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Reincarnation facts. Does reincarnation exist?

Reincarnation means when a soul enters after death into another form like a physical body, all from human to animal or to a ghostly energy. Many people believe in reincarnation but few can explain it. Higher is rebirth, than detachment in the spirit, that is sleep. Higher is an experience, than a spiritual within condition of spiritual life. Those who are towards birth of a new form similar to this galaxy have these qualities:

* Bent downwards (like when in the womb)
* Detached in mind (like forgettfullness, dreaming)
* Smaller bodies

Beengs who not have such reincarnated conditions enter into other planets not similar to ours.

Those who have these qualities become divine beengs:
* Social relations (no conquering relations)
* Activity (like walking and experiencing a concrete object)
* Sensual gratification (that leads to concentration)

If you have emotions and thoughts having nothing to do with your current life, you do not get those when under drugs or alcohol it may be an indication of your past life.

The reason why some can see their forfathers is when they have become ghosts, cause of illusion, believe themselves to be the body, where even it beeng healthy it is dead without the souls presence.If one realizes something in ones now life, that is not having anything to do with ones present life, like thinking of a pain of beeng raped, where none of that has happend in this life, without the influence of alcohol, one may be seeng/feeling rememberence of ones past life.

Some known names, listed below can be shown their reincarnation of.

Krishna: White horse (ghostly)
Jesus: White sheep (ghostly)
Hitler: Mushroom (ghostly)
Srila Prabupada: Pig (ghostly)
Buddha: Cow (ghostly)
Shiva: Black horse (ghostly)
Me: Sheep
Holy Mary: Bird (ghostly)
Gandhi: Squirl (ghostly)