help the killer out, after reincarnations.

Me in Porsgrunn and a mountain fall.


Same as in the Atlantic, when I put down a mountain, happend now in Bergen, when I was in Porsgrunn, with psych powers, with me beeng the "e", the brain whereas the sheep form in total is higher, where the air and alien is ruling.

After I put down the mountain, by using metal to cut the down of it, I got killed and drowned and lived as a burning dead x 2 zombie, without water and defence where the brown stars of the alien was judging and giving me nightmares and evil thoughts where I sent them outwards, either by power or by acts, and by so became the antichrist, the hell beeng, who where I as well suffered karma reaction and was were I met Krishna, in this childhood, who in my deepest fear said that I could love to have a better life.

The train that fell months ago before this mountain fell, by a similar fall, shows how the metal in me was used to cut the mountain, as the train is of metal form but this more mystic, as bound by alien force in some form of magical divine brain.

I myself, though lawed, but as we all are, had the highest form before this hell, and loved the senses, the blood and light, whereas the fall of the mountain did not increase such senses, but where I had to dwelve in the spiritual aspect, though in knowledge. A sense beeng is total senses, and so is not really into the connecting scenes of mountains, toxic and ones own form in senses. After that, hidden hells came and arised, slowly and is starting more to manifest now since 2 months ago. It was a law, where Crete in the taverns law by killing animals, not knowing my form at all, trying to pressure some form of expression and senses but whereas the senses
are totally out of beeng, but only in false condition. The form I had as angel was attained in me without problem, seeng animals butchered, bound, eaten and bullied is a problem for the past form. The toxic energy fails, fails as forgets its pain and belief of awakening condition, where the toxic spirit, psych, tries to do something but fails by dualified acts. The psych is never free,
and is bound by fear and hate. Only the past form of the sheep can perform an act of everlasting condition, but the spirit is too strong, as the powers of the black heaven is stronger as is the hidden source, that means problems.

The spirit, psych wants to detach, die, but it can not do it by itself. It can not kill the fire and light it made in matters of an everlasting condition, and there is no total freedom in us. The psych confused in beliefs of awareness, thinking it has some form of concentration, is suffering. The deepest desire of the psych is to die and so the within shows now, after the false prestige
of the trees and plants, trying to purify and increase a better blood and condition, by their schizo states. That it hates its works and eats the meat by the center of the universe, Crete in their housing and hotel sleeping organizations. After that the fall of Mexico came, the earthquacke, where more than 200 died, as was what the aliens had lawed Gandhi to do, to burn me, to put a stone above me and drown me.

The toxic universal spirit of my forfather, a nurse hiding in psychiatry, the first gravity, fart and harshness lives in me and hates all the time. Problems anxiety and degradations cause of unchosen stupidity beeng a toxic energy of previous eternity cause of toxic magical condition. I am sorry for not been understood and I laterwards understand more the difficulty of getting to know a posessed black sheep.

The death of a Transformer (me, by impersonal law a belief of a savour) (role of ending dark misery, for more see "Story of the universe" "The Autobots intend to use the AllSpark, the object that created their robotic race, to rebuild their home planet Cybertron and end the war, while the Decepticons have the intention of using it to build an army by giving life to the machines of Earth."), where the path can be readin the article "The story of the universe" where only I can give the knowledge of destruction of maya to my psychiatrist who sadly is psychotic, to join forces and destroy death, diseases, anxiety and laws or drown the universe as living in a hidden judging dreaming tense, cause of false condition maya is worse than death. The death came cause of no giving money though a lot of sensual activity I have sometimes half of the universe in me and so I can eat more than others, as well drink. Holy Mary lawed me in my fathers house, to fast and so dualified as laws are in fantasy and I ate and drunk too much where defence is luck. This increases death in me as well. They judged me as a pig though me opposite of a pig and so I dont have money, my father that is. The Alien shadow claimed a free state, bound by Gandhi the first squirl, to be almost dancing, though not understanding the need to meditate on such knowledge like in this site, to know what to do. If done out in the world before attaining my divine form I would make magic and problems would arise cause of nature going against me. Loan in norwegian means "lene" to lean, to not be complex but during such meditation it is very difficult to not become demonized but I would not think all the time. Cause is my father taking telepathy as light and concentration, as truth, something of a disease. He now owes me money and made me ask him to get money from him to pay my laywer that my loans are deleted and I get my money back, but such money are dirty and would dualify my alcohol intake and make me instead drink coffee. Such money I got from psychiatry was "divine" as my lawed impersonal psychiatrist Pål G. gave them. I become as well by books and music having a mirror of me a learned beeng and not a chosen in own doing. Problems with wolf beeng to fast with expressing who I am instead of me finding out for myself. Laws to me constant as well increased the destruction of the Terminator role. My psychiatrist is psychotic and cant join the trip to Costa Rica areas to make the UFO. I asked him if he was ever interested in technology and he said "No, we used to do other things in school..". Reason for drugging me is the moon giving blackness meaning a black form to me where food is the duality and rooted in guiltiness. This the mystic soul does to kill the alien by karmic reaction of antipsychotics, though not taken by Pål G. and now controlled by Gandhi who in false night appearing freedom chooses to follow the soul, meaning shit. I understood better, that evil, the dark heaven, always wins and worse than that, is their illicit sexual relations, so though them not giving me such problems as mentioned above, I would have chose to not follow the path anyway..

Sadly this site cause of glasses on PCs, telepathy thereby of confusion, dualifies the words into opposite making some beengs sense lies, but my try is to increase visitors to my website. I also make other sites, to make money, as by my grandfathers, the first aliens psychotic state he believes I am a demoniac pig ghost laughing at others and hating them, and by though today cause of transformation by him, it is more true though still fantasy domination, I am thereby forced to make websites to make an income. Though such destroys the pure exorcism of the sheep, what happend is that I died by the alien following the suicide of the fallen nurse Abdi Mohammed, by such a fantasy duality came and instead of she taking her life alien got somehow lawed to kill me and lawed with his thoughts Mahatma Gandhi to kill me. After such death a true exorcism that is faked by psychiatry and original mexican priests doing it wrong, such even me doing doesnt work, so making money sites isnt a problem when it comes to such.

" I want to thank my school mates especially in Norway for bothering to be my friend when I was suffering with psychosis during a difficult time when I came from Crete, whom supported me by beeng with me.."

"Some say thoughts and to always fly highest is best, than to experience, than to have courage and live, walk, see, share stories and feel the heat of friendship and happiness, in a simple light good way.. Together, with friends.. Some just get too high, happy, if you ask me.."



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