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Parapsychological news.

Read some weird news of powers from the trinity of the powers of the three demons, whereas as said in this blog many times, are difficult powers to manage and whereas magic powers are usually in duality of desires and acts, meaning impersonal magical powers from the past unchosen expressions, of all that is, from the black heaven. My nurse, the first energy of gravity fall expressing maya from ancient days, my grandfather, the alien, both those two magicians and Gandhi who follows the alien.

The second hidden nazie war in this age.
Terror in countries like Europe, lands before that were against the nazies.

The hidden terror war in this age, the unseen is going on and the main reason for this is how Hitler took antipsychotics, similar to air drugs though containing toxic to, by the aliens desire of suicide, to die, though such dualifies by acts of sorrow, laws and fear. Lack of knowledge of that this universe is illusion and the black heaven that laws us all, has this belief of awareness, though only lie, the alien tries to perform suicide as he did before the first nazie war. Bound as we all are, the illusion of existence made psychiatry. This made Hitler take as said the antipsychotic drug that contained air, where is opposite of magnetism though in one energy of dualities. Drug also contained, the main problem, the toxic trying to kill the alien mind, by the desire of alien, though impersonal and unchosen and lawed. Magnetism is unchosen impersonall bound by itself, as that as well wants to seeze from awareness as all do deep in, lawing species who eat food to be sent to spiders and snakes and has this power that it wants to destroy the world. Trying to know one is void though appearing as aware is impossible in the ghostly condition, as is now all the universal population.


Earthquack in Irak, Iran.

About 400 killed and 1,500 injured by an earthquack measuring 7,4. The cause was of me, sexual frustration, that begun 1,5 years ago when I first moved here.

I understood that I could possible suffer rape by Christ, as I had a vision when I was achild, some form fo prophecy law of them, were I was put up on a wall as a child, bound and though not seen felt raped. I then thought, and I realized it has something to do with my fathers schizophrenia, thinking I am a snake. When I moved to this appartment I now live in, 2 years ago, there were some bed accessories similar to asian style, looking a lot like a hore bed. Today in hell the poison comes first, then water/sex, then air. What happens within happens out after, and so the hate I sensed from them within was the mountain that fell in Asia, like a mountain bomb, this started especially 2 years ago about.

I had by the sleeping ages law, where first me raped by the fallen and the alien sex with scandinavians and then African boy/man, whereas they dont know that the magnet powers I have that made them lick my penis, came from a source hidden before me and so judged me as the a controller and a raper. Krishna as well, who eats food, doesnt know that the fruits in Atlantic, strawberries, cherries and cucumbers are natures penis and I was made by them, by law, were potatoe of the alien came before and the water lake of the fallens mountain, whom was ruled by the black heaven were before.

This fear of beeng raped, increased from 1, 5 years agoto become a massive anxiety
and as well hatred that I sensed within from them, as what one experiences outwards
often happens internally first. I saw clothings of asian snake given to me in the room and it all was very hore defined. The first rape was from my forfather in psychiatry, then it was from the alien were he masturbated hiddenly in telepathy something worse than out and then after the Atlantic I am possssed and bound in hate and laws and bullying by the alien mostly, then squirl and then the fallen mountain form, my forfather.

Karma is impersonal and so reacts strange back. I have by false judgements the universe in me and by such all the past rape and hate to the void piece below the first form, the unchosen impersonal no defence able fallen form energy that hated and bullied in anxiety a piece of void below him instead of above him, is now manifested in fully to my form and a small sexual rape or hatred envokes such root of evil back to me and the universe.

I expressed this outwards and they had an earthquacke. "Dishonour is worse than death.." Where "h" is Shiva. This the first african was lawed to have in him as spiritual sorrow, though originating more from the scandinavians as they were more demoniac and more complex, though them originating from alien and the fallen before. For me rape is degrading towards
the raped for the bullying is there, though man and female relations are not so bad some are pedophilians something very sad.

The main problem is the alien who is schizophrenic and wants to punish me and send me to Iran as he has this idea that I am a snake.

Andreas Breivik, terror in Norway. 2011, July.

Anders Breivik was a schizophrenic person, originally lawed by the first alien, his own forfather, whom had this belief of that there was a beeng making the black poison heaven. After that it became more and more compexic thoughts and Anders wanted to go against the Antichrist, though this unknown to him, and followed the hidden sentence of the "They will serve the Antichrist in hell.." were the depth of such saying by the alien lawing Christ was that it was not correct and as such aien force is fo fantasy he contradicts and not only laws service, though doing it wrong, but as well hates, as is what started to happen during those year around Breiviks terrorism.

His forfathers inabilityt to understand how the one they believe still exists though had killed him, me, how by eating meat though the eaters believe it is the demon they think was me, the lack of knowledge of that a mountain beeng sent down to a lake were such poison mountain does not want to be, and by opposite type of fall it pressures a belief of awakening and makes more forms, the ibality to understand how now all are demonic ghostly alien species mostly, and the hidden shame of such demons not beeng able during alone to put money as well in their own pockets, the killing to the animals and how such laws a stressfull awakening to me and their guiltiness of lawed actions were lawed were no freedom is allowed is thereby not to be blamed and thereby no need in guiltiness to serve back books and music to bring back the killed past form of me the sheep, sums it all up in a lack of allowence to me to have been confused only with money and by such not open back the past doors of the hell given to me and the spirit attacking mre in the meditaton law by them..

Helicopter, plane crash in mid-air over England, leaving 'number of casualties

My grandfather came and smiled where I heard someone saying that he doesnt understand why I trick the soul during negative psych powers. A wolf a Krishna vaishnava came within and said about this to happen the night before and my grandfather, lawed in passion of honour and a belief of a high life, says I worry others to death. My neighbour said this as well, another wolf specie, whom was taken her intelligence from, with the book: "Conversations with God.." "They worry themselves to death" though as most do within, judge me and bully me. Like "I want you to be a spiritual master" hiddenly claiming I owe some form of high psych power paradise. So this was my grandfather who doesnt know the soul, the duality of the soul, the toxic, and claimed me as the doer of this by me having fear, something he lawed upon those two wolf species.

Explosion in Norway and fire in elderly block in USA.

Told my father who follows Gandhi, whom has a lot of psych powers, that the house might have a problem with electricity, where there are different factors of the black heaven trying to destroy the house and burn him. One reason is the reaction of burning me before Atlantic became sea, another is that my doctor is lawed by africans who today to do the same (heard a voice saying he would burn this house and the electrcity is weird been so last months) as KKK and the slavery reaction where such originated from the fallen, the nurse, in the christian ages. My father following by law without defence as we are all some form of actors lawed by the black heaven, reacted by doing this in psych powers.

Wars in Africa. Terrorism.

Last wars in Africa has been the alien christian saying: "Brother against brother.." The main lifestye is suicide try by the alien, bullying me as well. My father said lawed by Gandhi whom is lawed by my grandfather that I had to know who the others were, some form of social degradation. I sensed as well a thought with my grandfather in Chandra saying I couldnt speak, and I spoke almost none as I was in massive hell. That I was somehow not a cool social friendly beeng. So such is rooted amongst many things as is in maya, in shaming me as a non friend, the reason for bombing. "Dishonour is worse than death." Gita, black heaven book. Now in hell, as such quote of the Gita spoke of nature, it is not worse but they give death as hellish planet is opposite. Alien killed me and drowned me, through Gandhi, to expect a still form of friendliness as I had is to be too high expecting.

Picture: Where a form of Shiva (first african, seen from own view) came lawed by alien lawing wolf telling us in my neighbourhood, of not to go back in time with the exorcistic tool Trishula I made to keep the purity of the red blood..

Alien in this appartment tries to kill me cause of meditating. "The spiritual killers will find spiritual death.." Old Testament, alien lawing Christ. Cause of me beeng a dead burning zombie burning in hell after the alien killed me for a mountain and desire of 2 heads in one form as a global political desire, judging me in metal form as impersonal and shame, and in his schizo states thinking I was the first fallen and as if I chose it somehow, I am lawed to wake up in anxiety by Cretes taverns whom follow the siicide of aliens eating in schizo states meat thinking it is me who binds them in this black universe awakening and so they think they can die if they eat some of me. Such dualifies and they instead make me more awake and so I am pressured in their guiltified gifts to remember the past form of the sheep and by such the doors of meditation fo knowledge, were previous burned darkness relaxed, but now dead, the poison burns makes Shiva and africans as his impersonal non chosen children, part of the poison lawed condition were attacks the light to sleep, though already all confused, no matter how pain and shame there is. Thinking Africa and Shiva is the first knowledge given to me in the past, as I was given some knowledge visions from Shiva as he owed me some of my head back, and such knowledge now makes the toxic energy angry, though before it was pure and the toxicity and the people of demoniac nature were to disolve and become pure in senses, as sleep is never totally attained and as a ghost one goes through pain and forgettfullness, now as killed the toxic energy has more power han me. A form of Shiva sent my head back after chopping it bound by the alien who didnt know that my words were great during the saying that "when I will want to have sex with my mother I will die.." but were I had mistakened the past and presence and thought the presence during the talk of Shiva and me was me still beeng in pure senses and not killed. Thereby the exorcism was to be failed though anyway. The exorcism was for me to not react back the sex given by my father and not mother, the fallen, though father, and when he had sex with me first me in void form below him I react back and then I turn into a sheep, an animal, were such path leads to death more easily, were the first birth was made were the father had sex with a void piece of black heaven below him, not in a half ghost half sense condition, so such great birth would not be made like before.


ISIS attack on Syrians.

I went to my father who follows Gandhi, who is a squirl, a brown lawed impersonal brown judging cross, were my grandfather has a lot of psych powers and is my fathers father, of demon, in the race of alien were Gandhi is of squirl, birds and heaven gravity. I said that the Syrians, one reason for them beeng in Crete, is that I meditated on truth, whereas such envokes the snakes to attack, lawed by the south America, North east America and heaven gravity as well today spiders, where they attack in poison to sleep from though an already sleeping dualified condition in this black universe.

Reason for them coming is my light they try to by law attack to sleep in some form of half half forgetfullness. Christianity, lawed by mostly alien, but as well Gandhi, my father and the "holy" air, claim by their own law that laws others that "they will serve the antichrist in hell" where I just told that they came cause of me but ment not of to make war. They hate me, that trinity of demons, and do all they can to judge and condemn me, making people appear as if they serve me by killing the Syrians where though if I knew they were to attack me, I wouldnt do anything, if offcourse they dont come directly and war, just like I dont do anything here in my appartment where they try to kill me until they, if, they do. As well such trinity of demons believe that one has to follow laws, by such they react back to them.

Got last year a thought maybe from my father that I should love my race, pakistanian similar, as norwegians and Hitler believed I was, so opposite is to kill them..

The trinity of demons prophesized about the future claiming that attacks will come, as if they knew, where my sickness given by my grandfather is so much, the telepathy, that me not going to Greece, they would have left eventually from Greece. I am not so liked in Norway no more, at least not before and was thinking maybe trips to Denmark and stay there for a while. The ISIS snakes follow the aliens in his psychotic state in this age where before were lawed by the gravity fall and birds and trees of South America.

Increase of rape has come by different things like, I masturbating at Krishna images during 2002 - 2006 whereas my psychiatrist Pål Gjerden demonized by my grandfather and nurse sent me some sexual energies originating from potatoes of the aliens that originates from the first form, our father, whom was in his first form a mountain and made by his fall a water lake, that raped the alien, whom then lawed the US race to make the Moon offer strawberries and cherries and cucumbers to me. Before the alien there was some fruits like some type of orange sweet fruits they have in Asia, whereas as far as I know the nurse is the impersonal lawed source of such fruits that contains sexual energy. This in telepathy. Alien raping within worse as hidden is worse in telepathy that I before realized almost all the time, beeng in a burning hell by the alien it was difficult to stay detached..For more see article "Sexual healing". Me beeng somehow followed in this sheep age after they gave me hell and killed me, where some are psychotic some are just following, the universe follows such acts of appearing to be mine. Lawed massive after the Atlantic drowned, I react back such powers of laws to the universe without beeng able to not do it. Before that Christ lawed by Gandhi whom is lawed by the alien of hidden masturbation and entering others came to me as a child and I attained back the "circle of the planetary sex life" where I hiddenly masturbated outside of the houses of people or even once inside in the toilet using some form of wish power to be seen as sexual by an elderly woman.

Asia, Syria wars, internal conflicts.

Alien thinks I am untachable and tries to teach me that I am not a hore, by such degrades me and make sme impure as well masturbates mentally in telepathy making me sick of the roten potatoe sex sperm. He sends cancer in schizophrenia saying I am a snake, this my grandfather did ancient years ago and now the aliens follow.

When I was a young person, very sick though in this life after the alien had killed me, he lawed my father to tell me to kiss a priest in the hand cause of some farming stuff. I did so though as degraded as I was by them since the drowning of Atlantic, I kissed it with shame and degradation, reacting back their self, lawed and unfree. The kiss to the hairy hand of the priest in demonic posession made the priest crash in his car 8 years later or so. "In the end of their lifes the demons have their pain immeasaruble.." Gita, the book spoken by Krishna but source was black heaven, nothing. "l" is dick and "e" is cultivation by alien trying to say to me im not ahore an dby such degrades me, like having sex, were after sex and before spiders come with poison of hell and cancer. This lead to:

The brutal dictator behind one of the worst atrocities the world has seen this century got the job by accident.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was originally destined for a career in medicine.

But after his older brother Bassel was killed in a car crash in 1994, the younger Assad found himself being groomed for a completely different career. Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine that deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eyeball and orbit. Bound by the alien in schizophrenia he tried to find the "evil eye". Another word for "ble" is "bliaks" were s is the last.

Man in age of 60 run over by car in More & Romsdal.

I was in Seljord yesterday, as my grandfather had lawed me to go there so that I would loose my money and not drink. "Dont give gold and pearls to swines, for they will tear you to pieces and step on you.." Is a christian law originating from a squirl in Philadelphia during the sleeping ages, that were "trumped" on by a pig not knowing, an accident. Pigs are both nose and heart, heart is made by wolfs who are outcomes of aliens, and the pig nose is outcome of the alien, in psychotic conditions from ancient times. Some of the pure blood, 25% lived in the pigs and nose unseen, whereas 75% is demonized by the psychotic alien. The stench when I came back to my home was massive, pig stool, and thereby laws of to fast came, and I paid the buss more than normal, twice, and during me in the bus asking if they would drive towards Boe, where I live in Forberg, before Boe, I was afraid and sendt some form of wish thinking magnetic energies and during the way back I got magnetic energy of anxiety and thought that a bus would crash. It was a close up prophecy, but ended up that the man in the age of 60 died. A non consuming lifestyle originates by fear and anger, and Krishna, an outcome, ghost horse, scandinavian, was lawed by such to say that "the demons drink too much moona rasa and fall down in negative conditions and lifes" by the alien who said of me last year to fast. During alcohol consumption I have had great things happening, sometimes demonized but mostly it has been very fun. I have the whole universe toxic in me half of the time and it is thereby making me more allowed than others to consume. It was as of demoniac duality powers, also a service ot me, where I was lawed to take the bus to Seljord to not meet my doctor and thereby regain honour and to regain as well honour by fasting. Work is made by wu wei, the more luck you have doing and beeng nothing, the more chances you have to find work. Though alcohol increases thoughts, my grandfather, an alien, has a sickness where he gets too in knowledge in telepathy and so drinks alcohol too, though such as said is a disease in him, originating from belief of that I made the previous eternal black heaven that gives dreams when observed.

So problem is law of fasting and a non knowledge of who i am, wrongly defined in psychotic states.

South America disasters 2016.

In the country's worst environmental disaster, a dam used to hold waste water from an iron mine collapsed in Minas Gerais state in November 2015, killing at least 13 people. Mud containing toxic substances like mercury, arsenic, chromium and manganese reached the Atlantic Ocean.

Gandhi thought I bullied him, though him as demon lawed were he cant escape and to be able to be divine in maya is very difficult, he thought I bullied him when I honoured him, as well karma reaction now as possessed from others, as now the whole universe hates me directly in my form after the killing and drowning in Atlantic. I had some helping appearing thought of that the appartment I lived in was filled with arsenic, a poison that the nazies used during their first war. As this is the second war, were they come hiddenly with terrorism, bound by the fear of the first alien beeng afraid of his dick, the need to understand were the poison was coming from came and I first thought maybe it was below the kitchen were there was a weird opening of air giving out. By such problem scene were I had to discover the poison I put earth from out, earth from Iran mostly influenced by previous earth of Mexico and Costa Rica whom before the aliens left were influenced by their planet above the middle America. Such earth was smelly and I put it below were the water comes to wash the dishes, in that weird hole that had open holes and so this got reacted to the south America, whom wereas the first forfather of south America is in psychiatry in Skien and whom is lawed by the alien to help the alien race perform suicide, and so got reaction problem, though unethical.

Brazil fire: Explosion unleashes toxic gas in Santos
A chemical explosion at a cargo warehouse in Brazil has spread toxic gas over the country's biggest port.

The aliens hate magnetic powers as are very sensual eating species whom become easily lawed by magnetism and such is shown in my room, were i have been judged as "D", as is my appartment adress. D is magnetic sound. Hating such calling me the fallen, they though me having powers of magnetism by my forfather it shows how they dislike this as the appartment is put outside the town and were I still struggle with economy and such.

Knowing the magnetic fields in America, where I had written this, in the telepath sickness I had with my grandfather and Gandhi, cause of them, the powers of the black heaven who controls them, attacked back as magnet leads one to snakes and spiders, some orm of toxic energy and so they suffered by the star spider laws of the universe, though such energies does not want t be. As well the "fserving the antichrist in hell" where I didnt say that one had to send the powers to the atlantic sea as demoniac possessed or bomb some of such area, but said; if we could be pure in senses something now impossible in this modern times, those who are could do it.

Drowning in Seljord, Telemark, Norway. Dead students and teacher.

Christ had come lawed by my grandfather, the first alien, and said that I would drown. I consume a lot of alcohol, this I did to regain my sheep condition, similar to the song, "Peter Tosh - Vampyre", to intake the stolen blood and light taken from me by nature. Reason for me having problems with alcohol is that the churches, in Ierapetra Crete, together with my father lawed by Gandhi lawed by my grandfather whom later Mary from the churches came in telepathy in Crete saying I should fast, made me by law very much consuming, more than I would. Medication last year with the needle Trilafon made me cold, as such drug usually heats the body and brain, by law it dualified and I became cold. Shivaya came in telepathy saying that if I drink I am dead, lawed by Gandhi the squirl I digged deep to find out why I drink and by knowledge of the intake of blood and light, it dualified and the spirit cooled me, instead of just beeng happy. Such path though I had, though a great path to remove toxic and problems, is not allowed by the black heaven of problems, the impersonal previous eternal toxic energy that were before us. Now what did really happen in Seljord?

I had a small desire of that maybe I could go back to school and study and get a job. The alien who laws in these ages with psychotic states, offering in shame and guiltiness by law where escape is impossible, came with the "Do unto others only what you would want others do to you.." So I was to save the students and the teacher so that I myself could go to school and not drown by alcohol consumption. I drink, I have drunk about 8 0.5 almost every day last 7 years. The alien gave the law and hiddenly the psychotic thought lies of that "They will serve the Antichrist in hell.." where the true Antichrist is the trinity of alien, squirl and gravity of rock dust and air. The best thing for me would have been to sleep, though I just thought maybe I should go to school it was just a thought, not adeep reflection or choice.

The story ended with 2 students at about age 20 died together with a teacher.

Las Vegas shootings.

My grandfather came, day before or 2 days before the shooting in Las Vegas killing tens. I was in my house, where I had gambled 10$ and won $400 or so and since I have lost a lot of money lately, I wanted to cashout, but waited and was trying to relax having a small fire with wood, and so suddenly my grandfather appeared as a voice, just as he had lawed Gandhi, saying; "Cashout the money!" showing of some type of tremble.

newspaper, online news paranormal, paranormal news online, news what really happend? what did happen to news?

I got lawed by duality of such law as a law is of anger and thereby duality energy, though spoken of this before and written it, he still lawed and I found myself gambling away my money and by such I became angry. The defence I should have done is in fantasy and after the killing I have no exorcistic energy to remove laws.

My anger was huge during the loss and this, the nurse Abdi and my grandfather, used against me and lawed to judge me as the magician though it was their own energy sending out the problems to the killer in Las Vegas.

He looked, the killer, like Christ, whom one picture resembled my first house in Ierapetra Crete. Filled with cancer and bad vibes, same place where I was singing, like the antipsychotic medication named "Trilafon" tra la fonienta, meaning three , la is singing, fonienta is tones in greek. There in same living room my father judged me as as evil, same type of judgement like magician and trilafon can as well be named; te re e le fe ne. Fe is in norwegian magician. So I take the trilafon as well cause of such. I have lost lot of money in casinos, they have cheated me cause of excess consume as well beliefs of me beeng a pig degrading others, as well I made sites in schizo states of paranoia as I knew the casinos normally win and not the players, so I am quite sure I would cashout without the law.

I wrote this on some newspaper online comment field and the comments were deleted. The alien power is massive.

I told the story of how Ganhi had killed me in the Atlantic before it became ocean there,
and so a swedish family got reaction fromt he stars of my grandfather, the alien and as well
the magnetic powers of Abdi the nurse and they were cutted, killed and burned, just like me,
as I had a metal form outwards.This was around June, July 2017.

Kuwait and Iraq, war.

In Timios Stauros, a church in Ierapetra above the buss station, they judge me as a filthy stupid degraded pig mentally within, this was rooted in my grandfather and my father following Gandhi. My grandfather long time ago, similar to the culture of Oslo, believed when I laughed in goodness towards destroying dark heaven and the negative elements that I laughed at him in hame and anger, whilest me instead knowing the duality of the soul. He made birth to wolfs for them to make pigs, they eat sheeps and so opposite is to offer blood. My grandfather believed that there was a pig instead of a divine sheep who laughed, and so had all this psychotic schizo fears that makes him hate pigs. The reason the wolfs offer blood is to purify their wrong belief of me laughing negative. The priests looked like my grandfather and as they judged me it reacted, as th euniverse hates me and lives in me, meaning the toxic energy, and the powers reacted back to the world and Iraq, as is the snakes of anger, same to what the priests did to me, made war against the Kuwait, similar pig human species.

Mexico earthquack, Heraklion and Ierapetra.

Reaction of killing me in the Atlantic, similar to Transformers movie, but whereas the alien got lawed to law Gandhi a squirl in Phildelphia and did the ritual of burning and drowning me in belief of me beeng a magician. I saw once in Crete Ierapetra were I lived before leaving to Norway a small boy, looking like a fat squirl, and in same scene I heard the song that reminds me of drugs, were one can listen to the song like as if saying: "Hey, he goes to the junkies.." and the alcohol use made me regain back some of the light and blood stolen by nature, as opposite act of killing me. India was a place of killing me and hell, Crete is the opposite, a place were they owe me life and all ghostly forms have duality acts, like the squirl Gandhi I saw in Ierapetra in the school I last was. Though I claimed this to have been my father who was Gandi, such black mountains similar brown forms are very difficult to detect, squirl tend to run fast and though Gandhi in the end wasnt my father, he does follow him. In Heraklion, more close to my grandfathers place, H e re ke le e ne are alot of psychotic states, similar to Oslo town, fear of detached laughter of higher emotions and goodness though today after demoniac posession such laughter and light is no longer.

In Ierapetra, where Gandhi, who was lawed to kill me before the Atlantic became sea, by grandfathers law.

15. August around date. Same as, close to Mexico earthquack, where Crete was burning and the earthquack was the stones putted on me in a bag or so to have me under sea, as they did to what they believed were magicians in ancient days.

California fire.

California had a fire spreading cause of my psychiatrist who is demonized by the first alien and the fallen gravity. His middle face looks like my grandfathers, though him beeng american, US, where though beeng bold, having no hair, he has some weird hair where there is no hair around, hair a symbol of the fallen gravity, my nurse, her zyprexa olanzapin powers. It was a reaction of the burning to me in the Atlantic before it became sea there, cause of excessive personality expression where the alien demanded a merging, a unity with others so much that one lost ones own person. As well worship to shit, mountains, not knowing such want to seeze of beeng in mix of fire and light claiming I destroyed nature by cracking with my metal form a mountain so it fell to the water becoming sand.


As well mental illnesses believing I am a magician of evil and also a belief of me beeng a pig laughing at others and hating them though me realizing the ignorance and lies of the toxic energy. Same happend to Heraklion, my grandfathers place, Mexico earthquack, same as my grandfathers place and as well Ierapetra, a burning, that is my fathers town were I had seen Gandhi. Also, the Las Vegas shootings, where me having a metal form outwards, was cutted in pieces before they burned and drowned my blood and light. Because the impersonal demons have possessed him, my psychiatrist, Pål Gjerden, he suffers karmic reaction too.


As well powers of the earth, magnetism and stars has done this whom wereas the nurse has the magnetic powers that are not possible to control in goodness and whereas my grandfather has star laws where magnetism is more powerfull than the stars.

How Gandhi rules the politics of USA.

We live in a very christian age at the current time.

"Give not gold to swines (power) they will step on you." After my death in Atlanta by Gandhis killings he ruled the universe by thoughts and actions. I was in Christ as half dead half living and Christ the sheep was as well, the white, the healer, the ghost, in with mix with Gandhis demonic posession. How in the sleeping ages ancient years ago when though movement was done, all slept by the powerfull poison there and how Gandhi though stepped on by a lawed pig who was limited by law increased in size by spiritual duality though appearing as stepped on.
In maya this black universe, what appears as a big problem is smaller than a small problem.

May the Trump be accepted! He stated politics is difficult and he did not know it would be so hard and the news only bully. A pig though lawed and to escape is impossible as defence is fantasy is more pure in maya than what appears as health.


Weird accident in Norway.

Pregnant woman got dragged after truck in Arendal According to the police, a truck with a boat has torn down cables between some lightning posts in Arendal. The cables have then hit a pregnant lady, who has been pulled after the truck. The woman appears undamaged, but is sent to the doctor for check since she is pregnant. The police are in contact with the driver of the truck. It is guiltiness from South America in terms of magnetic forces rooted in my nurse Abdi .. Nurse to show that these magnetic are difficult to control .. Found about a week ago before this, that my nurse in Skien had the first magnetic forces in the universe, but here in the apartment the psychiatry has given me D as number, which is the letter of the magnet. That's how it is to have psychosis and try to justify your unselected and hard-controlled powers

WTC. What happend?

There was a hidden gravity of dust stool/stone dust, from a bird lawed by gravity in the heaven in Chandras who went from above to my grandfather, Ioannis Harkiolakis. Such got reacted and my grandfather lawed in mystic powers my father, Nikolaos Harkiolakis, who follows Gandhi to bind a bird in a cage, by the foggy impersonal reaction law, as stool is like a prison. By such, closing inside the bird, the duality arised by spiritual life and a bird got free in Chandra. This is an ongoing toxic black general heaven law, lawing forms to perform such ritual of demoniac energy.

Grandpapa thought he had to go against the cop who came to the house when he discovered the weed plant though antisocial best would have been to do nothing, but he somehow was social in shame and evil and detached from the scene and followed a belief of law of either defence or anger, though such was defence, unchosen and impersonal with no freedom as either had the alien, by the bird dropping the weed seed but the bird didnt choose. So then alien of shame and evil gave dna to my brother who was his son and he gave me weed..

There when my father was a child, a bird had come to perform opposite act of shitting and gave out an aroma plant, cannabis, opposite of dust shit, where a policeman had observed this and taken the plant away. My grandfather reacted in internal powers and gave weeed to my brother, Ioannis Harkiolakis, where he gave me the weed and I got burned and bombed, where I looked like Bin Laden as well. During smoking the WTC got bombed as what happens to me happens often to the universe, as the universe believes I am the fallen energy creating the forms and elements that it hates, cause of the poison beeng anisocial, and unlogical, so just as I got bombed with weed, in massive pain, burned similar, so did the WTC and my nurse Abdi who I saw in psychiatry during the trishula looked like Bin Laden, the man behind this, as having powers impersonal beeng some form of gravity, from ancient ages, from the start of the dark matter expanding, who was cause of her, impersonal and lawed as we all are, that my grandfather had this shit on his head. She was the gravity/shit sending it down to my grandfather ancient time ago, she controlled unchosen the bird that we similar saw in the WTC crashing in it.

That shit given to my grandfather went to Abdi afterwards then it went to Srila Prabhupada, whereas Srila P. spoke like shit and said something of that a business man made 5,000 dollars, though chose to do suicide. Similar with the business problems Bin laden encountered with Bush, as this is mystic. Srila P. lawed by that gravity shit, made me by law to work for MLM businesses similar to the WTC towers.

The trishula, that is like a timemachine where one goes to the past, would anyway make such laws of gravity and devil making my grandfather, as is a law that consists of opposite as well acts.

I got diagnosed as psychotic, as expressing massive psych/toxic, whereas Abdi is the root of this, impersonall and unchosen where defence was and is impossible. This was the root of the story.

The after stories, were reaction from KKK and slavery, as I heard a music group glorifying africans, a Hitler group, and where one picture of the towers falling there was a beeng looking like me, beeng around sexual raped energies of my father, resembling me singining in my room. Also in form of nazie war, as there is an impersonal psych toxic law of something bad happening twice, and the nazie war is still going on today but more hidden where the countries that was against them have been terrorized. As well the usual laws of snake attacks cause of pure blood and light in USA that time, as in maya, this illusion universe there are many reasons. The hip hop group and the nazies with Hitler reborn came back cause of grandfather, whom whereas by the trishula Srila P. made me pray to Krishna to not go to school and there I was seeng priests in a treasure box and experiencing adventure, as my grandfather said through Christ: "If someone tells you to go one mile, go two." Where he had sent back Hitler during a rainy day in Crete, more foggy, as a priest dog. Following me but choosing laws, he performed the opposite act years after and chopped off a chickens head during nazie weather, where the cutting of the chickens head was a symbol of to not like such weather of the germans, to symbolize that one hated the day and to not invite the nazies, as chickens glorify mornings, he tried to symbolize of that no chicken would¨ glorify such nazies. By a hatefull act, it dualified and they came more close.. He has songs like, my grandfather, "Ase me emena", "Me to zervo" and "Prosfygas" resembling my relation to my grandfather. A priest in Ierapetra looked a lot like my grandfather and where I had telepathy contact with him suddenly there was a priest person soemtime around there too. "The psych made him suffer twice", christianity, is a spiritual law, where Hitler attacks again in this days, bombs lands that went against Germany, like USA. There is a picture where it appears me is there, in dark form, in the heavens, with the rape water energy of my father where I am above the towers singing, but can can not find it anymore on the net.

My grandfather was the most evil doer, though lawed without defence by the lawed as well Abdi who shitted on him but by accident of impersonal no defence and non choosing by Abdis birth in the fallen gravity, she made me a cool angel but made as well by opposite toxic condition of fantasy the devil, my grandfather, who is "hell" "dishonour" and "anger". Though more free ages, the demonic condition is lawed upon him and is difficult to be removed from. He believes laws are to be followed and chooses this even free.

Terror in England lately.

I was walking outside my house where there was some sheeps and was lawed to love them, as they are in my impersonal coincidence black universe family, such law came from the alien, whereas before my grandfather who was the first alien loved to eat the brain of goats, typical fantasy duality of sickness. By such law it dualified and I sent a thought to Active Member, who was Hitler in earlier life, B D Foxmoor, about the impurity in England, he used such to use terrorism once there. Also Gandhi, who took laws from english people before, whereas now in duality living in Crete is giving out poison, laws.

Swineflu & chicken flu. The global sickness in about year 1997.
(Wisconsin 1988, Nederland 1993 for then increase..)

Main root for chicken flu was my grandfather chopping off a chicken in cold weather, nazie similar, to avoid nazies from coming, as the alien gravity air saying lawing Christ to say: "The psych made him suffer twice.." is that nazies will do a new war and today it is hidden, if you see terrorism those countries who went against the nazies suffered, like USA and the WTC, and by cutting the head it shaked and by toxic duality the head was huger though in mystic unseen than what it was before, this unseen. During that weekend my grandfather told a story about how he shot down a nazie with a parachute with shotgun making him fall from the sky. The pig flue was the fallen, Abdi, shitting on my grandfather so that he sent it upwards for then Abdi to send it to Prabhupada for then him to shit on me and purify me increasing swineflu. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami, in Calcutta in 1922. Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati, a prominent devotional scholar and the founder of sixty-four branches of Gaudiya Mathas (Vedic institutes), liked this educated young man and convinced him to dedicate his life to teaching Vedic knowledge in the Western world. Srila Prabhupada became his student, and eleven years later (1933) at Allahabad, he became his formally initiated disciple. Reason for this was a change in the pig pattern, turning over to become a servant, a food giver in similarity where such increases heat by reaction of food and services back to the pig blood. Reason for turning into a servant was that Srila P. was defined as low, though his original form would have been opposite of a pig in the beginning of the toxic powerfull antisocial death universal creation. Still he was judged as a pig and was forced to by the squirl who lawed Mary the bird to advance in nature and become a servant. "The servants will be the greatest.." Christ speaking through Mary and Gandhi, the squirl, mostly Gandhi.

Here it as well restarted, in Crete, Ierapetra, when I met Srila Prabhupada as a pig ghost plant tree, offering me cherries, cucumbers and strawberries in telepathy. This was a reaction of karma, from when he as well ate such food, and where defence is luck. The spirit toxic universal energy is coming to unity with me cause of illusioned beliefs to attack me and so by Srila P's influence the universe turns to be influenced as well. The time in Atlanta was difficult, excessive food laws increased violence as is the coincidentual nature; First air, then food, then snake attacks, or in Atlanta, as there were english black sheeps, violence and accidents of bad luck.
A earlier friend, named Giannis, died by a motorcycle accident near by the school where the purification was done, lasting 5 years. The tention was massive in some form of water tensity and with food magnetism comes that could be a cause of the accident controling the vehicle of my now dead friend.

My fathers powers from Gandhi.

The impersonal lawed shitnati. Still controlled by the ancient previous eternal impersonal magical night that made me and lawed me and became the universal stories.

News LIVE of how the shitnati Nikolas Harkiolakis ruled and still rules the world after the Atlanta turning into sea whereas is following Gandhi Mahatma. He said once as a child to my family: "I never used a gun" judging me hiddenly, as Gandhi is a mystic, of whereas Gandhi was killed by a gun by reaction from the Atlantic killing he did to me. As well by his desire in India "End e" to kill me that resulted to opposite whereas he died. In England he intaked laws, poison, learned about laws, and now as a policeman gives out laws, binds. Nikolaos Harkiolakis (who follows Mahatma Gandhi), Nek el e e se Herk e el e ke e se. In norwegian "nek" means a bad stupid person. Ke e se is the outcome of his master burning killing me whereas I no longer be. India, End e. Crete is opposite, ce re et e. So instead of killing me his master serves me with meat believing I can live with that though by faith dualifies into death and I become sick by blood and meat. My childhood was hell and he wanted to see me in hell. Sorry for not yet up to detail but more will come..


Active Member - Apnoia

My father said: "Would you want to jump out a mountain if told? I thought.. and did not know and replied not. Active Member Hitler reincarnated B D Foxmoor made a song and said the same in a question 15 years aftwerwards..

German luxury car manufacturer BMW announces the purchase of Rover from British Aerospace

"Find greek friends.." My father said to me. I cant remember before or later the story below but within as a free ghost can take time to express. I went to some greeks where a "friend" of school had birthday. His father had BMW cars where cause of schizophrenia of my father thinking I made the previous eternal black magic toxic heaven I was lawed to be opposite of what he believed me of, opposite of the devil, so I sent them in his hell a good thought vibe.. I dont like cars so much and my car is more but not exact ferrari but more fatty, not so thin.The BMW light lamps look like retards if you ask me.


More Information and Timeline for the attack on Nancy Kerrigan. Figure skater Nancy Kerrigan was suddenly attacked in Detroit, Michigan on January 6, 1994 after her skating practice. She was hit in the right knee but, fortunately, it was not fractured. It was going to be nearly impossible for Kerrigan to complete the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, which were held during this week. Four men, including the ex-husband of Kerrigan's rival, Tonya Harding, were later sentenced to prison for the assault. Harding denied involvement.

When I was playing soccer my father came with lust as a pedophiler and by law of the my fathers parapsychological powers, the story above I reacted back to him cursing him with thought to his knee and he later went to hospital cause of it having some muscle problems.


Cost Of Living 1994

How Much things cost in 1994 
Yearly Inflation Rate USA 2.61% Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average 3834 Interest Rates Year End Federal Reserve 8.50% Average Cost of new house $119,050.00 Average Income per year $37,070.00 Average Monthly Rent $533.00 Cost of a gallon of Gas $1.09 Movie Ticket $4.08 Average cost of new car $12,350.00 Loaf of Bread $1.59 Dozen Eggs 86 cents 
Below are some Prices for UK guides in Pounds Sterling 
Average House Price 68,032 Gallon of Petrol 2.52 Yearly Inflation Rate UK 2.4% Interest Rates Year End Bank of England 6.13% FTSE 100 Average 3250

In churches in Timios Stauros they cursed me in telepathy saying I was a pig and controlled me to not pick up money that was lost and would dissapear by the wind. The church had psychtoic states of an ancient belief of a pig demon, they glorify the father in heaven the moon, american outcomes cause of them beeng afraid of him and after demonizing him they accepted the earlier divine Moon and they as well glorify christ. So in beliefs of me beeng a pig gandhi who laws my father gave the money to the americans, as are outcomes of the Moon, believing the "Father who art in heaven" was God though not. He said to me: "You as a child liked to sleep and eat.." hiddenly judging me as a pig.

Haiti invaded by US democracy restored
Then he got to know that I was not apig and cursed Haiti by lawing americans.


Earthquack reaction from when I put down a mountain in Atlantic.

There was an earthquacke in Crete Greece and it was a reaction of me during the Atlantic when I sent a mountain to crash, not with humans there or species. I had this belief by my father that it was bad and i got in a judging fearfull condition a telling of to go under the door. In hate Gandhi did not understand the divine actions done in the Atlanta.He judged me as evil as a child.. After the earthquacke we must have gone to the beach peristeras where he burned me in earlier life and drowned me cause of his desire of wanting to be a lawed specie of shit mystic spirit instead of intaking nuts and fruits and detaching eventually dissapearing for then to when my works were done to be a choosing free angel opposite of a squirl.