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Magical powers. True magical stories

Below are some magical stories taken from real life. Most are horror stories containing magical powers but there are different.. Some don't believe in such as magic and dark powers but reading below can open your mind when it comes to such as powers of magic..

magical power stories, story magic power, stories about magic powers, unatural stories, weird stories horror, horror magic stories, real life true stories, real life storiesA magic act can be done when dualifying the supersoul when inside ones self, sensing stone and water energy in excess, in more quantity than ones own form, one can think what one wants to, picture this but opposite of ones desire to the stone and water energy of the supersoul, (moon) and one has 50% 50% chance of getting ones desire fulfilled. The same can be done with ones own lefts eye, fantasy but there is more power in the supersoul.

I saw an african and i felt and thought fear of beeng evil and i thought she would fall walking with her baby up the road..She fell, but not the baby, she could have fallen backwards with the baby carriage and so make the baby jump meters into the ground and so become broken in bones and attain a painfull landing.

The first magician in the univere.. Psychiatric magic powers.

I stole some equipement they used from before in Ireland, some form of group there doing as well paranormal activity and healing, where Skien psychiatry had as well this, I took this from Skien psychiatry, and now they have locked the door.

I had it above my closet and after I tried to find it back I couldnt, they were lost. As if taken by my own hands by them within in some form of voodo needle flesh toxic ghost thing. I spoke to some tourists about this, how they used to cut body and girl organs and transform their sexuality. Suddenly, where I was in Crete, a person looking very strange appeared in the airport, downward in spine, looking like Minotaurus.. Strange back downwards and face and all. I didnt get the chance to take the photoe..

Powers of magnetism, Abdi behind the Farmakio, sent the metal motorcycle of Giannis, a past bartender friend down so he fell and he died. He, the nurse Abdi, has powers of magnetism and controls metals, now he gave me an appartment with the room named "D". Around that psychiatry similar store, close to my house, where I sensed massive poison attack and the camera increased in speed, is similar to stones falling downwards like when Abdi fell downwards. Around such farmakio store, I was defined as the lowest by the churches and lawed to be upwards though such resulted to massive cancer pain and shamefull form in my back. The fall of Abdi was behind the store, around where the school was and the stones fell forward in ashes towards my house..

I was off from a mental hospital and I heard a voice of Christ saying: "You dont know how easy I make him fall.." I walked later and in Skien at a bar tavern place a boy fell after I had heard the voice..


I had contact with a ghost, a white wildpig, modern chinese.. Such ghost, (see article and picture: Do ghosts exist?) he tends through me to kill people with bikes.. I released all the degradations of impurity in me, gained from him, as he is the water ghost, when I was in a mental hospital in Porsgrunn and I went down to take a smoke.. I saw then a child with a bike going fast down the hill for then to fall and crash..

I had a dream were I was outdoors playing. Suddenly I was sent to a hospital, they opened up my belly with a round circle in the hole where water came out. I woke up, feeling releaf and good. I asked my mother about this type of operations and she said they are done cause when one might have loung cancer (I smoke a lot, been smoking since 20 years now) the body does not remove the water from the body and such operations are done sometimes. Angels in visit!

I was in Skien psychiatry and as I hate them for saying I am sick and binding me in there for sometimes months, and as I respect the gambling industry I during some days, about 10 times, went to patients and nurses asking them what the type of card I would pick would be. About a total of 50 cards where i picked one.. I had no idea, flipped the cards and 80% of my predictions, about 25 times, were correct..

Also one time at a casino Golden Tiger, online, I heard a voice that I would get the money from him and I did not understand, I was playing at an Asian casino game, but later during my play I was given 90$ first about, then 80$ and more, totally $600 without any notice or chat persons saying about it..

I went outdoors talked to the moon and what I tried angels, about the past and what happend, though bringing up a negative theme about death and life, without knowing too much, that I now have written in detail, (see: The story of the universe ) and as during talk I saw a vision of a black horse, Shiva, suddenly I heard a hard noise as if the moon came out in thunder.. I got a bit afraid and suddenly small wolf a like creatures came and I got freaked and walked away..

I had a contact with Srila P. who became spiritualist and was into religion, during in Skien in a mental hospital and during my drawings I heard him say that I should be a mystic. Meaning to not express drawings or whatever I thought. I when came back to my appartment in Bø put up some drawings I made in the hospital and during that I lost a metal pin to put drawings in my coffee but I was lucky knowing of it... If not I could have gotten the piece of metal in my throat and chocked to death..

I was in psychiatry and we went to see some horses.. Some say that a self realized beeng sees all as friends, horses are of Krishna whom lawed cause of having a lot of metal inside his white form, is cutting.. (Krishna, Norway, "Ne er we e" meaning: down is what? e, e beeng me) believes of me, the sheep, to be a fallen in unity of the birds, a binder, a fallen, a raper and they tried to put a helmet on me. I did not want to ride the horse and laterwards I, looking at the field, appeared as if becoming lobotomized by knifes, but in a massive state of pain..

I was sitting in a room of a friend Manos B., a friend of his came and I suddenly had problems with my eye, it was in pain, just as he came in he said he had same problem. We went to a hotel and I still suffered. Manos Bilanis said then, after discussing the eye problem, that he could fix it, seconds later he said: "Do you believe in Christ?" I replied yes and at that moment on I was not in pain with my eye

I spoke to my family members about ghost spirits who previous were animals, the religious, yeah, Christ, Srila Prabhupada and Krishna. I spoke of trying to remove my sins of impure sexual life and that I was influenced in telepathy of sexual contact to a strong degree by Christ. I believe I spoke good, I was in a flow and did not even take one sip of the beer. Right before leaving a song came in the restaurant, " ΧΑΡΗΣ & ΠΑΝΟΣ ΚΑΤΣΙΜΙΧΑΣ - Ποιος τη ζωή μου " The song is not typical greek, as greek songs are more of romance and such, this song speaks of who in my life is destroying for me , for more see this personal article, and I believe this was ruled by Christ as he said that the best children express what they have within them.

I was in school with Srila Prabhuphad (who said: "Whoever is Krishna conscious or have devotees around him is very lucky) where I got help to get good grades and wrote one afternoon as I did not do homeworks so much and wrote: "Sick" in greek. Later in school one day the teacher asked me to write the word in front of the students.. Too much of a coincidence..."

I sent negative vibes to the moon and it suddenly came up, appeared in the heavens..

I went in Crete in my neighbourhood and I saw a chicken running fast leaving the farm of where he would have become slaughtered. The chicken managed to escape from the evil of the butchers.. This magic trick though was done through Krishna for he telepathized to me and said; "Do chickens smell bad?"I replied and said nobody chooses to be impure, the nature of the chickens are cold and externally they smell good but when heated by dualified element, they smell. I then got a karmic reaction and the chicken was as an image for a gambling game where she in the bonus rounds tried to enter a store by passing through the road and one had to press the button correct so that the chicken did not get run over by a car. The slot game is allowing gamblers to use their skills, so the bonus rounds can be won all the time. "Greed is the gate to hell" - Gita, Krishna. I remember thinking problems of how it would ever survive alone there in the now demonized world so it is connected with the bonus round.

I played pool and I had a bad result of the game. It was, the black ball, close to the edge of the hole, about 2 centimeters, I needed to get the black ball to another hole. I shot from the other side and managed to lift the ball to the corner edge as planned and it bounced back to the black ball and so then it allowed me to shoot in correctly in the right hole. This happend 3 times, 2 times in psychiatry, right after the other. Makes you question what insanity and what logic is...

I talked to a nurse greek language without knowing her, though her beeng brown, she was unknown to me and i know many asian brown people there.. She replied in..greek. Greek is a very difficult language, she had been living there about 15 years when more elderly, something that is even more difficult. Makes one question about logic and insanity..

I heard a voice of Christ saying "I will give you it by myself." I thought money without hearing it. Then I played half year or so afterwards on Golden Tiger and got money in my account without depositing, i deposited once and then lost and had my account filled. I lost but was strange magic. The game was as well about building castles in Asia where Christ lived in Jerusalem.

I was in psychiatry and thought of a person from Africa who was a nazi and made a book named: "Papalagi" where he as a christian zombie talked like Jesus. Books I've read I have had contact with in some parapsychological states, from before I knew of the books, this has happend sometimes. He said that "people loose their happiness and interest of girls when they make money." I made when a child a kiosk in Crete and there I sensed antipsychotic emotion in the heavens. Antipsychotics actually decrease happiness. I conquered the demonization cause I realized I was controlled and I did not do anything, meaning I did not work for the money by own choosment. Not only did I ask my father if I should do it, but I also saw a white ghost lawing to not work for money before and by the fantasy of law it dualifies. Afterwards as I removed the curse, a nurse went to the washing room and I sensed a thought of: "Oh no not him again" (note: dishonour is in the state of sexual energy, a beautifull girl comes and dishonours you, by you using opposite psychology of your wishes you're in! Just check if she is a bit physical, if so he might be demonized,if she is an old western or asian styled you should really considering tricking her) and I heard her masturbating with excitement. I think as when I conquered that he owed me some sex scenes. I was happy and content.