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Philosophy of friendship (Void nothing philosophy)

(student) *cries* *laments over the shame and unvalue of existence* *shouts: I suffer!!! Life is a problem I have realized.. Go away! Dont speak to me!

What is existence?
(student) Existence is realizing emotion, thoughts and senses.
I see.. What is realization?
(student) Realization is to know..
What is to know?
(student) To sense, see, feel, think.
Is truth concrete or duality of energies?
(student) Concrete.
Is the world filled with opposite elements?
(student) Yes.
Is that concrete?
(student) No but there is also awareness.

Is it not mixed with other energies, bones and water?
(student) But I do feel, I do sense, I do think.
When one lives in a duality world, it pretends with power.
Behind the brightest heaven is darkness, did you know?
(student) Ah.

One can never understand void, for as soon as one did that one enters into illusions like dreams.. But in the end everything is at the moment void, though undetectable..
(student) Ah.. *sleeps