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The path to paradise. Is there a paradise? What is paradise? About paradise..

Asia means "Ressurection", that means, "coming back to life". As Asia is in the middle, so is where the vagina of the galactical body is, as this body is the same as our body in symbol, the stones the bones, lava blood, water water and moon and sun the eyes. Originally one leaves a body and as this sun planet is a female body just as we came out of our mothers body so we can too! There are 2 flat a like mountains, that has a hole between them, where one can come out of the galactical body. Hitler said that only the white race will attain such kingdom and he was somehow right, though all ghostly (like european, asian race) demoniac species are allowed but not 100% physicals. The reason for that is that thelight species get into problems by the spirit hating fire and light..

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By eating only in summer and walking a lot ones body (today we are quite inactive) one can be as tall as the "supermen" that was spoken of by the bible. Actually even larger. Reason for that is that excessive food leads to death of the body cause of increase of heat. Today we live average 100 years, a tree can live up to 5000-10,000 years and as humans are opposite of trees, so a human can live half of that, 2500-5000 years whilest in this planet. The "supermen" (very large humans) in the bible suddenly dissapeared, they might have went out of the hole between the 2 mountains in Asia for where elsewhere would they go unseen? In such state one is drawn automatically towards the hole. Because of the more soul cold condition of the moon race they can easily escape from problems given by the soul. At the current moment there are in places of desserts red sand, such sand exists as the menstrual blood of the body, as is with se and birth , when such colour dissapears there is no way of going out. In Asia now there are wars and it appears as if they are hiding the hole, there are in some muslim cultures a ritual of cutting and closing the vagina and by so the women do not have children. Through the symbol, the war, we see that maybe Asia is not allowing more children of our earth to come out of the body. 

kazakhstan vagina window hole house similar to path

One escapes the Body in 2 different ways,by following the path to become grown. We can pass through the hole of the vagina into bigger reality further forward that makes us come out of the vagina, as the vagina is in front of the asshole...The vagina is further down in area of Kazakhstan and we come out with our head without seeng the vagina, just as from our womb of our mother. In the bible it speaks some sort of superlarge humans. "Some 32,000 years ago Neanderthals disappeared completely; they simply vanished for no apparent reason." - http://www.bric.uk.com/rp.no38.html Or we can come ut from the Moon, from the Eye through becoming ghosts. It is known in cultures of Africa that sometimes a person can cast a spell with his demon eye. So a demon can come out of the Eye. As long as we stay sensually attached then there is a potencial fear of beeng killed by either snakes in desserts or by an increase heat of the body. As well the planet goes towards destruction.

Picture above is my earlier house, and "Torstveitvegen" is like "Tor, norwegian god for thunder, (alien) knows the way". In the house pictured, the most far away, I lived besides, there lived people from area close to that hole spoken of in this article, Iran. So the scenes resemble the article written of. Following the road pictured of, one goes towards the hole at Kazakhstan. Its actualllly Hitlers birthplace, from millions of years ago, as a mushroom.

As here there is overpopulation so appears out of the planet planets are increasing.. Krishna as the water giver who turned out like a white horse is blind in eyes, blurriy in white colour and blue and cant see in truth so easy the planets increasing. Shiva has hallucinations by law and travels, as he did from Africa, far away (but sometimes goes back but not very close to this lawed upon, though divine animals, sadly demonized unified into one form human moon sun bent down old planet cause of balance) like lawed hidden unaware chess warriors are lined by eachother, in fear becoming many in unity from this original authentic planet and thereby does not know the excessive numbers of planets that soon will by law increase more in fire and be bitten and fall and by such water will expand into many areas, eventually drowning us.

Humans are the ones who are towards the path of getting out of the material world. Religion speaks of the importance of human existence and the special benefit that is in the human form. Why humans have better benefit? Because this Galactical Body is like a Human Form. That means that in order to get out one has to have the Same Type Of Body or offcourse become a Ghost as said entering the Moon and comming out in that way. Mostly people like Scientists believe that by traveling to other planets that one can actually find better life. But traveling to a planet within this Galaxy is not a solution cause it is still within the same Body. We do not remember our time in the womb, only when we came out as happy aware social children. "Until you become like children you will not see the kingdom of God." - Jesus. So it is that type of condition that is higher where one can attain a higher life. Nobody knows about this exit, only a few, maybe none at all than me and now you.

In about 8,600 years from now the end of the alien age, will seeze and the end of the world will come and we risk of that it all that will remain will be water, darkness, new living angels from life appearing up and drowning, by their unity with darkness the dead will awake in knowledge and the one who lived will wake up as dead.. .