The story of the universe. Unifying the verse.

Last updated: 18. 02 2017

Once upon a long time ago there was 2 magical energies, the steam that was unseen and the uncreated, previous eternal poison magical energy, named as darkness as well with gravity, as darkness is up but consists of duality fantasy thereby contains gravity too. By seeng darkness one could enter into dreaming states. Before the unchosen always high risk potencial unity, there was life, as toxic spiritual energy of evil and problems would never be a light form like yellow and red by itself. There in life without spirit and poison lived children, free and chose values. Without the darkness mix water and fantasy poison elements. Only one energy of light and fire unified as conrete, as life is, orange but such can not be understood in the 100% extent here cause of spiritual byproducts influence, neither even there for the path that would manifest it as total, written of below, was not followed.. But there is no law of to be orange, you can choose whatever.. Lawed species can not understand as they are spiritual, ignorant and the living are lawed in forgetting. Proof of existence of life is that water pretends to be light, but is not, is of fantasy, so yellow light, is actually life. Another proof is that water is eternal, opposite of water is fire, fire is not eternal by the antisocial waters power, so fire is eternal by itself. 2 opposite energies can not be same..


In the free place known as reality, the angels were not like robots choosing to live at the same time. One first, two later, three and many more. The freedom that is divine was all around before the unity of the unseen uncreated previous eternal energy of darkness that was in some areas that made afterwards water. Eventually, in chance mathematics, by prophecy, some angels as angels of life means social and many, would be bound within by darkness. Nobody though chose darkness, as one cant choose to sleep and actually sleep, though some believe one can, but if one studies the mind it is earlier ignorance making you sleep and not your own belief of choosing as that though of to sleep comes from ignorance. Darkness is not so easy burned, a mountain is easier burned and sand is much more easy. This at least for small angels, compared to the Moon. Social life amongst increases fire and life, opposite is slow. Poison and water and such would have filled the place, (water as opposite of toxicity that dissapears by beeng burned upwards in smoke, is created by stone compact with stone, by crash fall) not all, but by more forms chosen appearing some would eventually, though having fire externally and light within, have darkness in them. As it more slowly burns it would enter but create the same form of evil, same problem of the fantasy and spirit as we have, but within. To experience something as either a child of life in fanasy within, spirit, is difficult rather than to externally see. A ghost living in a child within is much worse than externally cause it then hides more, as children of life use more their senses, like eyes to live with.

The sheep chose to have a similar sun reality, not as a form, but by drawings and movies made, before the sun was existent, out light within fire cause she was not bound by any laws neither was the sheep passionate of to attain honour, as the light is personal, for, me, the sheep was alone, in this world I was seen and before that again, in the pure life, not seen. One understands such past of pure senses containing memory, by duality of what the original structure in the beginning of this world, by the spiritual toxic law, that is antisocial, lawed the living. Though the sheep was friendly she had higher values than happiness as emotion, that is blood emotion, but blood too. As one cant choose where to be, only after choosing ones form, after the form attained by coincidence I, the sheep, was alone, in that christmass similar place but of no gift asking, no service, no fear lament and sorrow, but by pure positive senses of choosing of whatever one wanted to and to actually go in detail the sheep started synthesizing, like pluss in mathematics, the already unified light with more detail, drawings and movies. Such were not given, planned in a place but all happend as a childish state of freedom and just a simple childish atittude. After the pure life, when all the angels were bound by darkness, I, the sheep, continued to perform such acts, like sports..

the form of the sheep

The black toxic stupid and antisocial universe claims the sheep to be the cause of the universe manifesting and making products of the spirit, thereby it is opposite, all we saw here from the beginning of this world, before in the original world, was opposite of the sheep. The sheep was alone, the fire was around as normal there, whilest light was in, 75% of the upwards light was impersonal, a little below was the fire where she laughed and was happy and had the more unique personality ID, inside that fire, of high honour. The 75% "impersonal" light, used to draw and make movies, is not a negative ting cause light itself is not personal until formed by choosing, one cant say that one is light for then one is every angel out there as all have light.. But light is personal defined when used to choose personal forms. Sameness, having all angels with fire outwards and light within is based on a appearing system of fear like this world, though it was not. The above 75% light was used to make movies, as if not I would have to steal from the external space.

When you are alone there is no failure in having less blood, friendship and happiness externally and though happiness is in the blood, light is more happiness than fire, as to experience something is better than to just sit and be happy with emotions. But as the prophecy of this world is, that water and darkness will be left,whereas the water will be 50% around, so the sheep would have, as opposite of this universe, a lot of fire, friendship and happiness making a fire out of all the light left, becoming "normal",after beeng content with the movies & drawings made.. The sheep, that is the loung in the body, is lawed to cry for believed sins, and is given purification first of all species as a punishement. Instead of this understanding, the honoured divine sheep, named as the devil in religion and fallen, as psych, a mental stresser, impure by trees and plants, impersonal and lost to herself by brown stars were the opposite of such evil and shame and problems. So as spirit/toxic is a lie, the sheep was judged massive.

The story below is based on opposite of this original beginning world, where of the pure senses were and when they after became mix of darkness and light & fire, opposite of what was, whereas the antisocial spirit went against the memory of those senses in each beengs and made this dark universe..

Hair on head as a child, like leafs and bird on trees, and so is most up in this devil world of death. What is up in hell is down. A bird is demoniac ghost for no beeng would fly sooo high that it leaves others for one cant go down again. A bird hides in trees in fear of confusing energy and so is demoniac. The moon was not a moon but more of dot of a divine pure Alien and not as we see most aliens here in our universe, choosing towards an upwards line of light, an alien condition with fire but had bad luck when looking upwards to the impersonal steam of the 2 dualities of fantasy, as well then darkness of previous eternity cause of non logic and toxicity that is just an impersonal energy and became blinded and confused and became round, opposite of her nature, became like a cloud and an eye, as the moon. Reason for looking up was that she before had heard me, I was first then she came, where I laughed but became confused by blindness of water and made unchosen a ghost of the bird as a cross snake to see me instead of her as an Alien in her true nature to be traveling to me and destroying darkness by extra strength from drawings and movies. If I had huge fire the alien would, as seeng as angels means seeng all form of a person, would have surely bounded her. I would increase fire but through friendship not through happiness as main, but gain happiness as well afterwards.

Her, the Aliens childhood was lost early by an upwards looking coincidentually at the steam and darkness.. Opposite of the Shiva and Krishna, the black and white horse traveling left and right then straight forward out of the hole of Kazakhstan and to long journeys of this universe and planets, where planets are categorized like one cow planet, one sheep planet, one pig planet, one fish planet and such, is the darkness of previous eternity of impersonalism to move to the west and as well some above me (darkness is duality and so is above senses of free space and a person) and so when the Alien heard my laughter she turned and got bound by the severe strong toxic energy whereas darkness is stronger than life and to escape one has to do nothing , something impossible to do. Darkness as not concrete could as easy gone upwards or to the east, if so, we would have been saved from death, anxiety, diseases, laws and poverty. Darkness is stronger than fire and light so only through my drawings strength would increase by having them in memory and worship them upwards to pass through the darkness and steam. Such sand made would be similar like in this universe, but in pure form, just as fruits create some form of fire, the fire in this universe produced is false, in the pure senses it becomes pure happiness and in pure honour. She came second whereas I came first and I always laughed. Angels are though social and so it is not unatural to turn and go towards the laughter of mine. There in the senses there is courage so one walks and experiences openly. Moon would have been a true alien not as we see today as shadow. If i had big fire as i was close to darkness, the moon would by hearing me look and see whole of me as is concentration and get close and bound by darkness above me.. Darkness does the same as a divine, like a snake pretending same colour. so it is proof that indeed the heavens moved like a snake backwards.

It could have been worse if the Alien did not go to me, for then the angels could
be born inside darkness and become hidden something more evil, dark demons and more social with the demons and ghosts with light and fire. Instead the impersonal psych elements became manifested externally and lost more power. But the story will tell off a great possibility of something that could have happend that would have changed all sorrow and pain into a path of all choosing themelves as true children and living happily ever after ..

The bird went pretending to serve me and went to my drawings and flew to the impersonal dark previous eternal dark magic heaven and fell down by gravity of that black heaven. She then lawed the false Alien, my grandfather, to go to me. The Alien was made as a shadow ghost by the demonized Alien who sadly turned out first like a Moon. Here the stars opposite of the angelic Alien know what to do, to die, but fail in their acts, thereby the true Alien did not know what to do in a plan, as angels dont plan and are not attached do the unmanifested non existent future, but manages to do what she wants to. The ghostly made, the Alien, was a fruit given by the shit maya as offering cause of destroying the first original angel. Here the ghostly, not the original angel alien, neurotransmitters and brain mass is almost above all, as a living beeng, except Mary, so that means that since this is an duality illusioned universe of toxic, Alien, not the first but the shadow ghost, is one of the lowest. What is up and admired in this evil problem world is what is less valued in truth. If you hear, lightnings appear as snake sounds..

The ghostly Alien was in false admiring more upwards (as here the Alien degrades with purification laws the sheep) the light and the Alien saw the impersonal whom nobody made previous magic eternal unmade darkness, mixed it with the pure drawings I made and by such started to be degrading me the sheep, though already from before as the Alien heard the laughter (as here the alien does not have contact with the sheep in the first ages of the planet and is more up meaning thereby Alien was lower and flew upwards) and continued to watch to a simple light more and more though should have stopped as below was same as above and around had same light, but was an impersonal ghostly alien so failure was there cause of law and sleep. So the Alien became twice darkness by illusions, expressed darkness and the unseen steam by judgements and degradations from up to down that was sent unchosen to the sheep, during the demonic possession to the Alien.. Alien: (Studying with the sheeps more close sound and knowledge; "e": E LE E NE, (e is the sheep, Le means laughter, and NE (ned) can mean in norwegian "down") and thereby as here the whole world is based on purifying the sheep (by birds giving law to the trees to blow, and south America is the place where wind, trees were most of before like the Amazon forrest) there the lawed illusin energy Alien did not admire the sheep in her fire laughing ("The sick (could mean as well psych) made him suffer twice", Jesus) from behind and instead was looking upwards to a light used to make drawings (if not the sheep would be named as a stealer of out light space) and movies, impersonal, same as out and down and up, so as the Alien was, he degraded the sheep by that.. Towards flying the ghostly demoniac alien as interested in science in false prestige, was looking up to light above the sheep, thereby appearing as a bad move, and it was, as the normal would be that the alien, should when seeng the same type of light, instead go by hearing the sheep laugh and go to her there, but excessive interest in science made the alien looked up towards the light that the alien already had seen from during upward states, as well similar to the outward room, space. The divine living angel, the opposite of the ghostly shadow, got bound by darkness when seeng me laugh, as I made drawings above me and in front of me, thereby the Alien of divinity saw the depth of drawings in front of me and whereas the evil impersonal previous eternal darkness had moved above me saw as well that. Here the fruits seen are below as one walks with air like a zombie beeng blowned downwards and the unseen fruits up, the fruits beeng opposite of the drawings, so there they were in front and above as well. The air of fantasy tries to send the eater to the fruits and trees but fail as is of fantasy and thereby the blowed upon is moved a bit forward the tree. Meaning opposite was with me during me drawing and making the movies.

The ghostly demoniac Alien was originally before behind the sheep. As one does originally not choose darkness, as senses is what chooses, the Alien by observing upwards worshipping the above light of the sheep, became more bound by illusion of the powerfull dark impersonal magical previous eternal uncreated toxic. To escape the Alien had to do nothing, but to do nothing is impossible as there is no act, such is the mystic defence. The movies were lined upwards and by coincidence the Alien observed the movie on the left side of her, the small light & fired Alien sadly by herself of choosing of path and views went towards the movie she saw. She was close observing the Moon and by so a contact would happen and if so the Alien could invite the Moon to the path to the sheep, though as said both were ghosts lawed by coincidence in sleep..

Some proof of the story above and my childhood can be read below: I experienced a karmic reaction from the believed weapon, named Trishula, an exorcist tool, a timemachine tool, done during unity of earlier melting after these scenes written of above, where Srila P. the red pig, gave me a detachment by karma reaction, of the future merging with fantasy of the two pigs, red, that was Srila P. and white, Lao Tse, where the wolf had made such pigs, by then by such help me going back to the past and getting to remember my earlier lifes. I had heard a telepathy communication from my grandfather Ioannis Harkiolakis in Crete, Ierapetra, when he was sitting saying: "Watch out for the lights" I did not understand him, but later I understood he ment watch out for playing it too cool, in telepathy and by so made me a telepathy dude, cause of the belief of the impersonal light used to make drawings of acceptance and movies were passion of to attain honour and that I chose telepathy, even in this weird world. I also sensed him raping me mentally, during him saying a story where he was shooting down nazies coming from the air, as these rememberences were the first contact during the start of the universe millions of years ago, where cause of such the school in Norway, Boe, had education about the wars of the nazies. The emotions of the surroundings were similar, Hitler was a lawed without freedom allowence, demoniac priest, a shadow of the Moon lawed by the Alien, but bound.


That Alien did a yoga, as written of in vedic scriptures, traveled to the Moon as a spirit, whilest I was sent to psychiatry, where they defined me as non spiritual, during his death. He as written in the books, often said: "I die.." and rejoyced by the diseases she had, loung and heart, as was the given diseases to me the sheep by his demonic behaviour. It appeared as a bad death, but was actually a yoga to go to the Moon, make me feel low and him honoured as a soul. Such vedic knowledge though is difficult to understand as is his state, the Aliens..

Degradations and hate started to appear, during the toxic unity. All this cause of misconceptions of what was divine and honour in the Aliens beliefs. Seeng the sheep having a form and light above to draw, the Holy Mary degraded me as lower and that si why the wind blows me downwards, opposite of a problem like complex wind I was, putting down inactive states downwards, whispering in fear, though before smelling bad by the antisocial stupid toxic, that stench was, though cant be said as spirit dualifies, destroyed by fire, beeng in black toxic form though not even smelling, snakes of attack and evil fruit (water, personalism) falling from the tree. But if not one would be taking others space, but I was as opposite of this black universe when happier and content become an accepting self entity as was in the form below, with the already personality qualities I had inside her fire. As the Alien judged others, she recalled seeng saw small fire in the sheep and so used it and by so she became angry saying it is not normal to have less fire, not knowing the sheep was alone and knowing light is more happy than fire, and that fire is not only happiness but friendship too, as well not knowing the future of more fire as the sheep was opposite of maya meaning opposite of water 50% everywhere, where water is opposite of fire... Imagine how much fire! As the evil Alien was believing the sheep, though the sheep alone, to be passionate for honour, though the sheep used the light upwards to synthesize movies and throw it upwards, for then the, if allowed, to become "normal" like the others, meaning a fire outwards all around the sheep and more "normal form" would actually be the sheeps future form.

The Alien degraded in similar sexual expressions and as well hate by words the sheep in a need of sameness of even in the lifes perfection, believing the sheep was lower. As light upholded darkness and made it unchosen compact to a stone, when the Alien who made a after the contact with darkness a shadow named Krishna, a shadow (as maya pretends and claims a trinity of different species but the true trinity is "Senses, the first divine Alien yet allowed to be in her full and me the sheep" that experienced, (who spoke of the demonic posession of the Alien, by words of "demons" or such) in guiltiness of what happend, owing some form of false service of experiencing the movies, lawed then the Moon and they gave darkness to the sheep whereas the second shadow of Krishna, Shivaya, gave air water metals and poison through the eyes, the lawed Moon by the Alien gave a stone above the sheeps light and raped it below, as is opposite energies of fantasy and the Alien before more soft darkness and water. After long time of carrying the heavy stone, fire cracked it a bit and it fell sending them, both the divine and as well the ghostly Alien and Moon by air, to the area downwards.. One of the first social contacts (read more below for the first), "friendship" the sheep had was hell. By the antisocial spirit, the sheep was believed to have awakened the spirit and even in fire, social life, the sheep was judged for so many years..One cant control the spirit, once bound as a sheep and Alien, as even choosing during that time dualifies and choosing even concentration by the spirit changing, it still requires time for a duality of act, like a result of detachment. Today there is less spirit but the fire is impurified by food and lust and so friendship and movement is less.. Some people love fire for their own benefit, only for happiness, whilest others love fire more cause of friendship. Fire consists of 2 things, happiness, emotion, and friendship. Those who choose happiness are less, but still, valued, than those who choose friendship. "They dont love themselves, so they cant love nobody else.." Peter Tosh , reggae artist. A horse has higher, though ghostly thereby not original life beeng, higher values than a person sitting content, there is no problem in the reality, as all is perfected, but a seeker of stories of light is higher than those who just sit and are happy with less. There are no negative thoughts, emotions, acts and such in the pure senses reality, originally.. So same goes with friendship VS happiness. When coincidentual alone, as one chooses ones form first, then walks and if totally away from others one cant know there are others besides one, one cant be friends during that time... To draw as a child does, is not a work, but is merely a happy synthesis I did in the pure senses reality.. As the chance mathematic stars would according to the duality principle of maya VS the sheep, would increase fire as here water increases..

The holy sheep never fails in acts, but darkness is stronger than all and coincidence made it so that the Alien during choosing form sadly looked upwards to the steam and darkness.

The Moon lawed by thecoincidence of the Alien when bound by the powerfull darkness, who, Krishna the chicken that is, had thrown some movies making them impure towards the Moon, after lawing me to degrade the chicken by karma reaction, went as well lawed up with the Alien. The unchosen demonized alien first looked at, from up in darknesss, downwards at the sheep hearing her laugh, (neurotransmittorer = in norweigan beeng: ner/down whe?? defence fear trance=homosexual impure lust, mett e re re juding as hore) hating herself cause of jealousy of the supreme beeng, believed the drawings and movies to be during bound dark poison energies personal believed the sheep had chosen this toxic universes expression (I was once in Crete close to the place my grandfather lived dressed like a magician) and so the word: "Alien!E (sheep, me) LE, E, in norwegian means is, er, and EN meaning one. Believing I am the law giver himself. My grandfather (Ioannis Harkiolakis, grandfather of me, Andreas Harkiolakis) was an alien as name means: "The one who knows God" and by fear looked like a sheep, and is the one spoken of. He resides behind the moon and sun in the above of America, in the heavens and observes with her self the ground and the brain behind the moon, above America, cause of wrong unchosen beliefs, cause of spiritual dead energies. Sometimes that Alien travels to China, attached to the impure blood increase, the creation of a pig after the wolf, the shadow of the Alien ate some part of me, the Alien claims a false justice by increase of blood and false happy emotional life.

how the movies would destroy darkness by increase of strength to the moon opposite of here where fruits opposite of movies create shit

But what happend after alien? Chicken Krishna was just a non beeng energy, as a fruit needing to give as a guilty service, a beeng there to travel to the movies, instead of the huge lined light and fire Alien that turned out to be the Moon without choosing going there and having power to destroy the powers of water and darkness by mixing them with the movies of strength and courage. Why so? Here the fruits and trees opposite of the actions of me, the sheep, creates shit as outcome. Shit is an element of darkness so opposite is to instead of create darkness with food to destroy. By burning fast with courage the darkness mixing it with water the dried sand could have been used for a simple meditation of knowledge, not as a powerfull as it became toxic domination. Water steam and darkness would become sand and so the Alien could advance into a science of elements like the sand of divinity. Similar to sexual energy the sand would be pure as well used for transport.

The chicken were up in a diseased mind of misconceptions by the alien and was the aliens shadow and saw the courage and stories. But as darkness was the form of Krishna, the chicken, Krishna, who was small and less of fire than the moon, fire, red, meaning activity and fastness (faster than the tiger) looked down by degrading the movies and drawings as well as cause of karmic reaction by that times powerfull toxic power where I the sheep became degraded by the ghostly Alien and raped by the Moon and degraded and became by that twice by darkness, as is opposite of what happend below..

(The sheep, that is the loung in the body, is lawed to cry for believed sins, and is given the main purification/water as a punishement.. So opposite is sheep making movies for herself, opposite of fruits, round that contain degraded personalities and story laws, not as an offering, but as a childhish act) opposite of strawberries and cherries falling downwards by gravity, opposite of leafs and poison, 3 opposite element, (before grains were more blackish, and so could hold stronger a fruit) the fruit never moved. That means the four fired corner that were under the treasure drawings, were moving like a thigh and as it moved left-right constantly, it was rounded. Gravity is slow so detecting so fast the four corner exactly lined is very difficult for the first time. The chicken, by law, threw the what she made them impurified unchosen defined as treasures, to towards opposite of America area, before maya birth.. For the Alien, in her self viewing condition, the sheeps form and the impersonal movies of thigh a like form, four corner, appeared as a spider cause she saw as well upwards becoming bound by darkness, so much she got bound by the impersonal who nobody made darkness above cause of beeng a small more of light than fire alien, but would increas in size as is friendship... Though the impersonal, magical not made darkness was there the treasures were light and it was impersonal stories as here fruits and trees ask "Who are you".. There was though personality in me.

First discussion with the holy sheep and the demoniac alien grandfather of mine, ??a???? ?a?????a???, Ioannis Harkiolakis:

Holy loung making movies, throwing them upwards, having fire and person below, light above to synthesize movies, waiting for the perfection of movies for then to become more fire around and leave from the above impersonal light and movies..'

Sheep laughing, Alien in coincidence behind the sheep, instead of going to the laughing fire of the sheep the alien went looking upwards to the light and got cought by the impersonal darkness and magic of not-made.

Alien bird: but your fire is low where your person is more inside for your light as well is up. I will thereby blow you downwards with air..

Me: But then I would steal if I had taken light from out space of light so I use my own. The above light I use to make movies, something I would be done with.. The above stories are impersonal, have nothing to do with my personality ID. I would after beeng content leave so i wouldnt go like that. What, you have a law of sameness of existence in fear even in the place of reality of pure senses?

Alien wolf: But you lack friendship, as your fire is small, so you are not of the divine. So I will have to eat part of your loung..

Me: I would become more fire as opposite of maya ending up in all everywhere water and darkness. 50 50 % One chooses form, then one accidentlay attains a place then walks. Like waking up, then walking.. Fire is friendship and happiness but I love friendship more and when one is alone one cant have so much fire.. Your water purification is just illusion but is powerfull so cant be known for it thereby dualifies..

Aliens Gandhi squirl: You are sending people to darkness and you wanna show that you are cool and have excessive light above you

Me: No, originally as soul tricks by saying it, one can not choose to sleep, nobody made darkness, but darkness is magical. If the unchosen plan of mine would work there would be no darkness, cause of indirect my movies.. The "cool stuff", that is the impersonal light i use to make the movies as well is of impersonalism, I would leave such place and have normal fire around. '

Alien thought that animal life was only friendship and choosing of forms not knowing that the Alien could become advanced scientist... Instead the alien became a shit man purifying ignorance that cant be known as it dualifies. Even the lawed would live free as angels, but now it goes towards a nightmare of awakening for the earlier living and deads and drownings for the new living.

Story from Crete when I was a child: "I went once, beeng lawed and where escape such time was almost impossible, to become a servant, a religious, by the Alien, where I thought if I gave good emotions id get back good, i then thought of serving the inside, and I allowed myself to enter into mystification and went in the kebab a like store in Crete and spitted. They lifted me up and pretended to saw me with a knife, I saw then Krishna in a blue whitish form, crying. When I went out, I sensed a communication from my grandfather saying that I was insane.

The irony in the kebab store in crete where the demon alien said i was insane and thereby accepting meat eating as OK whereas friendship, the lack of it, was the cause of problems with the mayan manifestation with life. Some part of me lives in that manipulated, by the wolf, increased blood named pig.. Only me in my pure state and form can save the world as this universe is opposite of mine, and fails as is stupid, but can not, cause of the current hate there is and laws. Cause of as well such illusions that I am the direct form of the made and manipulated blood, meaning believed to be a pig, economy is falling.."

All is opposite in the place of the senses.. Loung sheep sees towards Norway in this world from the Atlantic and loung is close to up leg so though distance relation is at least possible something not there, in life... First alien is choosing her form, as the first beeng, but turned out a Moon by bad luck, as here the Moon is in the family of trees and plants by mayan law who give in last act of the species death elements, so opposite is to be the first beeng receiving life... Edit: 03:06.2017 God is senses as far as I know, the Moon the second specie.... Moon here observes downwards the sheep and body part of the planet, so opposite is to not observe them but look upwards. The Moon did not create life, or give, but just simply chose without beeng tought to receive it.. I was the first. But, there would come another, as life is social..

The treasures were thrown by the chicken poluted to the Moon, that is how the mushroom was born, half round form and line, opposite of the form of the Moon, who then became blinded.. Buddha the cow was the shadow of the Moon when the Moon was lawed by bad luck as originally an Alien.

Below a song of the Alien, my grandfather Ioannis Harkiolakis, from Chandra Crete.

The sheep got bullied by them all, within in telepathy and hiddenly as well externally, but the sheep knew all the time.. Millions of years passed with shame and sorrow and hate from the spirit that ruled even the alien... The sheep had made many drawings and treasures, all going slowly upwards towards but not in darkness but this was merely luck, but such was more of the life in the pure reality, as opposite is trees sending leafs from up downwards. The drawings (The first animal that purifies is the sheep, first air then food, so opposite, as the toxic went against as antisocial and changed the memory inside the senses, is to choose to have honoured drawings/movies) were not seen correctly as opposite of here in consume, the drawings & movies were not like a tree & plant blowing from up but more low first and afterwards more upwards, opposite of leafs who judge inactive states of purity in complexity from up judging species as impure, then opposite of water, like fruits fallen that makes people go, even as the strongest power by itself manage to, cause of having poison inside fruits, to make them go to the toilet, fart and shit and mix of energies in a form of defence from angels and sleeping dead species, for then antisocial poison attacks, whereas poison attacks are the last before death and from snakes beeng low on the ground.

If the darkness had not moved towards me but in another direction like the east.. By so we would live in the place similar to christmass but of 100% peace happiness and value..So instead of the divine Alien having luck in the path and holding and remembering lots of stories and light images/movies fromthe sheep in memory, making it easier to be, during the path to darkness, as such path would have destroyed the toxic darkness by the Alien burning it and so the steam by unity of such burning would have lost power, that would have, as said, bound the angels within, and make them hidden killers, the Alien was weak during contact with darkness. A time after, the moon, lawed by the Alien, had seen the sheep laughing, unaware cause of toxic influence of what later would happen and so he look down at me, the sheep, and gave the sheep, darkness that by the 75% impersonal light became by the unity of light and darkness a stone, similar to a priest hat a like, and by pressure of the heavy stone the sheep, burning in the core of fire slowly, it made stones that fell straight downwards and by internal fire slowly burning, made the stone below crack and so fell and so dragging the left organs, viewed from ones body of ones self, towards darkness.. Some, after the alien with hidden pedophilian water sex lust degradations as degrading appears as not so lusty but is more, cause of false prestige of sexual energy of fantasy and the lawed moons by the alien water/sex/food same was made by that burning of below stones of the sheep, that crashed later the stones...

That sheep drowned by the powerfull black that time ruling toxic poison, when the mountains were black,in the Atlantic ocean many many times, were given million of problems to, deaths and killings, as well bullied as impure, a binder, a lower and were given millions of demoniac posessions to, meaning anxiety, visions of evil, laws and more.. She had gone through thousands of reincarnations and for so long her life was a problem.. As well nightmares from the black horse Shiva and as well degrdations by the chicken who took the fire of the sheep, mixed it with the movies and spitted on it and hated upon them.

The sheep was as well the known made Legion, the harshness of speech by Legion was the internal of the Russians, Scandinavian and African lined horsehuman ghostly species, "The greatest children express what they have within" - Jesus) (speaking in 3rd person cause of earlier death) possessed by ghostly horse running spider a like feet species, of the race of Shivaya, with power to put down the spine by eye vision dreaming powers, filled of them in the areas of Israel, whereas Africa, Scandinavia, Russia and the line from Africa to Israel are places of the planet similar to our legs, he was sent to Dekapolis by Christ, whereas in this now time rememberence is similar to Skien, Telemark, where the first psychiatric hospitals were made in Norway. "All will show in the light" Jesus. Probably cause of the previous black mountains, spirit, is decreasing..

The story of the universe. Rare and unyet discovered history of what happend, who most species come from and the life of the pure senses before this dark universe mix. Read the rare story of the universe here.

He, me that is, during the human form as AndHaka, were chopped off his head by the african Shiva, who was the second shadow of the Alien, cause of begging for his vision to be restored, as it was lost in Atlantic by excessive food gratification cause of beliefs of him beeng impure,food like strawberries, cherries were eaten, as well as during the time before when the lawed ghost Shiva had contact with AndHaka as a sheep, giving her visions of nightmares,gravity, and headache. AndHaka asked Brahma to give him her vision back, and promised to her in a demoniac posession, during the rememberence of the past when Shiva had unchosen sex with the sheep, where AndHaka said that the day he wanted to have sex with his mother, that time Shivas wife, would be the time he would die. Though sexual life is unchosen and comes from non-doing,during sleep and detaching states, still the spiritual powers of the past, through either telepathy or memory and so on were so strong that the hate continued, for after all, it was the strongest birth of the material elements, like water, air, metals and expressing poison, that appear as to eventually kill all the living and allow eternity to the dead.. He bound by the first contact of Shiva and the sheep, during when the eye of Shiva fell, made war against them and wanted Shivas wife. Shiva, beeng bound by the beginning of the ghost wolf ages 8,000 years ago and demonic influence during a past memory mentality, of east America powers from Holy Mary, Gandhi's and the ghost who had entered the writer of the book "Conversations with God", who were only false priest a like forms. Such mental and that ages until now stupid excessive pride after many problems from the past, lawing Shiva into a pressure of honour during such sleeping, meaning unchosen, no free times of powerfull toxic where Shiva before had given an unchosen star law of "If you judge good and bad you will die",spoken by Christ lawed by Gandhi, that made AndHaka swear of to not want to have sex with his mother, had remembered some of the others raping him and how water is the cause of last act of death by maya, sex, water that is, who, the sheep, Andhaka, me, was the mayan mother and in anger cause of shamfull and stupid words bound by Gandhis demonization for so many thousands of years, chopped his, my, head off. Ironically AndHaka, me, lacked and was not interested in sexual life..

There the Alien, opposite of the poison works, cause of antisocial spiritual law made a snake chicken a like form, a squirl, Gandhi, (Gandhi's original place, besides philadelphia (Providence)) as a form where the impersonal powerfull spirit dualified the darkness sent down to the sheep before the angels were dragged by air to darkness, during when the Alien before saw had gotten in the contact, by so that chicken a like squirl specie, was from down moving himself upwards, as the middle organ and eventually become a priest a like exorcist, a wolf, in the spiritual attempt of duality to remove the demonic posession. The impersonal, non made, previous magical eternal energy of spirit, poison, owed the sheep angel some form of priest relation and so by the squirl sexual life arised from the throat and was sent first to the chicken. Thereby the name in the throat: "treche" meaning "run" in greek, as a law and "a" that is the lust. When such priest saw the sheep the priest thought that the sheep was passionate of honour, that the blood was impure cause of beeng more within and down, though that was cause of the sheep beeng alone and as opposite of maya it would express eventually, as here water expresses. much more.

pig was made by the first eating in the second mayan scene where the wolf by spiritual duality owed some form of blood, sadly mixed impure and destroyed of the original sheeps

The unchosen ghostly wolf, located in edges of America, middle edge, shadow of the Alien, the wolf that was, in hate ate the blood of the sheep, ("The demons will live in Me" - from the book Bhagavad Gita speaking of ghosts and angels voices), like wolfs do, (that is why the loung is not 100% if you see. gave an offering cause of first eating in duality, an offering of a pig ghostly form, sadly mixed with many elements of impurity and fantasy, back to the sheep.. The red small sour fruits named ribes, actually mean to copy, are made based by that illusion of that somehow an alone person keeping fire more within, fire that is blood, happiness and social, has a sour, impure blood, and the plants of such fruits react back in some form of belief of justified reaction. So the light and fire bound by spiritual poison, appearing priest, had from below gone upwards and eventually flew upwards to the moon, lawed into ignorance of how powerfull the toxic spirit and byproducts of it was and how little truth was shown after the unity with darkness.. Gandhi, the wolf and bird were the Aliens shadows, as a spirit to be a false priest, as was the first wolf and squirl..The Alien, my grandfather , died by hate to the heart pig and loung sheep in his ignorance of what actually happend. So he killed her own selv by destruction of organs by hate to the pig she made and the sheep she believed was bringing darkness though the sheep was a conquerer to destroy death that did not want death to be death.

The poison energy by stealing and doing copies of the angels and creating appearing light and fire appeared as divine forms of life, but were non existent, dead. A pretending energy like the original spanish people in Europe were cow ghosts appearing as cows. Mountains opposite of light eventually become divided in unique forms, by gravity and rocks created, as not all rocks are the same, this is though hidden mystic, as spirit wants to hide. There in that mayan temple, believed by some religious to be life, there were many fire and light same forms, like we have many similar suns in the universe, appearing to be light and fire. So an evidence of reality can be known by this, as there are unique light and fire forms, like alien, electricity, loung the sheep and such. If you see the body there are about 24 organs but only some of them are real.

Now laterwards the mayan scene went like this.. Krishna was first to discover the sports for then Shiva to come and find the trishula..When seeng Krishna leaving from the sheep, as Lao Tse was an antisocial pig of a ghost appearing as a happy friendly pig, who had lawed by law Krishna to go there to the sheep, the antisocial wildpig ghost made by the shadow of the Alien, sent afterwards Shiva, to go to the sheep too where Shiva found the trishula. There he found the sheep bound by maya before, beeng lawed to be black, who had been creating similar forms as what he had seen, round basket curve and a ball beeng like the moon, baseball, soccer, cricket and ball beeng the opposite of here and other sport activities of mayas fourth temple. There is a so called weapon, by the shadow of the dead Krishna, Shivaya, unchosen shadow of my grandfather Ioannis Harkiolakis, who became a horse star spider feet alike specie, the believed weapon named trishula,was found during the toxic spiritual black mountain even ruling ages, powers of sleep resebling 10.000 grams of cokain in one takebut when not taken cause of lies of toxic expression,exorcist tool found by Shiva, when lawed as the others, believed to be the weapon of evil, the destruction of the physical mind and spiritual worlds. That weapon resembles two hearts unified, but with 2 edges, meaning that before it had 2 edges. So the so called weapon is a if one surrenders to it, an escape of sense & ghost unity, form unity, by knowledge of the 2 edges, like a priest performing exorcism by the cross.Here opposite happens, during the merging, the fire is judged as impure, given especially to pigs and cows mostly, here food is originally to purify, one eats fruits, water, become more antisocial, eyes blurry, degrades more as one shits after eating, goes to secluded areas like Zahara and becomes more ghostly, antisocial.

Here in the world, the african horse, Shivaya, the ghostly black, knowledge opposite of the bound german nazie evolution theory, Shivaya, who was a ghost, lost gravity and went upwards in form and forward and left towards the center of the Asia, meaning Ressurection, the outrance of the planetary body, the vagina, like a child in the womb going out. Like the superbig men spoken of in the bible who dissapeared suddenly by leaving this world. So opposite in the third mayans first scene is the horse going upwards towards the middle area of the legs, then towards the left loung, the living sheep who became black by the alien & lawed moon. The sun is the social phobia relation symbol of the red eye moon and the life sheep, bound by the spirit lies and shame.

Spiritual power is strong, stronger than life and all. In the beginning of this world, the Atlantic ocean was filled with problems, degradations and filth. The pigs and sheeps bullied, given billions of problems to and wars was the worst evil done ever. So evil were the ghosts that even in passion of honour, in pride of their works, their stars, laws and food products, left and drowned their own area, the southern Alantic, cause of hate and left to Israel and China areas. That time mountains were black, filled with poison and toxic plants had a lot of poison/evil power, not like we have today with out brown burned mountains of less toxic. Anyway, in the 4 mayan temple,Shiva part of Krishna, bound by the spirit instead of going to the right direction he went to the left and so the black sheep and there the image of eye falling in ashes were in the previous lands of the Atlantic. Rabbits were born, the children of the black sheep and the yellow and black horse and as they are fast runners, and darkness were around poison spread around the areas of the sheep. The life sheep after seeng the hearts melting made the trishula, could have gone back to the pig and by a simple observation the unity could have seezed, but that would be mostly reaction and fear and by so by law change. The sheep left the trishula besides her by mayan law and Krishna could have gone for an adventure but so did not happen in a more mystified free adventure cause again, the mayan law. To live in fear or similar reactions is more close to the evil spirit. Lao Tse, the lawed spirit opposite of Srila P., was the spiritual lawed story teller, who lived as a shadow in the Atlantic ocean in the fourth mayan world, in the beginning of the earth, in the Southern Atlantic ocean, in the middle. The lawed where has nothing to do with a personal form of identity, but a devil of water and death of life and false prestige, deradations of though here filthy birth, then purity in inactivity and complexities of ignorant lifestyle of fantasy food, hidden snakes in food and sexual lust energy and problem and shame services.

Such were the treasures of the true myth of the Atlantis/Atlantida. The trishula and sports beeng not of this world giving peace and happiness even in this world.. They were not done in competitive states but in a happy play mode.. Touching those treasures of the mayan temple, by the rabbits, the children of the sheep and the black horse Shiva the treasures that had become hiddenly poisoned, Krishna carried the treasures like a donkey and went towards the center area, Kazakhstan area, who when the poison and stones around the treasures fell, by Krishna, as in what happend in the reality throwing them whilest dishonouring them, water was made and so became Hitler, the what is in the middle of the legs and became a ghostly form of a penis and cause of toxic duality an asshole. Carrying stones, water was created by a harsh stone fall and the mushroom came to life. The cow Buddha, the opposite of given shame to and problems and antisocial laws, hearing this became depressed and made a "hoouf" sound in fear of, though soft, powerfull tricky spiritual evil voices, cry and harshness. Then Christ who lived in the south Atlantic where there were land areas, the loung part, that now is an ocean, expressed those mayan energies of air, water and poison. He had then many beliefs of the devil, germans thought of her as Frankenstein, Africans as a binder, a jailman and other bulluying. Christ sent then the pig (who when smaller and original as was, pure, part of the blood of the sheep before beeng eaten, but now demonized in mix of squirl and wolf) in a form of exorcism to find out who the black sheep was, the pig of life came back with heartattack and diseases in the blood, then he sent then the wolf, the wolf who was filled with lies of beliefs of a sheep beeng degraded, went to the sheep as a dishonourer and bullied others. One can not choose to escape law, to escape one has to not do anything, doing nothing cant be done for you cant "do nothing", you can walk, but that is opposite of not doing anything. To escape from a future law you have to have luck in the spirit mystificatin and after one week or two, ones escapes by earlier escape as defence is slow. Then, the sound that before could be heard in nature by physicals and ghosts, by the trees, the wind, like the leafs, fruit bearing trees, with later snake attacks, came to birth, in a fearfull question: "Cho (Who) ar(e) jio (you)?

The prophecy of life is that planets like this will by clouds and water increase in size, then, by eventually snake attacks fall backwards as is opposite of water uplifting you upwards in heated condition for then the place of angels of life, who chose to live, be drowned by water steam intake carried by the planets fall, whereas the angels are now turning blind. Those who still live have fantasy mix elements and thereby are actually in maya not living. Maya wants us to go back but such is opposite act and leads to problem. Those who come out become unchosen killers to the life angels, even the 100%.In this modern age, it has gone wild. It is not natural to snow in winter, only darkness is in winter, half of year is dark half is light and summer. From April to August there is summer and the other duality is darkness. Life pretends that the southern world has no power but they do. Spiritual. When those angels chose life, it was the greatest thing to be. Filled with positivity and laughter and surrendering and freedom and choosing they could do whatever they wanted to. Darkness took them, by so if they die and dont remember their first form like Krishna "yes" choosing of life, also Buddha the by Alien lawed cow, Moons lawed form, the moon that was the friendly eye observer like a movie watcher, and all others, like the friendly sheep, the honour and positive laughter.. If they dont remember they will never be able to as if they dont, they cant again be themselves. So it is more serious than just a belief of duality of a world of detachement, cause the end leads to a prophecy of water beeng filled everywhere and even those who choose to live afterwards will be drowned. They will live a 0,001 second. Water increased will make it uncapable of existence for the true angels, there are many before, many more angels than only the Moon, cow, and sheep.

Many judged for so many millions of years the psych meditator sheep, though them towards ignorance and death, even water prophecy whereas the spirit did not want any expression to remain from its elements. The dead are lawed and thereby how can they want to live? The living are easily bound and the prophecy is death of planets and all the species of the universe, whereas water and toxic spirit will remain where even afterwards, when others choose to live, they won't be able to, for they will drown. Without the "psych", people would enter towards the path of ignorance, sleep and drowning after the poison attack, making them fall, or live like cannibals without have had chosen their own lifes, slaves for the complex spirit. Understanding the depthness of spiritual elements, like desire of water, as all such are falsein expression and acts, one needed the psych, though pain was there cause of the toxic spirit wanting to sleep during awakened mind meditation, to understand such things like the universal mission drawn below. Who knows what the else the evil and shamefull spirit will recreate in the spiritual complexity? Judged as the devil though opposite of the antisocial air that purified pure inactivity, the believed fallen, though all knew the spirit/shit was what was degraded, antisocial and false, the sheep, the easy target, the impersonal belief by afraid persons with their complexic language and schizophrenic & psychotic disease, who could not understand that a chosen energy is more personal, like laughter, positivity. Named the stench, by the antisocial spirit.

If the sheep was allowed freedom, 50% as before, the sheep would have managed to, by her own self, perform the task below. But current telepathy, laws, demoniac posession, stealing of not only intelligence but bones and structure of the sheep, teachings in form of books by industries working for money, helping attitudes, excessive medication, the sheep would have managed this task below, first out of this planet where the greatest mountains are.. But the awakening in the Atlantic by the faultfinding bird of leafs, Holy Mary, became a restless place of hate and bitterness and made this winters summers, cause of lack by the Alien to advance and meditate on the magical stories and life, that would by spiritual unity make the bird that is antisocial, sleep. This cause they were all lawed by Gandhi and became a squirl and as well some of their form. Though laws came 50% ofo the time before in the sleeping world, it started to become more and more. Lamb, goat was eaten, telepathy increased, drownigs came in the Atlantic making the sea, though normal is for the planet to burn and then drown, as is the star rule of all, (when in jail you either detach, sleep in the cage, as trying to live your life increases frustration when bound creating misery, or you solve it) and there was no freedom after summer as usual. By such the sheep could not maintain her childish state and became more and more bound by laws and anxiety. By so her path became lost. Excessive kebab eating, lamb and such type of sheep flesh increased telepathy during awakened times, and thereby the unity of the dead spirits became a massive anxiety and nightmare state. Even choosing to send thoughts is not natural and doing it in the spiritual fantasy attitude it would dualify. Hitler in old acts of false priest attitude ate the bones of me and by that as well telepathy in not only general penis and Hitler were there with me as living, but the opposite of his lawed form, in Pakistan, Irak Iran areas where the spirit in aggitation increased cause of such unity of cannibalistic bone intake. Curses cause of illusions of degradations in me, by spirits who follow the spirit and such products of it, became as well a all year around nightmare, even as said in the free spiritual times during the Atlantic oceans existence before the drowning. Though the antipsycotic drug, (prononounced: Trilafon in norwegian) was of benefit it was a law that thereby dualified the desired result and cooled. No money cause of belief of me beeng a pig by christianity, lawed by my fathers powers and not knowing I am opposite, becomes a hard reality of survival without money.. Medication of antipsychotics by law, where even if i didnt take them needles came in telepathy, making thereby a cooling and watering effect to my blood decreased my form needed to have for this task. Psychiatry though attaining back intelligence, knowledge and happiness claimed the disorder was eternal, as if they were some form of void future non existent prophets.

Just as the reaction from making the trishula the exorcist tool and a timemachine as well, but just a childish tool was to help the no unity of heart melting, sadly not given to the pig white and red area i got a reaction from law and what i saw in life was what as prabhupada was claiming that the past was better just as the trishula was a past tool and no merging to toxicity and water i lived the childhood life observing past scenes after my thousands deaths... Those who hate me become complexic and bound by internal darkness and stronger social life of mix of angels and demons. That is cause by deny they enter the other dimension without the psych beeng expressed and shown . In Atlanta when i was a big sheep turning into a external metal form gandhi took the freedom of night and chose to be non materialist and by so chose to be lawed, to believe in confused illusion spiritual pain as truth and that divine stories even here were problems. instead of eating in freedom and thereby as lawed form but in freedom duying the world became gandhi squirl similar with problems, money laws harshness. By such he stopped the path by killing me and giving laws to me who was true Messiah, where I was if free to surrender to the internal and not false prestige desires of the spirit and by products of it where such path could destroy anxiety problems death and turn us into the pure senses of fire and light. After death when death comes things change and me by drinking i would gainback my self that was stolen by strawberries cherries and such and thereby attain my sheep form of the true mesiah and have outwards metal. To go with Pål Gjerden the first Alien with ufo and when eventually had become larger go out for bigger ufoes to perform the drilling task of drilling the below mountains and throw fruits to the earth in pure metal objects of no spiritual duality as pure divine species and me as metal out form by alcohol and finding myself by alcohol by telepathy that has been stolen.

iboga that I was lawed to take that tries still to kill me "I Bye Guy in the schizo words" destroyed such path as tried to purify the metal in me, iboga = e be e g e.

The plan of surrendering to the desires not shown of the spiritual elements, goes like this, one starts out of the planet, by surrendering happy (only the living can do this in a pure condition, without fantasy elements influence, though risk drowning) to the inner desires of the fantasy elements. Only the angels can by just beeng, no service or plan, by beeng friends with the lawed dead perform this childish surrendering task.As spirit is demoniac nature of false expressions one cant in simple eyes understand this and I would do it out as a sheep, magical chaos would arise. Warning: Writing/knowing about such divine light & fire actions might make the spirit wanting to dualify and perform opposite acts, so there is a danger.

1. The planets appears as small farmers, but maya pretends in false expressive forms, they operate by maya, as warriors of to increase fire by sensual gratification, as the human body. By such, fire in the end increases, burns mountains, after the known "Kali Yoga" and by fall of snakes wind and steam is carried backwards to the reality of pure senses. Our planet is a little different than the generally similar, as the original natural order of planets like ours is to, after summer, be in darkness without snow or rain in months like October and November. But to the planets still having a general original natural order this has to be done. One has to decrease fire, this can only be done by the pure living without toxic influence, meaning bones, neither by ghostly lawed species as they dualify actions by their root of sadness and fear in fantasy. By drilling hole to the underground rocks where lava is, sending some of the lava outwards to the sea, one purifies the seawater. One performs then what is written below to each planet and around them, as there are mountains and similar as well outside our planet, first to the out place with the biggest mountains out of the planets..

Mountains are poison, originally toxic, so as water wants to purify hiddenly (water is a blurry colour) and is not social, as fantasy elements, it can go and hide below the mountains for by that the mountains to crash by changing the below shape of the mountains and mix sand and rock pieces made by the crashes with water. The mountains must not fall hard and fast for then water is created, so there has to be a huge sea or lake or river besides so that the rocks dont get the chance to crash against eachother fast with rocks for if so water can be created. If they fall to the river, lake or sea they will have no chance to crash and make water. First comes sand from rocks then water in such dried sand..

2. Burn (by surrendering to the fruits falling downwards to the ground, meaning having fruits underground, wanting to purify stone, pick and throw them on the ground from each tree) leafs as well (oxygen is unseen as wind is, by burning it becomes unseen) and metals inside fruits and underground (desire of metals is to be heated and burn earth so that afterwards steam goes to the moon in the end and metal is a reaction service) and right after, during metals becoming liquid, mix them by sending water under mountains that will thereby mix them with water for then sand. In other words, take fruits from trees and cast them down to the ground.

3. Send magnetism to the what now is sea that has become sand by the mountains falling down to the Atlantic ocean, where (magnetism) most is from the south american side, inside lakes and rivers, towards Atlantic. As well today as it has become in areas of Gabon, Togo. In other words, drill a hole in the edges of rocks in south America.

4. Burn darkness by the fire made of by fruits increasing lava underground, with the above leafs and underground metals.

5. The lawed species sleep and drink water all the time by gift from the first living, and die eventually by cracking down their bones, whilest the living after the powers of darkness have lost their strength, burn away their bones and other fantasy elements and go back to reality with pure senses, doing it offcourse as a present now (as well the surrendering of the fantasy elements) condition and not a future plan, as that dualifies ones acts.

For this science below can't be tought by internet and media, from one place to another, reason for that is ghostly and thereby no pure fire and light can be in such acts. It can't either be learned from telepathy as that is ghostly too. For as the sheep was alone before darkness took her, so was she after and during,Such knowledge can not be, after drownings and death, be restored by the sheep having some form of grammatic memory of her form and such.. But the try was there.. One warm metalic tense spirtual aggitated afternoon she saw herself writing.. Writing and was about to draw her new form, an external gold, instead of bones within, metal outwards, half sheep half alien, looking up to the sun, her past similar form, with such form, not thereby bound by spiritual duality during acts cause of the bones removed and metals outward of the senses instead, and in a surrendering way, leaving from this world..

As long as the spirit hates me, as the spirit believes by antisocial stupidity that I am against it, the spirit will fail and as well all the lawed by the spirit species of the universe. In psychiatry they claim that believing one is God is to be in illusion, but realizing that the psychiatric God means this mayan world, the cause of expression of it, then it is a mistake by the organization of psychiatry. They as well claim psychotic people, not all read their books, but I did, stating that psychotic people believe they are some form of Messias, some form of political guru, or some form of savour. As psychiatry judges and judges, they end up beeng wrong to the source sheep. Example:

Story from Crete. A song about this can be found on youtube, "Thelo na giriso sta palia - Goin Through, speaking of need to love and not have toys) Themis Garelias, just as the chicken did, Krishna, who degraded my works, so as well degraded one of my works where an appearing shit, a worm, when burned goes upwards becoming bigger and bigger. Shivaya, who originally lives in Africa lined, whereas Crete is a mix of european and african race, believed and said ancient time ago, that fire purifies impurity, meaning shit. By such Shivaya (a horse power lawed spider by chance of coincidence, who is unified in me cause of chopping my head off ages ago, as whereas a sin done to a beeng results to a unity whereas the sinned upon enters the sinner within) degraded me and hiddenly, something worse, expresses a internal fight of hate towards me believing I am the doer of the spirit expressing. Shit is undefined, though cant be said as soul tricks and dualifies. To define thereby such element as social and truth is to be in illusions. Years later he end up taking heroin, same as antipsychotics, having a debt owing the dealers money the cause of heroin abuse was a continues judgement of me beeng a shit, thereby his own shit though continued to express and be under fire, thereby he slowly suffered from headache, bone decrease, negative thoughts of such. How difficult was it to look around, give a beer from his family kiosk, as beers are sour, therbey hiddenly judge, or turn away? Shit is soul and not a concrete thing can not be defined and if i become a 100% sheep I drown and die, so spirit is needed for a while so it is not a so bad product.

What was was that opposite of here, where water is created and enters everywhere, the freedom is there before the expansion of toxic byproducts and as angels who choose to live are not robots, they chose to live in themselves without any system of similarity. So first there was one, then few, then many, then more. Darkness had already as magical eternal been there from before, in some of the areas by the unchosen uncreated previous eternal poison/spirit of change, whom no specie made or was the boss of. The more angels as angels of life are social, the more chances of them goin to darkness. A fantasy element, a spiritual unseen previous eternal, does not stay but continues to dualify, like darkness giving dreams, unseen poison does not. It takes time, but in life, reality, there is a lot of space as freedom is divine. As dark colour of poison would anyways been unified with the internal of the angels, who had true fire and light, opposite of here, but light within and fire outwards. Dark heaven, dark colour, is not so easy burned, but it would enter within the fire and slow burn as darkness would make a stone cause of the internal light the angels have, creating the same elements as here in our world of fantasy but only within, binding people hiddenly, as the stone heated would not only make poison expressions but the stone would crash slowly into rocks creating as well water. Such unlucky birth would give inactive states and so the angels fire would not move in high speed cause of the toxic making them inactive so burning the darkness would not happen. The Moon though had the chance as the moon was in high speed before entering darkness. There the angels are big in form, so poison created would bring inactivity allowing the stone to manifest after darkness coming downwards toward their center of light. The sheep became some form of priest, unchosen, by making it seen, but who priest chooses to exorcize demoniac energy? None of that I know. Stone is easier burned, stones and sand more easy, so before stone and mountains is darkness, but cant be burned so easy, takes more time, so darkness would have entered within the angels even them having fire externally. One cant choose to sleep, one cant choose to do nothing, one could choose to live, most simple thing. That would have been the same as what we see here in our world but within making it thereby more complicated to live with and eventually the same as happens here would happen outwards. As children of logic use senses to see the spirit, the psych energy from out is easier than to live with it within as it becomes more complicated to understand, but to live with problems externally is worse though, as it is the expansion of the spirit that pretends to live within and is of fear. But without the spirit beeng seen, it would not have had the chance to be realized. Lifein that place can not be understood in this universe bound by spirit and toxic enpanded elements. Not even the original angels can attain such condition and reality no more. The sheep was laughed at and believed to be a drug addict, a junkie, an unclean, a person not worthy even in society of the modern age, a terrorist, a shitman with a vagina named as hore and foreigner, believed by schizophrenics to be Christ, though the sheep once said it and was sent to mental hospitals it was the prophecy of christianity that lawed antisocially, to be a demon after drowning that had no memory of life and truth, some had the idea of her as a filthy diseased blood pig a like form that the wolf had made by transforming her blood, but few knew that without the sheep, the living from the reality could not live and the dead could not die. Still laws and laws filled the sheep, both out and within, before 50% of the time, now it appeared as 95%.

The sheep, "e", made a form, as all did, external light and within fire, like the shadow of the moon, the sun. The sheep was uplifted, positive, expressing and honoured.

"They will see only glimpses of the kingdom of God" Jesus. Jesus was the shadow that the made Moon gave to the sheep and as well some parts as pure smaller blood was the pig, but manipulated and impurified by the ghostly Alien, Christ was cruicified cause of, not only earlier problems given to the sheep in Atlantic and before by Christ himself, but also cause of how much the spirit/toxic energy, hated the, me, the sheep, that was opposite of Christ but still where Christ had same form, where Christ was a ghostly white sheep, who lived close to me. The prophecy of all turning into water, angels as before who choose to live, will drown within 0,001 seconds by the water that eventually will souround all space. Now life, reality, is filled with clouds and unseen steam blinding the angels, whoever falls dies, as the spirit so deep hates the awakening of maya by life. Though the spirit does not like to express and wants no elements to be, the prophecy is that life angels will awake and by there will be a contact of life and death through water, something the spirit hates, so the path of the sheep is better, for both the spiritual elements and the life before. The sheep is opposite of maya, the positive happy unifying cross, not a sin, a plus.

The opposite of the trishula, the believed weapon of that would bring peace, detachment of unity of ghost and angelic fom, is as was before the evil path of holy ghost condition for the sheep to, by law of lies, to purify the believed evil the sheep had according to spiritual bound species done, by thoughts of magic (!) (something that would have resulted or will, as there is still one year time frame left, to problems, as the trishula was a form of exorcist tool, like the cross) and so go to Tel Aviv (and by law of illusion of sperm/water become a sex slave) and before that as a flying pig to China to calm down the schizophrenic condition of Lao Tse, the lawed water demon.. Before the sheep had been raped in Chandra (Xandras, Crete).

This scene happens all the time since about Christ leaving from Atlanta and now i have powers from the "holy food providing ghost" as he and christ lawed me in atlanta.. I died in chania by rape as water blowjob and fell as a planet and died.. This happend every 100 years of life duration, from the age of Atlanta and christ said: "Whever does a sin to the (in greek) holy loung, will never be forgiven.. It means for me, as half of the teachings were mine as the sheep, will, not anything with water or sex, as forgiveness is that, but that the dead never die, and the living never be free to live without spiritual and by products of it domination, witout me allowed into my free state.. This said as stars that are spiritual claim me of not to be, but are of lies, spirit means death, but now is mixed with life. So as spirit claims the sheep to not know such subject matters, though the spirit, toxic energy failing as is the prophecy, so it is only me that have the knowledge of surrendering to the depthness of spiritual desires of each element, learning it by internet, ghostly energy, under demonization or even soft bone heat can not be discussed in a proper manner, so such remains ghostly and thereby not in truth, if someone of the ghosts try to perform such by fear it dualifies as all acts by fear and sorrow changes desired outcome, some tried, like Buddha but tried for voidness of mind, Krishna continued to be passionate of honour of unchosen creation and this knowledge can not be learned by internet, lawed into, asked for during demonic posession..

Reason for the China lawed tour rape is the christian sheep lawed by Gandhi in his guiltiness and schizophrenia making me heal Lao Tse where I actually heal Gandhi, my father, Nikolaos Harkiolakis.

How difficult it was, for the antisocial unmade evil afraid spiritual superpower that was even by the alien force in as well senses of perfection, to allow freedom, how powerfull the spirit was and how many millions of years did not pass with bullying, poison attacks, laws, captivations and shame by the lies of the spirit. How difficult it is for the awakened in headache and all pains to be at least OK in their behaviour.. The sheep as a meditator, a psych was needed to understand the hidden desire of the spiritual elements, something not understood by senses or external reality through using the external to know the within through mental thoughts and ideas, as even meditation of such externally would have made natural disasters. Though this resulted to anxiety and wars, dishonour and such, though half of it could have been avoided by not eating kebab 24/7 year around, the path would be ignorance and death as the law of elimination of life had already come during the contact with darkness millions of years ago. Their problems chocken them by prophecy, afraid of beeng lawed bymagnetism, "Dont give gold to pigs they will. tear you in peaces.." S last of mayan letter, like asshole "S" afraid of problems in maya, they did no longer give metals like gold to what they believed were pigs though I was not apig but a sheep who would use the metals perfected and so managed to chock themselves in fear. By christian words... Even the spirit does not want to kill, but water would remain as an energy drowning the life choosing angels of life during their form attaining. Who knows what else problem the spirit can/will/would do by another duality and a more captivated spiritual evil and problem mix in fantasy? Life is like christmass for the children. They dont ask, they dont get, they just choose. How sad it actually is as through time it shows that it goes towards the end of such great simple and positive reality and turns into a nightmare for the future living who will drown and see evil visions of the past life we have had.. All we have gone through is problems, all stories, emotions thoughts and all. If you see the best story hides the worst ever, hidden in connections. All emotions have never been pure, for by such a unity of toxic elements has always been unified making it a sickness rather than health. All we have experienced we will live in the worst hell, a nightmare states where the living will awake and have their new forms, not reincarnations, whilest the living who died with the dead in this darkness, will have an awakening, as even burned and appearing as dead, will remain as dark heaven containing their DNA. Even the dead will awake then as by knowledge of that the lawed and the living bound by darkness are dead, the spirit flips and by spiritual duality they awake... This will be the eternal hell for the living and the dead for there will be no more space for life and is expected to come after the last death of such planet and comes, as planets reincarnate, after the intelligence age when voices from one place to another together with songs close to close, just as the alien flew upwards and died, so does that age of the bird who sing when flying upwards, whilest it torments the species of the universe in a false belief of happiness and life.

We have just entered from the age of PC and internet the nose-ear-alien age that will last 8700 years about for then the big death and end with water and darkness hallucinations and for the new living drownings, as there are many species in the world with overpopulation so there are so many planets out there in the universe that during their burning of external mountains / bones will fall and will drown whilest sending out water both around them and backwards to the life..

Andreas Kaasa Harkiolakis,
The sheep, "e"
Bø, Telemark, 3802 Norway

Simple overview of the article:

There is a place before this of life where the senses as originally were, pure, was lived in, chosen by life energy and angels could live as consumers but without shame problems and anxiety. Choosing, picking, was advanced and was not merely sense of energy only, but one could go into detail. Work, creation, is of fear and sorrow. The pure senses instead are not and materialism is not degraded there.. Proof of life before darkness is written above this story first chapters.. Spirit and fantasy would never make an appearing light and fire. Mountains opposite of light have many shapes though the organs like loungs eyes are two there. So there are actually not only dark matter energies. there in reality there is free space and many meaning all in simple words were to exist though there is no future plan. Even the lawed born, meaning most of the inhabitants.

The life angels suffer here, those in reality have some of clouds making them blinded.. Fantasy is unseen and previous eternal as of magic. Darkness, poison, is the previosu eternal energy that creates by products like air and water. Fantasy and the by products of it are stronger than all and originally one cant not choose to sleep or fall or be negative. Life is what chooses. When people lack simple history spiritual/dark matter/heaven science and logical astrology like written on this story, frustration increases. All we see here would had high chances sadly of to happen anyway.. Darkness is the duality, there there is unlimited space originally, but istead of fantasy/dark heaven manifesting externally it would manifest internally only making it very difficult to not be bound as within is more mystic, a child is not a star thinker. The spirit fails as prophecy for water and darkness remains though seeking of death for itself. As said angels would be bound internally, though fire burns dark heaven it burns slow and so by light within the angels and fire out as general form of the angels, stones would be made inside and by fire crack a bit and make the evil worse, meaning from within. More social contact with angels and ghosts would have been as well. e , the bullied, sun a like formed sheep and hated by the universe, both within and without, me that is, drowned in the Atlantic ocean, but chose laughter, positivity, synthesis of light, detail and value of honour and was opposite of this mayan dominated universe of shame problems and anxiety. Why? Cause my form first chosen, as outwards light and internal fire was opposite of the darkness and the unseen above steam. Here water expands, lots of it is created by stone crashes, so there i would be friends and express a lot of friendship as is the opposite of maya. I had no friends as I had not seen anyone, so I was not passion of honour of expressing my light and having my fire as afraid within. Animals, the original angels, who were originally, before in life, not bound by spirit, spirit is an impersonal energy known as fantasy, are honour free and upwards and the children have more identity in them than believed.

First one wakes up, in reality one chooses, then one walks. Problems, evil and such is a big problem, but eventually death is worse. This universe is maya, meaning illusion, all is, but it cant be known cause of spiritual tricky energy. So taking the past experiences too serious is as, again, can not be said, sleeping and beeng afraid.

Yes the evil lawed born are devils, offcourse they would as beeng lawed is evil, meaning most of the inhabitants of the universe, so why care, some say... Following the spirit, lawing others, is what the lawed lawing spirit appears as to want, but does not even want us to, though does. But life has been pain and even the lawed born, ghosts, deserve to be able to somehow not allow to be conquered by the spirit, the toxic. Such ghostly lawed born sadly perform actions in fear whereas dualifies, like services or laws. Destruction without knowledge of future potencial life for even the lawed is to kill and die before even potencially be existing. laws kill but worse they are problems cause of fear. That is why tie. Unchosen impersonal magic early eternal water making spirit that is of war and sorrow, sadly unified by the unchosen by law of the lowest, the bad luck of coincidence by the Alien looking up to the dark heaven and clouds and turning out like a cloud Moon.. Most sleep their lifes, appearing though as awake. Toxicity that rules with water, air and such is powerfull and so, definition of self as value thereby is not easy, though the age of Gandhi, Holy Mary, the bird, and the wolf requires us in a false prestige of honour after millions of problems. Some are lawed in actions, some demonized, escape is difficult as one cant choose to detach. Life does exist but is bound by maya and has less power over spirit, fantasy, for spirit, poison is an unchosen powerfull evil of a dangerous possible future of death.

The Bhagavad Gita was spoken by the shadow of the Moon, who made a shadow of Krisna, combining all the voices of the ghosts and the angels, Krishna was not God, neither the alien or the Moon, but spoke through the past experience as best as he could about the difficult experience of the past ancient mayan scenes, of what each of the ghosts and angels thought, felt and or said. Krishna did not exist but was only a shadow of the dead.. The story of the universe of life is difficult for children to understand and ghosts, the lawed born, are ghosts lawed into ignorance and many thoughts.

The believed devil and life without e

1. The spirit would make dead species, ghosts, inside the angels, not out, meaning more close to them.

2. Cause of the difficulty of the within spirituality, the spirit would kill the angels, their fire and light, faster, but by so water would remain, as well as the toxic energy, though neither water and neither the unseen toxic spirit wants to be. The eternal magic spirit does not want to be, and fails as by its own nature by plan as what remains is darkness and water.

3. Though the lawed hate to be lawed and to be, meaning most of the universes inhabitants, even the ghosts, meaning the dead, they would eventually live after the potencial destruction of the spirit and the by products of it as life angels are social, thereby many, in chance mathematics meaning eventually, as they are not robots of system, all. Though life, for ghosts and even the angels bound, appears cause of spiritual influence negative, one can't understand the pure life force here, during spiritual and by product influences, one even by so risks death and thereby to be sad or negative about a potencial life is beyond ignorance and is known to be hellish intelligence. The spirit is doomed towards an etenal existence of toxic and water for then 0,001 seconds of angelic life duration, drowned by water. Opposite of the current pharma medication that blinds the eyes and dark matter to the body.. Without the sheep in free nature, the dead can not die and in the future live and the living can not live..

We all going to enter the half sea half dark heaven covering the whole space, where new angels wake up the dead by knowledge of them beeng dead and so change into living, the angels will drown by the sea and life will pretend to be more detaching but actually more concentrated cause of mayan false expression.

Why live, they say, or even not hate and not continue to law, when..

Some say that e is everyone. E is one angel, there are more angels than e. There was me, the sheep, the Alien before turning into a moon, and there have surely come others too after the contact of darkness and life. Even though e managed in coincidence to be the connected together with the Alien as the expressers of spirit, if the Alien had been with the sheep by luck then there would have been a great life, for the spirit did not want to live and can not die by its own for the spirit though having power is not like life choosing, thereby the spirit unlogical is failing. The sheep is not directly personafied as having to do anything with this toxic universe in ID thereby e is neither god of this spiritul universe, neither mother, neither in ID spirit.