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Healthy yoga

Last updated: 02.01.2017

About the bodily organs, automatical movement as some form of law, that increases eventually sickness and death. Diseases are antisocial and happen to different people and beengs who have nothing to do with such diseases by their own. When the definition "original" and "modern" types of bodies come, as written of below, the meaning Read about general patterns of diseases. All from compulsive disorder, cancer, magnetic fields in the body, COPD and more on this healthy yoga article..of original bodies mean bodies that are more close to the original nature, sleeping more during winter, awake during summer, eating less, more active and such, whereas the modern are more opposite and closer to todays lifestyle. Trying to heal results to opposite results, as healing is based in fantasy, fear and sorrow. A (happy) surrenderring to the more unknown desires of the elements creating diseases instead, something done by physical species, is a better way of healing. Those lacking balance, instead excessive sense activity increase fantasy domination, leading thereby to problems.. In and out. Body and universally.

Worldly organ diseases.

Eating "animal" meat increases risk of organ diseases. Eating pigs, that is the natures heart, increases chances of gaining reaction by magnetism and&or star/braincell laws of where the eater looses his/her own heart as well, or becomes diseased. Sheep meat, that is the loung, does the same, as well as with cow meat, that is the belly area organs, fish is closer to the eye. Chicken meat can increase leg problems and give a form of depression and slow movement.

Food interests are mostly built up on how a child is tought from the beginning. With hunger emotion, a child can eat everything from nuts, fruits, water. Before vegetables were accepted and could increase health in some areas, but today vegetables should be less concumed, like salad and tea. In the ancient days, food was only eaten during half if the year, during summer, the rest of the year sleep was there. Such lifestyle we have today decreases strength and sleep depth.

An example is my grandfather Ioannis Harkiolakis, from Chandra, Crete, originally alien above in the heavens above America, was sick of eating pig and goat, got problem in heart and loung by reaction.

Sex, spiders and snakes.

Sometimes the first alient ries to cultivate me lawing me to not be a hore though me wasnt, by such judgement he makes me as one and I enter into spiders and cancer. Other times he in fear in psychosis rapes and as well sends spiders and snakes in and out making me filled with pain.

Terrorism in ones body & world.
After eating, if one is unlucky to not smell bad hiddenly inwards, as food is part of a bad smell effect, fantasy becomes strong and attacks the body in illusion. First air, then food then attacks, is the natural order. Either poison cells or other elements coming for ones behind. Same can be said about the external world with terrorist groups. Hiding food, not beeng afraid like as during compulsive disorder, attack chance risks increase. Kebab was eaten from ancient times, like lamb eating, but today there is excessive eating and such has resulted to increase of mental activity of telepathy, aggitating the brain by this ages sheeps concentrated existence where the toxic energy attacks the life force to sleep, but ends up with pain, like headache.

Smoking and COPD.

Smoking can lead to COPD. It is a disease making it hard to breath, and comes from when smokers burn by smoking the hairs of the loungs and so decrease the wave mechanism that the airs increase. By so more smoke goes to the loungs and less air is in breathing. My grandfather got COPD cause of not wanting to follow this age sheep life, that though cant be planned, and so by trying to step away from such path and to not suffer of smoke he got COPD, by thought dualifying his desire. He smoked only 20 or so years.

Smoke, neurons and white braincells that are afraid makes smoke effect worse.

Stroke problems
Modern is first attack with poison from the neurons and brown braincells, then sexual releasing energy from the neurons and braincells.. During when such attacking energies have some form of whitered (pink) mixed blood and having no psychotic or schizophrenic conditions..

Psychotic states in neurons and middle throat during the old pattern of diseases..for then schizophrenic during the stroke itself, cause of selfblame in earlier sexual eleases from braincells and neurons cause of excessive purity in the diseased person, as well beeng the cause of sexual release from the attacking energies..

Hair as well giving problems..


Heart, old pattern, right loung by order of the neurons and braincells, giving problem sending left heart to left loung and by unity of such, blood and poison outside the loung heartattack risk increase. Root though is neurons before that whereas in psychotic states increasing impure blood in body where first intaking blood from the left loung, for then by creation in such way of the nose.


Neurons and braincells intaking blood from right loung, for then mixing it and sending the blood , nose organ, to left loung, such pink blood creates parkinson cause of the psychotic states during the neurons and braincells intaking the blood of the left loung organ, seen from ones own view.

Stomach, general.

Belly area suffering from depression and fear, modern type, by such decreases strength in organs. Binding in speech social phobia makes blood watered in belly, bound by neuron and braincells.

Telepathy, voice hearing:

In original bodies. After movement of legs, sexual lust increases a time afterwards that, the area of the belly becomes tense and afraid of small water/sperm drop sounds and of bones against bones sounds and voice hearing becomes present.

This increases depression and as well a more breathing outwards.

Magnetic fields in the body:

Original type of bodies have magnetic fields in the right throat area, seen from ones own view. Modern types have in the area mostly of the right leg. Cold increases magnetic powers whilest heat decreases, whereas magnet tends to lead to actions of the body that are defined as negative as well as personally more of non-controlled. Food increases magnetic power as there are metal a like elements in food that magnetism uses to control.

Gravity, eye vision power, nightmares and headache:

Right leg (seen from ones own view) during movement has a power that after a unity in blood with the left loung, for original bodies, nightmares increase, headache and bending of form, from the spine. Spine cancer, loung cancer can arise from such.. Such is in original type of bodies. Memory, rememberence lies in the toes, coldness increases such type of rememberence that tends to be negative.

Cancer generally, braincancer and brain cells of poison.

Increase of braincells are there during a more desired lifestyle of awakening, that leads usually cause of toxic domination, towards sleep, increases poisonous braincells, as sleep increase brain cells in the brain. During heated areas of the brain, by for example food intake, those poisonous brain cells attack such heated areas, especially when such areas are not toxic themselves, or at least lack more of toxicity. The right loung as well contains tensity to that amount and strength that it can increase the opposite of during when ones fears arise, manifest it, physically.

Compulsive disorder

After the breathing outwards, eating and depression arising, the loungs are given most of the air and during such compulsive disorders might arise in a body of an awakened mind... Such disorders increase as well more with fruits of strawberries and cherries during excessive breathing from before.. Time of fruits given, especially strawberries, carrots and cherries is when breathing laws comes first during inactive states where the organs especially the left loung from your own self mirror, is more on the upwards..

Schizophrenia, emotional problems, cancer, heartattack & metal production:

Braincells attack to sleep cause of too much awakening and too much positive concentration.. Either in the eyes or thoughts or energy in the brain.. Left eye planning cancer in future cause of belief of knowing what will happen basing it on past.

During after the breating outwards (see: Telepathy, voice earing) the left loung (seen from ones own view) beeng active the right loung becomes tense and increases heat, when the heart moves more to the left, sent to the left loung area and heartattack increases in risk, as well metals in the body increases after such time. A less of a coincidentual personality identification during such times increases right loungs toxicity and heat increasement. Food like kebab, lamb, and such during modern, meaning opposite of such connection with the bodily organs, has developed a more tense and anxietified mentality, in thoughts and emotional thinking..

When as well the right leg moves more backward, or by turning backwards, the schizophrenic disorder is more common. Most of the root of schizophrenia is in the right leg, asshole, left throat area, the behind and originating in the neurotransmitters.

Antipsychotic drug named Zyprexa contains air element whilest Trilafon creates the patient a pig.

Arsenic risk fo poisoning.

The nazies used arsenic as hidden warfare, mostly given to humans who have pure blood and high awareness and concentration and are positive, this age is the second hidden nazie war time, where lands having problems with terrorism are lands who went against the germans. Internally as within what happens happens also out, is when the pure blood is sent to areas of right belly, seen from ones own view, where such suffers from psychotic states, as well areas of left throat, by such metal poisoning is given to the body.

Yoga, detecting the source problem energies.

Originally, from ancient times, the problems appear on above the head, where such that is the hair, sends toxic and water energy to the neurontransmitters, something that causes them to be psychotic and schizophrenic. The hairs have problems with beeng able to focus above themselves and detach from attacking other parts of the body. During awakened positive state, the braincells in unity with the neurontransmitters are attacking pure blood and pure light to sleep in belief of that the toxic braincells have better sleep than the concentrated energies. The neurontransmitters and braincells are afraid of the left loung, seen from ones own view and gives a lot of anxiety to such organ.

In these modern times, the areas of the left throat seen from ones own view, is increasing speed and anxiety, following negative states of braincells and neurontransmitters, as well the area of the belly, in the lowest part on the right side from ones own view, is as well increasing problems, especially psychotic states and negative thoughts & visions and cancer can come from such area, toxic cells.

The right throat from ones own view, is creating a lot of gravity in the body, beeng controlled by hair above the head, and by such one becomes more heavy, and more filled with poison, as well concepts of a lowered self in one.

Some words about my own condiiton and my own health.

Grandpapa in impersonal and no defence ability form is sour, he has given me his DNA and he is an alien so made me sour too.

Tobacco is sour, originates of opposite of zyprexa by the lawed Abdi nurse of no possibility of defence, so lawed by Abdi, the brown similar tree, I smoke tobacco and it is making me sour.

Scandinavia has from ancient years sent me to areas of Asia, snakes, as well the planets of the super huge snakes, within me, the last part, cause of having honour whilest the horses and chickens mistake it as degradation. This lives in me in the subtle memory. Birds and trees have the power to send me downwards, making me filled with shit, gravity. Aliens, neurontransmitters by faith in antisocial condition, even as demons, have this faith that I made the black heaven and so by faith manage to make me filthy. I was lifted in the churches in Crete, believed by them to have been the fallen, and so by them "helping" I became more downwards and more shitty. After the killing to me in Atlantic, I became a burning toxic zombie. I am constantly bombed within by the south America, North east America, Philadelphia areas and fallen gravity in the middle of the America, in the heavens, judged as evil and degraded.

Telepathy problems.

Grandpapa owes me a cool image, saying though I should watch out for beeng too in telepathy showing off that I am too cool. By such law I always express in telepathy, where before he degraded me.

I became dead and intake health from others and send sometimes thoughts in trick.

My father likes to telepathize with the TV, in politics.

My nurse locks patients in the rooms if they dont send her visions.

The Alien says that one gets free if one sends intelligence to the Moon, lawed by the black heaven, in plan it dualifies after beeng learned in it and I sent a lot of thoughts though in goodness, before I became angry bound by the aliens anger.

Greek telecom, a channel where a similar bird human was shouting in harshness in Crete increased fear of telepathy.

Once I was lawed by my father who lawed Srila P. to make mea a monkey, and I shot playing the role of a cowboy in the festival day, I shot PASOK, a poltiical group, just pretending to, and a time later they came and some form of smoked me out in telecom telepathy.

When one doesnt send thoughts out, the snail energy lawed by alien is somehow sending thoughts to people and others in opposite of ones own state.

Too much of personality laws from alien increases too much unity.


About smoke.

Started suffering from smoke long time, 6 years or so.. S is snakes in Asia. Hating light, their own family, thinking darkness is more detached. Alien doesnt know he is a slave where personality is lies so he cant choose and so personality cant be.. So the alien is the impersonal death, trying to kill humans for not having personality expressed constant to that extent that it unifies with others and the one expressing is loosing his/her own personality.. My pain is massive by smoke, but there are many other things too...

When one doesnt dream where such dreaming state is during of when one is filthy in the eyes, one is lawed to smoke, by Gandhi who is lawed by the alien, who laws asians snakes to sell tobacco.

The fallen trees and bird race lawed by gravity in the heaven are lawing humans to see and observe the Moon, and by not doing so, one gets lawed to smoke.

Strawberries are sour within, I ate billions in Atlanta and earlier planetary reincarnations. The laws of purification were so much that it now in hellish ages drowned the whole place, so it became sea. How impure is one? By purification I became impure, as such is rooted in sadness and fear. Originates from as far as I know, Moon, lawed by the fallen and the alien.

Then I have the massive tensity from Srila P. where he was a purifier in telepathy and i did not like the thought of impurity, neither the contact in school in general, neither wanting to go to school, and the thought of my love of self where I detach from the belief of that I was impure, as i am weak, often dualifies and I became by such impure.

Laws of to fast made me increase my alcohol consumption, such laws were from my grandfather, my father and Mary from the churches. The medication, Trilafon, is as well sour.

Beliefs by Abdi that as a pig she now is alwed as that when one smokes tobacco it is concentrated and as well a book where books I have read have power, where it said that, a some form of new age, that whatever one eats one is, making me a smoking tobacco as well and not only a smoker.

Reason for sour sea in the world is believed in a future within that it is me causing it.

The alien, used technology science and made cars in copy of my form in Atlantic, where I had eaten so much by law, strawberries, cherries and cucumbers that contained metals and by my fire and light, blood and concentration, such metals expressed outwards and I had luck, so that I wouldnt drown. Such form of metal,whereas I was judged severe by the alien for beeng "g", metal, something that was one cause of killing me, was to be removed after the destruction of the negative toxic by products, such as magnet, air, water and metals.

Excessive passionate of honour the alien was merging his personality with others believing that was OK.

He degraded me as lower, not knowing the air is more in the root of the fallen, though originally the fallen was a dark gravity in the heaven that shitted and sent him water to his head making him ill. His birth was demoniac as he had metal in him not expressed outwards. So the cars were a result of copy, similar to psychotic states where he couldnt see difference between me and the nurse Abdi, and thats why the cars are lowered downwards, whereas light as I had much of, can though not planned, manage to fly upwards. So roads cause of such degradation was made and the grasses was turned from beeng fresh outwards to be internally sour, where under the earth there is water that is sent to the sea and so the sourness was sent as well to the sea, as the grasses had lost their more freedom of beeng.

Such will be used against me and I will be judged as the doer of the sourness, after the worlds end, though this now is still within.. Now they say opposite, that it is different nature and industry problems causing it.

Psychology game. Sketch.
(Hidden theme: non-bullying. Category: Education, action, skills)

Once there was a bullied angel, who by becoming hated became a trashcan. The trashcan suffered a lot by such. There is a story in each of the warriors of the game and one can see a small short presentation of each of the figures of the game.

The game consists of different warriors and you can not play as you do in action games. You read about each character, powers, skills and history and choose what you believe is stronger. After you choose the game plays for its own and its always the same outcome.
1. Snake
2. Muscle man
3. Knife man
4. Trashcan
5. Ghost

The snake conquers the muscle man and the knife man. The ghost conquers the snake, muscle man and knife man. The knife man wins against the muscle man. But whom most would never choose, the trashcan, wins them all. Why?

When the trashcan is hitted, it falls and all the bullied poison comes out of it. The trashcan is too confused with the poison to sense pain by the hittings. By such fall where the trash comes out, they become weak and fall dizzy and sleep whilest the trashcan not only regains health, but attacks not, thereby the trashcan wins not only once but twice.

The game teaches of to not use violence. How the weak wins.