I am 34 years old, my name is Andreas Harkiolakis. Lived 10 years in Crete, born in Norway, Notodden... I am currently towards death, within one year, things I connect to what will happen and I am trying to avoid this as Iunderstand my future path of reincarnations will lead to sorrow.. I AM FREE, UPWARDS, AM LAUGHTER. HIGH TONE IN HONOURING OTHERS. MORE FREEDOM ALLOWENCE THAN OTHER LIVING ANGELS: I AM A SYNTHESIZER; LIKE A DRAWING MOVIE MAKER. I am the, by myself, the conquerer who destroys death universally. WAS TO BE MUCH MORE FRIENDLY BUT DEGRADED BY AN EVEN PURE ANGEL ALIEN FORM THOUGH UNCHOSENLY BOUND IN THE REALITY BEFORE THIS DARKNESS MILLIONS OF YEARS AGO, SINCE ORIGIN OF THIS MAYAN UNIVERSE. THE LIFE OF THE SENSES HAPPEND FAST WITH THE ALIEN ANGEL BY THE POWERFULL CLOUDS AND POISON FAILING GIVING DEATH, SO I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO DETAIL MYSELF SO MUCH. I am opposite of a pig but in fire. i am the unchosen unwanted mother of the universe. In this mayan universe I am the water that was in Middle America behind the wolf. In dreams I am the indirect dream giver through contact with the first African, Shivaya. Even in maya my truth condition is during such contact with the black horse Shiva, to allow freedom energies even in the law binding mayan nature by free toxic black energy. I am the indirect cause of mayan elements, fantasy elements, expressed externally and not within, whereas when within is more evil and binding. The whole universal toxic spirit hates me cause of the toxic beeng stupid not understanding how i through my drawings and movies could destroy it. I am the antichrist named by christianity and christ is a lawed white sheep who healed in fear, whereas though half of his saying as i lived in him was mine, where he was part of drowning me in atlanta but cause of gandhi squirl performed excessive drownings and drowned the whole place, something not of his nature. He was cruisified cause of reactive law of the bound unchosenly mary ghostly bird and also bound alien ghost stars of my grandfather, as he watered me, gave me metals as is within water and white cotton,and bound me as well, thereby the cross appearing as of ruling him.

sas They have killed, stolen blood light, degraded me for millions of years, and my products, like sports and always stress me and law. It is so much pain to have such state and be degraded by toxic lies that I can not say much more no longer. The air is my enemy but here in Norway they claim that those who judge air will never be forgiven. It steals, is impersonal and chooses to be the devil when the accident of hell has come. Together with the birds it wears the cross (that is the synthesis of me and a drawing/movie) in fear and degrades me as lower cause of just doing drawings and movies.

I am the first living sheep and gone through many reincarnations. I was given heavy stones to carry, and have become tired for so long, for so many of thousands of years.. I have been given millions of nightmares of tense visions of the ghostly horse race, even cutted in this life my eye by operations, for strabismus, in a form of water containing metals by spiritual law sent to me before, by the lawed sleeping Krishna reacting sexual life from me when lawed and to escape is difficult, during that time a lot of toxic energy was around, though reacting laws are not concrete so it doesnt mean I as ell cutted his eye, as I saw a white horse similar small ghostly beeng as child, at the age of 6-7, in similar to what I experienced laterwards in Skien, Betanien hospital.. The story of who started the psych terror, the mayan universe we live in, whereas the judgements and demons within for so many millions of years were there is finished. For more on that ancient story read; "The story of the universe".

Those i met this life is from the past when lawed and could not escape by choosing thereby impossible cause of the trishula I made having powers to bring back life in time.

My neighbourhood in Boe, Telemark Norway, consists of wolf horses who judge the angelic senses from within, the moon sick lawed by my father thought i was a agfhanistan man, islam muslim, in a hotel in Sandwing, making me play games of aeroplanes shooting at others, my form by moon given is black and as a sheep lawed to be believed to have no self and demonized it is difficult to understand for others who i really am. wolfs are lawed species, defend from non beeng, sleepers, and angels and their ass stink though they have powers of water and teeth eating what they believe is demons by the stupid toxic spirit. Wolfs have this illusion lawed in them from millions of years ago that makes them believe i have friends and that i am not friendly. i am possesed and my first form was in coincidence alone.. then they have the ignorance of purification that is actually a stinky business.

I died by my father Gandhi race thousands of years ago, burned and drowned cause of me putting down a mountain and Gandhi reacting choosing in freedom by the free night of me who was given black form as a sheep and Shivayas eye contact making a void night and Gandhi the squirl believed that was bad and that mountains were as worth as me though dead and chose to be lawed and react the similar earthquack where the mountain fell and mixed with sea and became sand. Mountains are toxic and water wants to purify it and such energy is not social and so to purify living species is a false expression fo the souls elements. Life is for me a big problem and to become the difficult of spirit or better die is the path. I tried to but were bound by laws of agoraphobia whereas Holy Mary came to my house lawed by my father whereas half of the spirit toxic lives in me sometimes and so i have the right to consume more than others. I was a priest doing meditation and such is if one does bad things one is forgiven according to old scriptures but not in modern. Offcourse my meditation wasnt the most fun as demoniac influence was there, fantasy increase, but I got to know my past and what I could have done if free. My grandfather lawed me by law by my father to take up loans so ended up in debt. Why? Cause he did not understand how such type of meditation that I do is hated by the toxic evil impersonal energy and makes me a bit bound claiming I was in hell. The wolf expressed me and said in telepathy by law of my father that "he is just a sheep" and by so I lost myself by guidence and teaching, there are no angels that show you who you are, such personality issues is choosing. "You cant serve God and money". A child performs an act and manages to suceed, an old person does not as is bound by fear and sorrow that dualifies the act. So as this quote is wrong it is no allowence of money that destroyed the "Transformer" path of divinity. If God is perfect according to religion, why serve, why not just be?

i was bullied as impure billions of years ago since the beginning of this black universe
and so have problems in detaching states of water and poison, by the bad luck coincidence lawed mary the bird and grandffather first.

Psychiatry, reasons for beeng involved.

Now as such organizations are based in fantasy, there are many reasons for beeng locked up, I myself was as well psychotic as a child but I hided it so well nobody knew.


dsdI during contact with Srila P. in yoga devotion as a child performed service to the world, me and God during a mystic experience when I was about 8 years old. I in devotion went thinking first of the three yoga systems, personal service, jani yoga, karmi yoga, a service to the world and then bhakty, to God. I thought; "To have a good emotion", I then thought the world could as well have good emotion and the bhakty service to God was to be controlled and whereas I spitted at a butcher house. 10 years about afterwards I entered into Krishna religion again, beeng very happy in emotions (Just as I wanted to serve me and the world when I was a child) and I got sent to psychiatry same time I was reading their books and chanting. During the butchers holding the knife close to me I saw a child in whitish blue colourscrying, (I saw him inside me crying when the butchers tried to cut off my throat with their electrical knife). My grandfather in Crete, during the day I spitted on a butcher slaughterhouse, said in telepathy: "He is insane", so it is the cause of psychiatry. For more on his powers of thoughts and why, read this article about the story of the universe. The needle and Trilafon is as well cause of my father trying to bring back memory (check low bap greek hip hop song Active Member - Sta megala skotadia) and instead of judging me as a pedophiler, though I wasnt a pedo but had sex with old ghosts, a white ponnie, whereas my grandfather was lawed to say by my father that I was a pedophilian raper in telepathy and I sensed a lot of cancer, my father in free spirit of choosing duality chose to worship me as a cool romantic, lawing the girls in my school to like me though me having no concept of sex at all, whereas by such law he laws me to have sex with norwegians and not think knowledge like this site but instead intelligence to not show his sins and to follow the bad shamefull universe. That is why I get needle with Trilafon, trilafon is like a white sperm drug controlling me in sexual life but sadly it becomes worse by fantasy duality. Why? Cause my nurse Martin in Boe Telemark does not know that before me raping him by law of ancient ages I was lawed to be raped too worse, by strawberries, cherries, and cucumbers whereas sex is false and thereby stronger through food than a more appearing concrete sexual life amongst 2 beengs. To escape after the food transformed me in Atlanta was impossible as detaching is fantasy and that time the mountains were black and lots of toxic were there. Actuallt the white ponnie Martin got good welfare after that, that sex, by me the sheep, and though I am demonized by the antisocial stupid toxic black spirit in the universe and the ponnie is thereby demonized as well cause of that, life is a dream and taking it too seriously is stupid, cause of opposite energies. The sheep has now conquered the lies of judgements to her, that is me through my site, so those who suffer are those who go back in the past days thinking life is better there, who believe in mayas false prestige of that an appearing good emotion is better than an appearing negative and as well those who believe in lies that life was better in the farm instead of this technology ages.

Another reason I am in psychiatry is Christ lawed by and following spiritual energy of to instead of sending Srila P. the lawed impersonal ghost pig, as he did to me when I was a child in Crete for false exorcistic rituals to give me demons, in form of olanzapin, zyprexa, air elements that degrade me as if I am fallen by the bird who farts impersonally and as well hides in trees and is schizophrenic and falls by her own fly, by strong law of poison for now on trilafon, fruit product of judgements of me where the fruit says that I have no friendliness and that I am impure. For more on those lies see "The story of the universe"


Also, my psychiatrist, american moon similar beeng, sends by law of the psych black toxic to me and covers me with black and so owes me opposite, healing, purification. That is opposite of seeng, with his moon eye, light. It is the 3 opposite reasons for psychiatry, as is of fantasy elements of antipsychotics, receiving black, giving water/sperm.

As well the Legion story is the root of psychiatry, as Dekapolis is same as Skien, the consuming cities, the supercities. I hitted my head cause of beeng bound by the stupid non logical toxic energy and by such it dualified and the toxic left sometimes. By try of healing rooted in fear and sadness by Christ lawed by Gandhi, the healing became a worse condition with increase of my past hell. By the toxic false prestige healing duality. Reason for binding me them beliving I had demons, was Gandhi the squirl, in the woods up in the mountains seen me and beeng afraid of me holding the stone thinking I would use it to attack. Another reason for psychiatry is how psychiatry originally opposite of exorcism believes that hiding shit and having a false good health is better is better than an illusioned negative energy. It is cause they take shit so serious, when a bad smell or a shit energy comes they only think of it, all the time, and take it very seriously, believe of it to be truth and can not relax from such illusioned energy. The psychiatry is serving police hiddenly by hiding shit inside water and toxic byproducts.

The nurses and doctors are sick themselves and lawed by Gandhi to work there and so acts to themselves be released by law of stars and magnetism. Some think I am D, magnet, though I made the opposite, the Trishula. Some like the norwegians have social phobia and try to make me water specie whilest most follow as well the toxic energy of first air, zyprexa olanzapin, then water food products like fruits, trilafon for then the death to come to me, belieiving shit wants to be and wants to be followed, this offcourse in lies. They law something like medication for peace when such is to be attained just after. After me taking trilafon, about 2.5 years ago, the fruit product, terrorism increased in the world. Why? Cause I as a sheep was lawed billions of times since beginning of the earth by the anger to me they had, to the true savour of honour and friendship, and so I react back the billions of laws that transform and so others take trilafon as well, from one place to another as is the telepathy of confusion. By so they gain increase of blood by the drug and when in some purity the terrorism, snakes, attacks, like happend in France, Belgium and other nations, in these days seen more severe.


By the powers of the trishula, I entered the past of rememberence of past lifes.. My father, Gandhi race, burned me after I destroyed mountains by crashing them down to sea making sand whereas powers of evil and problems dissapeared, he chose to be lawed and reacted by gfoddy impersonal reaction and said to himself: "He destroyed the mountain? Energy like me? Then I will destroy her." and burned and drowned me, as well as my magical positive choosing attaining, cause of beliefs of negative magic and by reaction of my killings of the already dead as most are lawed and this is a duality world, where first they killed me and I reacted, I was burned with woods and leafs and sent to the sea, close to Crete where my father burned some wood, looking out to the sea is Banghazi in Libya, bang means a force done strong act like burning and hazi means fire haze, dust of fire.. I got so stressed that time by the subtle mind, I cried afraid my father would be sent to the police.. This memory by the powers of Trishula. Banghazi is "close" to the crete island a bit outside the ieraeptra in the rock beaches, besides a gass station, where my father burned the leafs and the fireservice was to come and i was afraid and I even cried in fear of my father beeng cought.. I was though burned in the north Atlantic when there was less sea there.. Reason for the sea arising was the ignorant health purification judgement towards me the sheep there..

The school I went to was opposite of my stories in the awakening of the Atlantic ages.. The rabbit turtle story, the burning of Ikarus and such.. I saw a UFO there in the school and though vision it was from the real past where the alien was bored with divine and cool magic powers and acts. Huge brown black UFO with noise. But the teacher slapped my hand when I tried to understand what happend and if it was a UFO. I asked Krishna by such help to not go to school and I found myself in the Trishula scene, with priests in a treasure box inside a house.


Earthquackes in areas of Hitlers 2 lawed form, the pakistanian, Irak, Afghanistan, had started 1994. Before that there had not been in 44 years. More came after that and during 1993 I started to sense excessive water energies around me as well a lot of snow around me during 1994 in Norway.. According to wrong beliefs in the Bhagavad Gita, "the lowest I curse to demoniac species who torment the organs and soul..", like snakes in Afghanistan areas, so I have such unity in me from before with them. As as well the dead are burried without a casket, in such brown form areas, the unity of such bone eating by Hitler, by spiritual law done in elderly spiritual lawed times, increases telepathy and unity, so it sends them water too and by so rocks crack under earth and earthquackes appear. See; "Prostata/Prest ete, in a "e" knowledge word emotion of me, the first sheep, it becomes: "Priest eats, in norwegian). As well kebab similar food increased unity.

By such transformation towards a pakistanian form, whereas even the christian God believes of me to be a snake and by thought become transformed, and other factors, such as the curses to snake species, my life energy gets mixed in telepathy with the south Asians, that the spirit lawed upon itself attacks massive during such meditation states.


I am defined as the devil, Frankenstein and the fallen and according to the Gita "the lowest". In the bible as the beast, where the prophecy of "the beast and the white horse Krishna that I am in companion with in pictures, where hell and death comes cause of meditation of truth cause of the psych, the impersonal poison, attacks in anger cause of desire of non-existence. As well all the evil and shame by the world. What instead I am without spiritual or water laws, is: More free allowence than other angels, powerfull honour speech, a laughter of great cool things to see and relate with others, synthesis, in form of drawing, making movies, pure in fire and light and the other important stuff I know not, as is opposite of the blaspheme of the universal spirit that torments me each second of my life and whereas is too painfull to remember.

The path of us all is a nightmare, drowning, awakening by new angels, remembering of problems of the past, by both the dead and the ones who were living. For more see this facebook article. Maya, this universes illusion, makes one appear as if something is great, but eventually becomes worse than death.. Some try to kill, in belief of removing the lawed dead species from attacking, like USA, others try to heal, all such leads to problems of opposite. As thereby the soul is very tricky, to seeze from what I did, is to seeze from understanding it and thereby I would become same of it. After hell I know at least what to do, how even a sheep of positivity can conquer the mayan energies by surrender to the hidden desire of the toxic byproducts..

99,99% of this universe species, plants, animals, humans, even me, as before I lived without a bindment by the spirit and its by products, are dead. This though cant be known, but life has many opposite energies, some fantasy some life and thereby is not a concrete energy no more. So you had a bad dream, you will have one as well later, but this is how the toxic spirit is tricking you into beliefs of life states. So if there was no problem before, dealing with pain and such, surely other things can be solved too..


The Legion was me in my earlier life of mine is experienced again, where I am demonized and in my neighourhood in Boe, Flitavegen 17, the past shows through a farm where there were pigs, thrown demons to by christianity increasing problems, now there are flowers there growing as an opposite state. For more see: "What are ghosts" article on top of site menu. Dekapolis is "the ten cities", and as Skien is similar that is the place I got sent by the powers of the Trishula, a tool used that I made ancient years ago to go to the past and not towards the future, seeze unity with the hearts, though sadly manipulated and made impure. So as Christ tried to give love, it dualified and the Dekapolis became a massive binding mental and physical place.ddsa I have a story of once stealing some medical equipement from their mouseum, I put it on top above the clothing and sensed fear. Later I could not find it, same day. They had as if taken it from within me by their own flesh, parapsychological, by binding me mentally and taken it by their own hands one hour drive away. I talked to some people in Chania about it, how they used such tool before in Great Brittain to cut organs and make them female, as a reaction to food intake leading to masculine state, as some form of reaction. I then saw a beeng resembling Minotaurus, beeng severe bent downwards where his ass were very up high.. I during this life meditated a lot on hidden spiritual things and this got to increased harshness, as when a priest himself is demonized by try to do opposite, to for example to do an exorcism.. Picture above (bad quality) is the farm they had for pigs, where the demons where sent. The flesh eaten made legion warriors to the eaters and now there are flowers growing there, opposite viewed than the pigs. But in try of to escape of such, by christian try to heal me, I by duality of the fear and crying love, became worse demonized than before as an act based on love that is fear dualifies.

The antipsychotics were needed as I have the whole universal toxic spirit and elements of it going against me, thereby the sickness gained by such antisocial energies were not mine and this is death, something powerfull and evil to claim some easy form of meditation. By Srila P. only I gained psychosis, there in such state the Atlantic became ocean by purificationd degradations. People died by such energies, motorcycle accidents. It was painfull, writen of more below. If I was free to be allowed to myself without spiritual element influences, I would be shame taking antipsychotic medication. money workers steals me. the wolf eating sheep steals,

I have been given millions of nightmares, cuttings and deaths by magic powers, drowned in the Atlantic sea, where the (sea) stars,the brown, pink and white ruled even with more powers than the shadows living there..Lifes filled with millions problems, like people dying through me by their powers, in this lifetime as well, in Crete lawed (laws/fear/problems) within to not pick money lost besides a kiosk, similar but constant problems, magic powers of thought leading to deaths, massive food intake by law in the Atlantic before the sea, causing the sea actually, cause of ignorant healing lifestyle law domination, leading to an internal tense life of fantasy domination for me and degraded sexual life and reacted back, that continues to follow me.


I was in the beginning of maya eaten some of by the first wolf and given by duality false increased blood, giving a massive anxiety.. I was purified by the 25% of my earlier pure less quantity blood but 75% manipulated mix by the false offering of the wolf, meaning a pig, in telepathy in school from when I was 5 years old, in Crete. Srila Prabhupada was that pig ghost, who helped me in school by mental power to gain good grades..

Killings/deaths of the thousands, today sometimes in this opposite ages I am sensing the water ghost killing (See: picture, Taekwondo, what are ghosts?") and giving problems unchosen within me by me observing his within.. A Taekwondo, meaning "defence martial art" store opened in Crete where i laughed after my pure divine magic powers spoke of at article "Magnetism" and the lawed form of Lao tse the white wildpig got so afraid the sheep laughter and my powers similar to his but only divine and beneficial that he made a Taekwondo store about after 1991. One died in "Boe" in Norway with a Honda motorbike, an accident, he was a big man, known around where as my grandfather even in the pure senses reality defined me by speech power as impure, that transformed me, for more see article "The story of the universe" as "the untouchable", before that person who crashed in bike accident, had touched me and I was happy for having someone to talk to as I was alone for a long time.. Years after he died. In Crete a young boy died in the school where I was as a child, his name was "Ioannis" and it was where I was so massive purified by the demonized Alien who made the wolf who then made the pig react by law of the food in the Atlantic and purify me. Speak of bullying, for the pigs are known as to be impure. Such drownings by not only the sea drowning the earth but food as well, made my fire first increase false for then by fall dissapear and thereby what was of my light and my friendship..

About the opposite of the stories in school that I made: Themis G., a Krishna Shivaya dude, took my treausure of a worm I had made by thought of "no dont think Andreas that the worms are impure" and by so it increased in size when burning it. It was one of my treasures, but not given. ShivaKrishnaya thought that was shame, believing shit is concrete and not illusion. Ironically I lived a while in Seljord now, where it means, those who sell their soul and Im about to drown.. That was the opposite of the Ikarus story I was told.. Picture besides shows the store place a bit forward the road behind the buss, and where I lived in my past house, where the movie 6th sense came to birth. Another magic I did was to give hair in dffdthe nose of a greek man in a bar in Sandwing, at Makrigialos in Crete, as I tried in school in compulsive disorder to not allow the others smell me neither me in huge psychotic states as a child, making thereby hair in someone elses nose as hair removes aroma from nose area. Such state was my meditation written here, of thinking in no compete ways, trying to seek for a divine knowledge. Site made opposite of sun and wind story for to praise the sheep as cotton is wind element opposite of my personality.. Another magic was a non competitive condition where fruits and love services results, not the fruits themselves, but the outcome of them, their result, resembles my form but not 100 percent, from my grandfather I was given a red ferarri car, electrical, and I turned the car, without knowing but by life choosing simplicity, and there I removed the psychotic states, unchosen, that the Moon has of "who degrades me?", without offering it, but the only way, healing thereby the psychotic states that the Moon has.. That was the opposite story of the rabbit and green (opposite of red colour) turtle running to compete.. Instead of liking me, the alien did not care of observing such and so the spirit went almost all in with toxic energy, made me afterwards do shamefull and bad things, and it torments me day in and out.

My memory is constant arguing with my what is left of valued emotions and self, in general powerfull states. My form is lawed to be of brown ancient afghanistan form, as well the opposite of a mushroom and I have been condemned as a pig of filth and impurity in my childhood by even priests. I was bullied in old days, impure, degraded, unspiritual, a binder, a devil, a killer raper and more, but not so seen this age, as I am made into as well a cherry strawberry power of holy ghost a like beeng after the Atlantic.. I drunk to meditate and this has given memory loss but as well a within distant awareness during my quest to find my past self.

My shame in previous acts, and evil, for some people if understanding my past acts in earlier lifes, is massive when believing that shit, the spirit and toxic energy judging is somehow right, though offcourse such energy is stupid, impersonal and antisocial and to detach from a law leading to a negative act can not be chosen. I have lost a lot of love of self cause of such lawed acts, either before in the sleeping ages or after the ads freedom in the Atlantic, where I was severe lawed by spiritual power cause of the toxic spirit going against my free times.. What happend to my disaster was that by the birds during the Atlantic times, before the sea, whereas the Alien of life looked upwards got bound by the powerfull dark heavenly snake appearing form and did not see around for the great magical happenings of mine, by non- meditation did not seeze Mary, the bird, from the mix of concentration, I am condemened into a following of toxic life in belief of a divine path making the universe, meaning the toxic all power, that lives in me in pain and laws. Carrying the wars, problems and deaths of the Atlantic ocean, by earlier reincarnations, I live as a dead specie with only a small piece of light and fire.

Bound by a all year around kebab lamb sheep eating lifestyle telepathy increases as well and by so the tensity of the spirit during telepathy creates pain and impurity.

As well as an excessive telepathy in my village, Boe, Bø, where I have all those earlier unities from before increased here, where the mushroom, Hitler and the white horse, the lawed form of Krishna, dominates the place. A law of to not eat increases food desire and hunger, and thereby as well curses cause of belief of degraded sensual excessive lifestyle and too often going to the toilet.


I had as well a pig in mental contact as a child, that was made by the lawed wolf by the alien, after eating my blood and the what was left after the degradation by Mary by air to my ID, where the wolf offered by law during the strong toxic ancient ages a manipulated and impurified blood, where the pig, in void night telepathy sending by law reaction, as Srila P. as well was there in the Atlantic with me, the cherries and strawberries from the Atlantic, named Srila Prabhupada, a religious well known person, where purification based in fear and sorrow leads to sickness and became a worldwide sickness known as swine flu, where food increases heat, fever and as well cold freezes by the law of the times of the cold Atlantic area that became an ocean by purification. There grew strawberries and cherries, whereas such fruits does not need a lot of heat. The cause of such is the lawed wolf of water powers, giving the offering of blood purification where before eating as a wolf me the sheep, the wolf was in false beliefs of degradations in the pure senses reality, of me beeng non friendly though me in the pure senses were choosing a form and attained as all angels a coincidence path, of sadly me in alone places, the wolf without knowledge of yellow star chance mathematics of whereas I would increase in fire, social life, sadly bound by the aliens influence. By purification I became impure, as all do in the food system. So the pig is actually opposite of my own blood, but manipulated and made as what we know of, the pig. A picture taken of the ghost pig and in union with the wolf can be found here.

Bound by Shiva, the greatest soul out of this planet, increased by the chopping of me as AndHaka, (My current name: Andreas Harkiolakis, similar to AndHaka) whereas sins done create a unity of the sinned upon and sinner, sending water energy in Crete Ierapetra close to the busses, I suffer from severe tense spiritual attacks as I meditate on life whilest the spirit kills to sleep, as well spine gravity, nightmares and schizo states.

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