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Do ghosts exist? What are ghosts? 

Westerns were the last beengs to believe in ghosts and many still dont believe, in Asia many religions spoke of ghosts and in Africa an old culture of ghosts existed in the form of zombifications..

All lawed species are in the family of ghosts actually, thoug some define physical as something they see, all are mixed and lawed and thereby there can't be a physical beeng as if so physical would mean to be a mix of different fantasy elements.

When it comes to who is who according to countries and continents, here is some anthropology information.

North west americans are in family of fishes, trees, plants and such. Suffer mostly from social phobia & psychotic disorder.. Powers are: Dark matter sent downwards, difficult to manage.

Scandinavians & Russians, as well African New Zealand lined are in the family of horses, their disease is schizophrenia in Africa and scandinavians & russians a bit psychotic states, and their powers are visions, dreams, by eyes that send as well people down by gravity..


Middle Europe consists of cow humans, north is more flesh, whilest down is more ghostly. Powers are air, wind. Psychotic disorder.

Kazakhstan area is of mushroom race and powers are more of foggy, non easily detected. Psychotic illness. As well brown snake forms, more below the earth surface, such struggle with schizophrenia..

The Atlantic is of sheep humans and pig humans, but now mostly drowned, whilest some of it can be found in areas of Ireland Greenpole and Great Brittain. Manic depression disorder.

South americans consists more of bird humans and wolf humans with powers in voice and speech, where words can manifest in reality. Bird & squirl: Schizophrenic disorder whilest wolf psychotic.

Squirls, wolfs, dogs, chickens, birds, horses, are ghosts by the alien. Fishes, cats, lions, tigers and plants & trees are in family of the lawed Moon lawed by the alien. Pigs are outcomes of the wolf.


The only physicals I know of is the Moon, alien and me, the sheep. Others may have come afterwards and if so are mixed in life with different mayan energies, after the birth of this black universe.

Below are some pictures, ghostly images and simple info on ghost conditions..

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Ghost qualities:
* Like the camuflashed lions who sleep almost out all their days.
* Like the camuflashed snakes who are unseenable just as white colour is unseenable in the ice world of snow. 
* Like the secluded elephants who are originally from the desserts, who do not interact with humans, with their nose that is sharpening in the end and long.
* Like the camuflashed spiders who make nests and control beengs (see: slavery)
* Like the camuflashed aggressive tigers that if approached results in violence.
* Like the camuflashed trees cause of the branches making shadows, destroying grass, making brown earth - and gravity making the africans look downwards - who are false expressing goodness but for the purpose of detaching ones self from social affairs.
* Same as the arboreous hidden in the trees monkeys who are known as pranksters. 
* Like the moonflower that is awake during night and dies during day cause of toxic consumption, hidden black matter, like westerns who use drugs more.
* Same as the mushrooms who are symbol of a penis, for this see polygami and overpopulation. 
* Increased bone density as the mountains are more in quantity in the north. (

Ghost qualities:
* Not honouring in social relations but instead dishonourers if found to be in a wrong scene, meaning together with others. n.

Krishna said: "Whatever you think at the time of death that you will become." They entered the path of the ghosts, inactivity, antisocialism and unsensual gratification. That is why we can see images in ghosts, let's say a person thinks he is the body, then when the ghost is photosynthesized (like when we can see the moon) the image of the mind is shown and the ghost is recognized by his friends and relatives.