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Do ghosts exist? What are ghosts? 

Westerns were the last beengs to believe in ghosts and many still dont believe, in Asia many religions spoke of ghosts and in Africa an old culture of ghosts existed in the form of zombifications..

All lawed meaning all species are in the family of ghosts actually, though some define physical as something they see, all are mixed and lawed and/or thereby there can't be a physical beeng as if so physical would mean to be a mix of different fantasy elements or beeng against ones will.

Crete has a lot of power domination, especially in the past, through the alien lawing a squirl who laws the african and cow race to send dreaming vision laws to the universe. Crete is the opposite of India, where the culture is meat and food. Norway has as well a lot of power, as the fallen first gravity is there, in Norway working as a nurse and the Mexico areas and Costa Rica, alien lands, as well have a lot of power, most of them all, beeng up whereas their planet is above America, ruling with stars. Mexico Costa Rica people, humans, are close to the alien forms, who are poison forms of false light. When it comes to who is who according to countries and continents, here is some anthropology information.

North west americans (ancient originals) are in family of fishes, trees, plants and such. Suffer mostly from social phobia & psychotic disorder given by gravity who lawed the aliens to give the moon race such.. Powers are: Dark matter sent downwards, difficult to manage. Are ghostly blood light.. Are more of divine race.

Scandinavians (ancient originals) lined are in the family of demoniac alien outcomes, that is horses, their disease is psychosis, in Africa and New Zealand schizophrenia and when bound by the alien race, a bit psychotic states, and their powers are visions, dreams, by eyes that send as well people down by gravity.. Scandinavians and the early north Russia are poison forms, false light. Africa New Zealand and Australia are more of divine race.


Middle Europe (ancient originals) consists of cow humans, north is more flesh, whilest down is more ghostly. Powers are air, wind. Psychotic disorder.

Kazakhstan (ancient originals) area is of mushroom race and powers are more of foggy, non easily detected. Psychotic illness. As well brown snake forms, more below the earth surface, such struggle with schizophrenia.. Are more of divine race, the snakes that is. Spiders are in demoniac condition. Kazakhstan are poison forms, false light.

The Atlantic is of sheep humans and pig humans, (ancient originals) but now mostly drowned, whilest some of it can be found in areas of Ireland Greenpole and Great Brittain. Manic depression disorder. Ghostly, whilest pig is half ghostly darkness and water and half ghostly blood and light.. The lower part of Atlanta, white wildpigs and white sheeps are in the category of demons, though somehow mixed in one by the white races psychotic state, both north and south. Are more of divine race. The lower Atlantic part with white wildpig and white sheep are poison forms.

South americans (ancient originals) consists more of bird humans and wolf humans with powers in voice and speech, where words can manifest in reality. Squirl: Schizophrenic disorder and are of lawed as all mentioned impersonally thereby form where the squirl is demoniac, whilest wolfs psychotic in Middle America and Caribbean demoniac, as well birds and trees in south America are schizophrenic. Are poison forms.

Wolfs (poison forms), dogs (poison forms), chickens, horses, are ghostly alien blood and light in demoniac nature. Fishes, cats, lions, tigers and plants & trees are in family of the lawed Moon of the fire and blood of divinity. Pigs except the first are outcomes of the wolf and are half ghosts of darkness half ghosts of blood and light but some parts of the pig is divine.

There are no physicals in this universe as all ghostly and today there is not even the fantasy physicals. The first sense beengs can be named as 100%, the rest are outcomes and thereby less of divinity and honour of the senses.