D, magnetism. About magnetism and the powers.. Edges of America

There, edges of America, originally lived Gandhi, Holy Mary and a wolf/dog/ghost. Gandhi a squirl, Holy Mary a bird, and the wolfghost all those living before in the edges of America. Gandhi in the north, Holy Mary in the south. Singing was done, especially during internal humble states, with a hidden law given by words and those were known to be the priest relation, owing by spiritual insanity, the angels, cause of by the unchosnely demonized by the deaths powers Aliens unfriendliness and impersonal observation of light, coming in contact with darkness and steam, a way back home.. For more see this story.

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There are the powers of magnetism, the most evil powers in the universe. Unseen reumatic energy and lies on the edges of the rocks, controling bodies after eating fruits containing metals, after the metal liquids have become cold, into problems. Gandhi has the powers of metals and snake tounge poison, the wolf water powers and eating with bones, and Mary has the powers of magnetism and air. Each beeng in the edge america has 2 powers, wolf water and stone teeth/stone, squirl gold and snake toung, bird magnet and air leafs, like the trishula in copy as a snake.

Trying to remove or do a service to make them loose power, has in the past, such type of actions, resulted to opposite of the desire as such actions are based in fear and so are bound by spiritual, toxic energy of duality. Even surrendering to the internal of such energy, bound by bone, toxic heated condition, before, history has shown us of a potencial danger of an opposite outcome than the act.

9000 years ago about the age of the edged America, wolf, bird, the mouth, Holy Mary and squirl, Gandhi, throat and mouth area in the body, came to life and a need to sing and praise more secluded with internal humbleness came. A false appearing honour with within humbleness in a seclued lifestyle. The powers of Holy Mary is air, as well given to Christ and Buddha. Such is the toxic spirit that after millions of problems of thousands of years, fake law degradations, in the sensual powerfull black mountain law giving consuming Atlantic that became sea, and killings, the fantasy after the age of the Atlantic tried to push forward a valued & honoured external law existence, where the wolf, like priest, bird, the singer and Gandhi were dominating. Those of honour but not allowed by the powerfull fantasy or not understood became and still becomes cursed.. Later age is expected to be the nose, needing to smell good, though such lifestyle is ignorance of false prestige and like sleep, meaning stupid, though can never be known in truth.

In school at the age of 5, i saw a ufo hallucination similar to the atlanta story and there in school I was given teachings oppposite stories of my makings, like conquering eachother in rabbit anxiety and the story of the slow turtle, Ikarus who burned, the story of who has more power in fear, sun or wind, removing clothing and such. There Ikarus, the story, says of that he went to the sun, so I went to the Moon.. The UFO, brown, blackish, 10 meters or so, of the alien coming, instead of observing my magic and good actions, looked up again as in the pure senses and darkness became a all year around existence. Me lookng out to see what that was, in confusion, got asked by the teacher to show my hand off and she slapped me with her wood cane. In crete she, a form of Holy Mary, came as a woman, lawed me to eat fish before becoming a magician whereas she believes following the spirit is correct.. Meaning going against my earlier life.. I there got a Transformer toy.. Reason for beeng made as a magician was my fathers, Gandhi race, schizophrenia, beliefs of that I created the previous eternal black heaven of poison. Transformers are especially one a savour. Below are some stories done to the fish race, the moon. Opposite of the story of running rabbit and turtle like mad to win that is built on shame and frustration, was the red ferrari I got in presant, whereas gifts like fruits resemble ones condition but not hundred percent, I made it so that it was going on left turning fast, not winning or conquering others and that was my happy game doing, instead of conquering in hate and anxiety. Red as opposite of the green turtle and as well red as social.. A product, like a fruit, is given resembling 25% ones nature but not 100%.. The moon struggles a lot with psychotic states beleifs of others laughing at her, so that such cool scenes would be treasures for the lawed moon wheres for the moon to detach one has to do nothing something difficult.. The moon to be relaxed from psychosis as opposite of conquering witht he turtle and rabbit and as well burning in the sun..

Store of Themis Garelias, my childhood friend, was last scene before leaving and the brown worm i saw in the kitchen, where I flipped and tricked thoughths of it not me believing it was impure... So that was the secret of the increase of somehow unidentified spirit, the toy worm that increased in size during fire that he showed me during my childhood.. That was the opposite story of the Ikarus burning in the sun..

I was in a place in SandWing, Makrigialos, there were some women and a man, with a hairy nose. After my "escape of the purification in school with the pig ghost Srila P. this came to birth, the hairs". Such state was my meditation written here, of thinking in no compete ways, as the wind degrades me, by leafs, sending me downwards, me instead trying to seek for a divine knowledge. Site made opposite of sun and wind story for to praise the sheep as cotton is wind element opposite of my personality...

Divine magics was like in crete towards the playground and such when my brother shitted on himself, where I under severe compulsive disorder and psychotic states sudden;yt hought without wanting the thoight of my brother having same conditon, my brother beeng in the near by classroom, and I fought against it with all my powers. The girlfriend in my brothers classroom said of that it smelled bad, but nobody got to know that it was brother, making thereby her popularity in the family as a sellers of cakes & sugars high, as they had a store in the middle city area of candies and cakes. My brother? He increased power in defence, as nobody knew of who it came from. After such magic, they made a "Taekwondo" business close to where I laughed with the story. The fear of the white wildpig ghost was so massive me attaining a laughter of my previous senses that he made the defence business close there to defend from my senses. For more on some magical acts see article: "Divine powers". Such similar powers I had in the Atlantic.. When I went to the school first day I had a blurry hallucination with sound of a UFO, similar to what happend in the Atlantic..

So the sins done were opposite of what i would do in magic and even physical divine acts..