Aliens, UFO's and location. Are there aliens? Where are the aliens?

An article about aliens below, other planets, the future of space travel and how to make a ufo and another method that is down to earth introduction of escaping the material world. Alien abductions have been reported only lately, in USA, aliens though have been seen from ancient times, they are even written about in the bible according to some studies.

It is said that there is a planet looking just like this one by todays scientists. The end of the world will most likely happen as it is a law forced upon nature and just as a child inside the womb is sleeping and dreaming in darkness so this world did as well, it gained its birth in darkness, see iceage, and will disolve just like the elders by the heat and fire, opposite of cold, rain, fogg and darkness. In both christianity and a similar religious movement in India known as the "Hare Krishnas" a belief is there that this world and other material planets will face destruction.  The natural order of a planet like a human is to intake air, become hungry, eat fruits, after increase of heat during pure states and get bitten by snakes or and spiders and by such fall downwards and the steam above turning thereby to water drown the human form and/or planet.

There will be a time when we will need to leave from this place as the heat will make it intolerable, at least such is the natural order of such planets we live in, hopefully my article will help doing just that as this could very much be the future of space travel. The planet where aliens live is not so far as we believe. Since aliens can live in our planet according to observations from pictures and videos we must assume they are from the same galaxy with similar, maybe not all, but mostly similar laws. The sun and moon are the planets eyes, the pigs the heart, the earth the stool, magma the digestive acid, lava the blood. So, the aliens must reside in a place called neurotransmitters, it is behind the eyes, back of the mind, it is where thoughts are sent and realized. Also known as the place in the body of intelligence. One galaxy, one body. In a true story movie named "Fire in the sky" the person who experienced an abduction remembered that there was slime in the ufo, the brain as you probably know is also filled with slime similar elements. The brain is grey, did you know that the typical alien colour stated by persons who have come in contact with them of an alien is grey? The suns original place was between South America and Australia - and the moon between North America and England (see: Sun/South - Moon/unconcentrated/darkness/west), if the moon was not positioned originally in North America/West Northpole then it would have been in the sunny south and that is impossible. Accoring to the bible it says that the world, when people inhabited it, physical beengs, one should assume, the world was divided in darkness and light. .

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So, by positioning the sun looking from between South America and Africa towards Africa and the moon looking between North America and England towards Asia we draw a line towards the center in the middle of the sun and moon and we multiply about 5 x times (in our body according to my calculations the nervetransmitters are 5 eyes from the front eyes) the suns quantum and in the end of this measurement the planet of the aliens is located.Once in a story a woman abducted hurted under an operation, as soon as the aliens found out they seduced her with painkilling substances.

Aliens do have eyes. They observe the heavens, many things that happen in this world happens too in the heavens. 

Though most believe aliens are smart and animals not, my knowledge of the sheep, by the sound "e", one can understand almost all of the past words meanings, does not mean they are true and correct, but at least the words meaning, by adding "e" in each word. Example: "Gravity", with "e", my expression as sheep without "B" and "H" that are material sounds, it becomes "Gere ve e te" ( ve in danish: what (is), e in norwegian means "is" and te means air, tea, whereas air sends down species by wind for the the fruit to uplift one in concentration) Beware though that such knowledge increases toxic attack. One can as well understand ancient words by seeng the last letter beeng close to each ghostly and angels nature. As snakes are the last attack of death, last expression, so one can understand that the last letter in a word is more truth to its origin. Examples: "The demons do everything wrong.." G is of the squirl having powers of metals and spider snake tongue of control forces, so one needs to understand some basics, written of below. Do, the o is the wolf, as well duality "i". In greek "i" is used to judge.. Where "O" is used to worship. "The demons will live in Me" meaning eating the demons as well.. Where "e" is sounded like "i" like observing society always eating. Thereby to "do". When it is words from angels the first letters are more truth.. Also a basic of norwegian and greek and english is needed.

G = metal, squirl, Gandhi
O, i = wolf
E = sheep
M = moon
L = alien
D, th = bird, magnetism, leafs, wind.
S = snake, muslims, afghanistan areas.
Ch = spider

Main summary:

The alien planet is within the galactical body, as the galaxy has the same elements as the human body, (see: moon and sun are the eyes, stone is bone, lava blood and so on) that has a brain and electrical impulses in the neurotransmitters. In our body the intelligence we use is food. When it comes a lightning, then rain comes and the galaxy thunders through her digestive system.

Orignally the sun sets from near Australia and the moon is in the cold places of the north. Thereby the alien residence is in the middle of America, in the heaven.In the movie: "Fire in the sky" the abducted person spoke of slime and the brain indeed has slime where it is grey, a colour seen by people who have seen them.

To be able to enter the alien planet will increase the duration of our human life during the end of the world, that will come with fire, hiddenly, from the earths below. Aliens can as well drill some of the mountains sourounding them and enter into other galaxies in the open universe.

There is another way to come out. As the moon and sun are the planets eyes, the mountains the bones, the lava the blood.. We can draw a similarity with our body and the galactical planet. So there has to be a way out, naturally. As we are inside we are like children inside the womb of our mother.Thereby as one could live longer before, , by following the natural order one could come out of a hole in Asia.

Asia actually means "Resurrection". "To come back to life." Note the word; "Back". For the curse of us were from out, for more see this article of the path of the paradise. In the middle Asia there are close to 2 big tall mountains with a V shape a place so muddy and grose that few have gone there.. The place smells really bad and the road is like walking on mud. There is some sort of tounel there where if followed all the way out can actually make us go out of this planet where same species only less concentrated and bigger in quantum are there and have better lifes, than at least our age. The food is as well much bigger. There were known in the bible that there were some superlarge men, those suddenly dissapeared... Now the path to go out there naturally is gone, but one could come out as a small child.

Making a UFO. Combining elements in the moon.
(Doing it in a present way of surrendering of the life energies & within fantasy elements)

A star is not unified, instead it is different categories of elements in the moon.. A star laws, binds.. So if one unifies the elements in the moon instead one can make a transport vehicle to escape.. Metal can be combined, heated as the object/form of the UFO. Electricity can be made by steam,known as electrolyse, as there is steam everywhere in the universe a better way of fuel can be used by electricity. Darkness contains gravity whereas darkness is a non existent and binding energy, and by so, using puere fire without toxic or gass energy neither mixed with steam, one can get the vehicle lifted without too much energy.. Having magnetism in form of a magnet to control the vehicle from above can be easier to rotate the vehicle..