Aliens, UFO's and location. Are there aliens? Where are the aliens?

An article about aliens below, other planets, the future of space travel and how to make a ufo and another method that is down to earth introduction of escaping the material world. Alien abductions have been reported only lately, in USA, aliens though have been seen from ancient times, they are even written about in the bible according to some studies.

Aliens are psychotic schizophrenic species and their weakness is hearing and detecting laughter during high peacefull positive states when one is in goodness. Such states of expression makes them afraid and especially psychotic, whereas they become sexually interested, in order for them to defend from their fears. K is the alien | and the < can be either a vagina or symbol of blowjob. Their first product is potatoes, whereas much else has been produced, like potato chips. They have some small land areas in Mexico, Costa Rica, west middle America, but like the word in greek, "eksoginos", they are located outside of the below earth. The are in the original world species who think in problems without a reason. An example is when in the Atlantic there were scenes of lies of actions of evil and I spoke as to how such was lies making the knowledge of illusion of shame and evil. Though the sun left, and the alien could be thinking he could go there and hide, after the sun left, to the Atlantic, he never did, but sat down and meditated on hell.

Star Wars

Star Wars is a movie about from when the Atlantic drowned, where brown stars lawed by gravity fall of above them in above Middle America, lawed a squirl in Philadelphia to kill the Messiah, the sheep whos path was to destroy the darkness and its elements,' as well the species born by darkness, such as the aliens, the sun and its species and the falling gravity elements like birds, trees, squirl and bring up a pure maya life of blood and light, where the dead would enter into as well such life.

By going into such energies, one would have everything, one would be able to choose whatever one wanted. Though such mostly arised by the stars of the aliens, the sheep would never be allowed by the powers of the ruling black heaven and by so such path, though advanced, was anyway to fail. The toxic energy is the lies, the opposite, the senses, are the more truth, but still maya of fantasy and the control comes from the toxic energy to us all.

After the death, all hell broke loose. Instead of destroying the mountains of evil, the darkness increased and hidden powers of the made x 2 dead sheep, whom from beeng a savour, turned out to become by their killings and laws a devil, known as the Darth Vader. Such went to areas of angels, like USA, middle Europe and Africa, New Zealand and Australia and whom now react back. This is the fear of the movies of Star Wars, the fear of the reactive powers of Darth Vader, whom they though thought thought killed in 1983 movie, but whereas Darth Vader was actually, as the killing was mystic in Atlantic, not even the believed grandson of Darth Vader, whom the true camuflashed Darth Vader is of the brown stars in my form, but was made by the first alien as some form of the alien, the monkey and the fallen first form. They are so degraded psychotic and stupid that they dont understand how their acts dualify and trying to do something will the result they dont want, the result they are afraid of.

The cat in my house is the robot, whom they made a robot and has sex with robots cause of the alien lawing me to give soul to it but thereby as well making me have sexual relation and it is a form of sexual frustration whereas is making the cat as a robot. It killed herself after that act.

The wolf, my neighbour, has 2 forms, one the burned alcoholic and as well one of the main character of Jedi in Star Wars 8 whom now has the power, after massive hell states during meditation have a plan to kill me, to kill me just as Crete is ruling with butchering killings and rape, as is this ages lifestyle. Mystic where c is similar to the throat.

The monkey is Gandhi, whom after his father is killed by Krishna who tries to serve and protect me, he tries to kill him.
They hiddenly bully the website and in the 8th movie they believe so that though somehow without really getting it, that the antipsychotics given are cause of stupidity and by such they deny the aliens judgements that brings forward a unity in me and the universe and with their shamefull lawed passion of honour they claim some easy condition in ones self as well in this death universe of problems laws same and evil. In the scene where they bully me is the resistence team trying to make me show off as angry in their lawed upon by the alien and wolf saying I do the site for CV, work and not cause of true wanting to do so in the past, by such they define me as well as some form of angry animal of no true divinity in religion and thats why the resistence team came, but in the 8th movie was destroyed by drigging the black man. Trying to make Krishna as Vador, trying to copy me the mix of love and knowledge becomes hell, and by such they make a new devil. That was my brother, whom chopped the head of the chicken,following my grandfather, whom then oweed some form of head.

Star Wars is what happens out in the world by the powers of this first planet. UFOs have come more close to the appartment I live after my PC got hacked, sounds of stronger vehicles and a fear of killing me is there, cause of them getting to know things, like that I am the Vador they seek for to destroy... As long as some part of the pure blood and fire is there, the goodness and honour, the black heaven will find its way towards problem, if not soon or now, then later, by the duality of the death. If I continue to be Vador, my life will be feared upon and hated in fear of the killing team and universe getting a reaction. Removing hate, honour, external goodness and reaction of the stars and Gandhis hands there would have been a way.. Water.

In Star Wars 1, the boy whom they say the force is in him, is the actual Vador. The alien type of form, Srila Prabhupada, speaking of the gates of hell to the boy, is forgetting the unity he has with the universe and the actions done to him in the past, how he is reacting back the hatred. The pain seeng the woman, who is unaware of his earlier death killed in the Atlantic making him focus on the heart that drowned, as well the alien hiddenly bullying him claiming that the
boy has no brain,whereas he intakes electricity to regain after probably speech conversation, similar to the Krishna saying that he doesnt like me cause of me having no thoughts. The Phanton Menace, speaking of the ghost who goes to Crete and Chandra and torments the lonely people there, like me giving heartattack from within after my grandfather had sent Srila P. there, causing heartattack, as well reacting back their meat eating. The actual "Vador" in terms of evil, is the one who stabbed in the scene who is the first alien and is attacked by the transformed new Vador who is Krishna and cultivated by an alien in a negative mix of love and knwoledge of light that dualifies the greatest goodness, where the monkey is Gandhi whom continues to follow him and protects him.

It is said that there is a planet looking just like this one by todays scientists. There are actually many planets like ours. The end of the world will most likely happen as it is a law forced upon nature and just as a child inside the womb is sleeping and dreaming in darkness so this world did as well, it gained its birth in darkness and will increase in size by fire cause of food but by steam around during an overall heated form, just like the elders decrease in size, so will the planet decrease. Opposite of cold, rain, fogg and darkness creating the birth and increasing by water food the form is to decrease it and as well is to destroy it with same element. The normal final death is for snakes & spiders to attack, for then to fall and by so the clouds above become rain and drowns the planet. In both christianity and a similar religious movement in India known as the "Hare Krishnas" a belief is there that this world and other material planets will face destruction.  The natural order of a planet like a human is to intake air, become hungry, eat fruits, after increase of heat during pure states and get bitten by snakes or and spiders and by such fall downwards and the steam above turning thereby to water drown the human form and/or planet.

Reason for Kali Yoga, the burning judgements to the planets.

Kali Yoga, the burning and problems. It is all going to a judgement to me, cause I was not the fallen but believed, by the antisocial mayan expressions of stupidity, of impersonalism, non defence, lawed condition and non choosing.

Why is Kali Yoga (the age of problems and burning of planets) present?

Studying with the sheep, me, the sound of laughter, one understands it all. "e". Ke e le? Ke in spanish is what. Le means in norwegian where I live, laughter. It is based, such question, in fear and hate for me laughing knowin the ignorance and lies of the toxicity, like when appearing as dreams, in depthness of night whilest me burning darkness where the burning poison is sent to the clouds above me, where such path would lead to a relaxed state of blood and concentration for all species and more products but in purity and without problems, instead the alien bound by the fallen gravity who gave metal, poison and water to him, believed such high mayan satte was shame and anger scenes. Trying ot understand such state now is very difficult, as now I am demonized and have been billions of years.. The alien who makes me suck his dick, a female spirit, is in psychotic schizophrenic conditions. Fear of to be laughed at, fear of beeng hated in words and expressions in simple gatherings. Such causes anger and frustration, belief of a demon, and the reaction is problems to the world. Towns having such beliefs are "Oslo" and "Heraklion", in Crete and Norway. First gravity hated void night, the most depth night, cause it got sent down and degraded and hated, I was during that hate afterwards born, cause duality came and I became the best in maya, but still not an angel. So as there are dualities, I expressed when I was stone and water made by the fallen gravity, by reactive law anger and degradation to the gravity falling rocks and water, then laughed as opposite in more divinity. My father was with me and Christ once, when I was severe psychotic, and my father, who was socially afraid in earlier years, of going to the cafeteria in Chandra, by my grandfathers fear, had actually lawed by beeng lawed by my grandfather within, lawed Christ, to say to him in the weird angry and afraid law energies, "Dont bully". Before that I was made as a degrader and evil person by Srila P. who purified me in school, where one reason was the gravity fall, similar to trees, gave stool and water to the alien, my grandfather, whom sent this upwards and the fallen energy sent it to Srila P., a ghost pig, for then to be lawed to purify me in beliefs of me beeng a degrader and evil during though more pure states. But today that earlier light and fire is almost lost, what remains is 5% or so.

The fire burnings is rooted in the alien, my grandfather, where he has given food to purify and increase fire in judgements. During the second maya, of trying to burn and destroy the death black impersonal heaven by drawings, my grandfather judged me in this form:

+ + + + + + + + + +
+ + + + + + + + + +

The down 0 was my fire and personality, but was little, the above 0 was the light used as I didnt steal to draw the movies. My grandfather thought that I was non friendly as my fire was less, but as i am opposite of this maya, I would increase massive in fire, as here the path is half sea half darkness over the whole space. To be VERY friendly in maya when poison and excessive laws are here is to be stupid, as such increases sensitivty and so during if problems come one gains more problem in ones state. It was all a law anyway so not the Aliens fault, not my grandpapas fault, but such is maya.

That is why it burns, as to show the need of fire and to judge me. The Alien looked at my drawings but thought in schizophrenia that the black heaven was as well mine, though not, and had intelligence of dreams and became angry, for so many years. I heard my grandpapa, Ioannis Harkiolakis, say to me once in telepathy, "Watch out for the lights.." in greek. When I was a child. The Alien during the burning of planets, a path leading to hell, cold sour sea blowing of air of degradations and massive cancer energy, where maya appears as living but isnt, is thinking that if I was more friend he would not be bound. So he punishes by burning the planets. Defence is impossible. Whatever one does in fear or sorrow contradicts. As well in bone energy, toxic. Welcome to hell.

There will be a time when we will need to leave from this place as the heat will make it intolerable, at least such is the natural order of such planets we live in, hopefully my article will help doing just that as this could very much be the future of space travel. We could as well send out some lava to the sea, as lava increases by food production, to balance the earth. Eventually lava after increase will come out from the underground and burn the planet. We could as well get hold of some gold, (see: article, Treasure hunting maps) and send it to the Atlantic ocean where it is cold to balance the earths temperature from global heating.  The planet where aliens live is not so far as we believe. Since aliens can live in our planet according to observations from pictures and videos we must assume they are from the same galaxy with similar, maybe not all, but mostly similar laws. The sun and moon are the planets eyes, the pigs the heart, the earth the stool, magma the digestive acid, lava the blood. So, the aliens must reside in a place called neurotransmitters, it is behind the eyes, back of the mind, it is where thoughts are sent and realized. Also known as the place in the body of intelligence. One galaxy, one body. In a true story movie named "Fire in the sky" the person who experienced an abduction remembered that there was slime in the ufo, the brain as you probably know is also filled with slime similar elements. The brain is grey, did you know that the typical alien colour stated by persons who have come in contact with them of an alien is grey? The suns original place was between South America and Australia - and the moon between North America and England (see: Sun/South - Moon/unconcentrated/darkness/west), if the moon was not positioned originally in North America/West Northpole then it would have been in the sunny south and that is impossible. Accoring to the bible it says that the world, when people inhabited it, physical beengs, one should assume, the world was divided in darkness and light. .

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So, by positioning the sun looking from between South America and Africa towards Africa and the moon looking between North America and England towards Asia we draw a line towards the center in the middle of the sun and moon and we multiply about 5 x times (in our body according to my calculations the nervetransmitters are 5 eyes from the front eyes) the suns quantum and in the end of this measurement the planet of the aliens is located.Once in a story a woman abducted hurted under an operation, as soon as the aliens found out they seduced her with painkilling substances.

Aliens do have eyes. They observe the heavens, many things that happen in this world happens too in the heavens. 

Crete rules, bound by Mexico and Costa Rica areas similar to alien species, with psychotic states, after India, where they offer meat for me to live, but do it wrong. Just as they offer foods, like fruits as well, soda pops, candies, like in nature with the trees and plants in their spiritual duality as meat is opposite of the fruits. When they offer soda pops and fruits and natural stuff, they hate and degrade my form, the sheep form, though dead, by their belief that I am still around after they killed me. In christian scriptures, they say that the evil doers are doing one thing for themselves but dont allow others to do the same. They have more powers than nature, as this blakc universe is shame and evil and so those who copy from the first are more shame but in this maya more worshipped. They themselves try to perform suicide. They think now they as well are good and they hate others externally. It is all about rape and butcher, that is the root of these universal scenes, as the last scene is the truth in maya. Though there is a deeper root, we can never find sleep in this maya totally, thereby judging the first root is not so clever. Such root of the roots is the burning diarria, opposite of air, mixed with gold toxic energies, as his opposite, the praise of the fallen, praising herself in diseased condition of self blame states, meaning feeling blamed of beeng shame and evil, where who is impossible by the powers of the dark heaven above her to look at that voidnesss of the core of the source, as we all as well are lawed, either by others, or by the spirit within. Nobody wants to be manifested, so we are all lawed, neither do we have the desire to have the black energy even as void itself.

Before in nature they judged me hiddenly, raped, meaning degraded, defended and hated me, this me during sleep, where I was made as opposite of the hate of the fallen and was the highest. The fallen judged a piece of heaven below her, to not himself be condemned, made the alien unchosenly to blame me and others for his negative form, his form was a falling mountain in gravity that crashed and expressed the fantasy elements, and us as well.

They offered fruits and all sorts when I was in sleep, to purify me from beliefs of that I laughed as impure and degraded, as well beleifs of that I was the nothing heaven, that made the gravity into a mountain, though me knowing the evil and shame of the impersonal spirit of toxic, the previous eternal black heaven, I understood the depthness of confusion and non chosing of act in a state of goodness and happy condition and by such burned away the darkness towards the path of pure senses.

Crete enters within, pressures me to express, in their mixed condition of guiltiness and shame and fake divinity, whereas was the island after India, where India tried to kill me, whom had the most powers. By them intaking meat to die, they pressure me by spiritual duality into a massive stressing state of false life and painfull concentration, where the duality of their angry acts is making me want to live and not them to die. This scene is the 2 x scene, where they instead of raping degrading and hating me in a more detached conditon, they hate me in form. In a belief of form, whereas the current form believed still to be the dark sheep of evil, is their own form, a mix of alien, squirl and the fallen energy.

The aliens can not understand this, as they are demoniac. Following diarria, where opposite is wind, their life is filled with worries and shame and as demons they can not advance into a life of knowledge, a life of positivity and honour. In nature the fallen ruled more, now in this hellish planet, the aliens rule, where the last scene is the first in maya and so the aliens are the strongest of them all. Fear of the best light and fire, bound by the fallens self blame, they become butchers and rapers within and express this as well outwards. It is the cause of destruction of planets, the belief of the need to purify me.

As such species though are antisocial, the main root of their self is suicide. Me knowing the impossible eternity of the void black heaven state, as well knowing that thereby the senses are best, me beeng opposite of the demons, 99% of all species are demons (the outcomes of the births are demoniac as even sesnes would have unique form the form is dead), except me, the Moon and Shivaya, means thereby that the demons think they can die, that they can dissapear and by eating meat in their schizo states, killing it, they perform a desire of suicide. In belief of that of that the evil wins though lawed by the evil, doing it all wrong, judging in belief the previous life of me and not the darkness powers of evil that rules us into misery they think they are more clever than me..

My path now is rape, butchers, and opposite scenes. Like when I was C.C is similar to now, then after 1977 I was raped and thrown to the trash by the alien, my grandfather who entered my father, and whom actually, not knowing, by demonic possession done to me, raped himself.

The aliens who made the wolfs, always dwelving in ignorance, in their schizo states, never really getting the black heaven as source, they eat and sit and the first problem in this nature, was that when the sun was towards of to leave and go to the lands of Africa, the aliens and wolfs
never went out to see the higher life of the sheep, the laughter, the knowledge of ignorance where if they were allowed we would live all in the better place ever, and by such they continued to dwelve in states of hell making us today as some form of negative species going around
always beeng in some form of negative state of emotions and mind.

Such was law, but the weird thing is how they though making me a demon, dont give money, dont give gold. Such is beyond hell, such is a step of the second hellish planets. It is rooted in where they say that I am not a friendly beeng, not knowing my changed faces at all and
how I am possessed by antisocial evil powers and where I carry the evil of the million ages before universe of bullying and hatred to me, as well the hidden, in this "awakened age". "Following blind leaders.", Alien, lawing Christ

Before they judged in truth, now they judge in lies, beliefs of that I am still me, though they were wrong in both.

They are today psychotic in sleep, whilest in actions not in the self mirror awareness of the doers of their labours. They all hate and degrade, without knowing it, like not knowing meat eating is bad, not knowing rape is bad, not knowing fences are bad.

Though most believe aliens are smart and animals not, my knowledge of the sheep, by the sound "e", one can understand almost all of the past words meanings, does not mean they are true and correct, but at least the words meaning, by adding "e" in each word. Example: "Gravity", with "e", my expression as sheep without "B" and "H" that are material sounds, it becomes "Gere ve e te" ( ve in danish: what (is), e in norwegian means "is" and te means air, tea, whereas air sends down species by wind for the the fruit to uplift one in concentration) Beware though that such knowledge increases toxic attack. One can as well understand ancient words by seeng the last letter beeng close to each ghostly and angels nature. As snakes are the last attack of death, last expression, so one can understand that the last letter in a word is more truth to its origin. Examples: "The demons do everything wrong.." G is of the squirl having powers of metals and spider snake tongue of control forces, so one needs to understand some basics, written of below. Do, the o is the wolf, as well duality "i". In greek "i" is used to judge.. Where "O" is used to worship. "The demons will live in Me" meaning eating the demons as well.. Where "e" is sounded like "i" like observing society always eating. Thereby to "do". When it is words from angels the first letters are more truth.. Also a basic of norwegian and greek and english is needed.

G = metal, squirl, Gandhi
O, i = wolf
E = sheep
M = moon
L = alien
D, th = bird, magnetism, leafs, wind.
S = snake, muslims, afghanistan areas.
Ch = spider

Main summary:

The alien planet is within the galactical body, as the galaxy has the same elements as the human body, (see: moon and sun are the eyes, stone is bone, lava blood and so on) that has a brain and electrical impulses in the neurotransmitters. In our body the intelligence we use is food. When it comes a lightning, then rain comes and the galaxy thunders through her digestive system.

Orignally the sun sets from near Australia and the moon is in the cold places of the north. Thereby the alien residence is in the middle of America, in the heaven.In the movie: "Fire in the sky" the abducted person spoke of slime and the brain indeed has slime where it is grey, a colour seen by people who have seen them.

To be able to enter the alien planet will increase the duration of our human life during the end of the world, that will come with fire, hiddenly, from the earths below. Aliens can as well drill some of the mountains sourounding them and enter into other galaxies in the open universe.

There is another way to come out. As the moon and sun are the planets eyes, the mountains the bones, the lava the blood.. We can draw a similarity with our body and the galactical planet. So there has to be a way out, naturally. As we are inside we are like children inside the womb of our mother.Thereby as one could live longer before, , by following the natural order one could come out of a hole in Asia.

Asia actually means "Resurrection". "To come back to life." Note the word; "Back". For the curse of us were from out, for more see this article of the path of the paradise. In the middle Asia there are close to 2 big tall mountains with a V shape a place so muddy and grose that few have gone there.. The place smells really bad and the road is like walking on mud. There is some sort of tounel there where if followed all the way out can actually make us go out of this planet where same species only less concentrated and bigger in quantum are there and have better lifes, than at least our age. The food is as well much bigger. There were known in the bible that there were some superlarge men, those suddenly dissapeared... Now the path to go out there naturally is gone, but one could come out as a small child.

Making a UFO. Combining elements in the moon.
(Doing it in a present way of surrendering of the life energies & within fantasy elements)

A star is not unified, instead it is different categories of elements in the moon.. A star laws, binds.. So if one unifies the elements in the moon instead one can make a transport vehicle to escape.. Metal can be combined, heated as the object/form of the UFO. Electricity can be made by steam,known as electrolyse, as there is steam everywhere in the universe a better way of fuel can be used by electricity. Darkness contains gravity whereas darkness is a non existent and binding energy, and by so, using puere fire without toxic or gass energy neither mixed with steam, one can get the vehicle lifted without too much energy.. Having magnetism in form of a magnet to control the vehicle from above can be easier to rotate the vehicle..